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Tutorial: Information Search Tools

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Tutorial: Information Search Tools - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tutorial: Information Search Tools. Claim Your Accounts. Accessing Computer Accounts LAN: ID is student #, password is date of birth (yymmdd) If in doubt, ask Lab Supervisor If not enrolled in Asper School of Business, see Lab Assistant UNIX: CLAIMID on Umanitoba Web site

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tutorial information search tools

Information Search Tools

claim your accounts
Claim Your Accounts
  • Accessing Computer Accounts
    • LAN: ID is student #, password is date of birth (yymmdd)
      • If in doubt, ask Lab Supervisor
      • If not enrolled in Asper School of Business, see Lab Assistant
    • UNIX: CLAIMID on Umanitoba Web site
      • http://www.umanitoba.ca/campus/acn/docs/claimid.html
      • If you have problems, ask Lab Supervisor or someone at Academic Computing & Networking (629 Engineering)
      • More details can be found at: http://www.umanitoba.ca/acn/accounts
  • You may use a non-University account for your e-mail and Web page if you wish

Information Systems for Management

internet functions
Internet Functions
  • Email -- mailto: (Listservs, too; push technology)
  • News Groups -- from browser
  • File Transfer Protocol -- ftp://
  • Telnet -- telnet:// (logon from remote site)
  • Gopher -- gopher:// (menu-based info. retrieval)
    • Veronica, Archie, & WAIS (search services for Gopher, FTP)
  • World Wide Web (WWW, Web) -- http://
    • HTML (hypertext links) & other newer languages
    • Web browsers
    • Information retrieval (search engines)
  • Chat -- interactive discussions
  • Videoconferencing -- desktop v/c with videocam

Information Systems for Management

sending e mail using internet explorer
Sending E-mail Using Internet Explorer
  • On the Menu Options, Select Tools, then either Read Mail or New Message. Internet Explorer should bring up whatever mail program has been chosen in its “Options” (under Tools)
  • Learn how to use a mail program other than Pine (you may choose to learn Pegasus, Eudora, MS Outlook, or MS Outlook Express)
  • Play with the mail program until you can send, receive, reply, forward, attach, etc. with ease
  • Email to marker: Subject line:
    • Name, Student ID#, Section#, Time
  • Fill in Mail Server & Groups preferences, too

Information Systems for Management

information retrieval
Information Retrieval
  • Surfing & Searching the World Wide Web
    • Intuitive addressing (e.g., http://www.ibm.com/)
    • Search engines (multi-search example aj.com)
    • Bookmarks
  • Other searches
    • AltaVista news groups

What search engines have you found useful?

    • Try google.com

Information Systems for Management

local searches miscellanei
Local Searches & Miscellanei
  • Searching Bison and ABI Powerpages
    • Bison: http://bison.umanitoba.ca/
    • ABI/Proquest: from Library
  • Other applications you might wish to explore:
    • FTP data transfer; interactive chat; videoconferencing; electronic banking; …

Information Systems for Management

off campus logon
Off-Campus Logon

For info on how to log in from home:


For U/M site-licensed software:


ACN at 474-8600 for computer support.

Information Systems for Management

internet explorer news groups try from asper lab
Internet Explorer News Groups(Try from Asper Lab)
  • Tools, Mail & News, Read News
    • Click on News, then Subscribe
    • Pick type of group, Expand All, Pick Group, Subscribe
    • Double click on News
    • Double click on the group you added to download messages (you may want to download only 100 messages)
    • You can pick the message you want to read from the headers at the top
    • You can reply to the group by NewMSG
    • To save a message, just highlight & save it to a file

Information Systems for Management

your account
Your account
  • If you have questions concerning your account, please contact:
    • Shirley Hares, Accounts Administrator, 474-9788,
    • Room 629 Engineering Bldg, Fort Garry campus,
    • e-mail: operacc@cc.umanitoba.ca
  • For assistance, please contact:
    • ACN Support Desk, 474-8600,
    • Room 629 Engineering Bldg, Fort Garry campus,
    • e-mail: support@cc.umanitoba.ca

Information Systems for Management

next class
Next Class
  • Tutorial on Web Page Creation
  • Bring Assignment #1 with you

Information Systems for Management