disaster prevention recovery
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Disaster Prevention & Recovery

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Disaster Prevention & Recovery - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Disaster Prevention & Recovery. Tom Inglis and Jennifer Quan. What is Disaster Recovery?.

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disaster prevention recovery

DisasterPrevention & Recovery

Tom Inglis and Jennifer Quan

what is disaster recovery
What is Disaster Recovery?
  • Disaster Recovery is the process, policies and procedures of restoring operations critical to the resumption of business, including regaining access to data, communications, workspace, and other business processes after a natural or human-induced disaster
the importance of disaster recovery in business
The Importance of Disaster Recovery in Business
  • Most large companies spend between 2% and 4% of their IT budget on disaster recovery planning; this is intended to avoid larger losses. Of companies that had a major loss of computerized data, 43% never reopen, 51% close within two years.
disaster recovery market
Disaster Recovery Market
  • Rapidly changing customer needs that are driven by data growth, regulatory issues and the growing importance to access data quickly by retaining it online.
  • An ever-shrinking time frame for backing up data, which is burdening conventional tape backup technologies and leading to an increase in disk-based backup, data mirroring and high-availability systems.
disaster recovery sites
Disaster Recovery Sites
  • Previously a luxury
  • Not just a data backup method
  • Many smaller businesses may have trouble justifying the cost
  • Many options (Hot, Warm and Cold Sites)
hot sites
Hot Sites
  • Duplicate of the organization’s original site
  • Continuous Real Time synchronization
  • Up and running within hours
  • Contains full computer system with near complete back up data
hot sites continued
Hot Sites Continued
  • Most expensive of the three
  • Popular with financial institutions, government agencies, and e-commerce providers
warm sites
Warm Sites
  • Location is stocked with computer hardware similar to the original site
  • May or may not contain backed up data and information (varying levels)
  • May or may not have the same capacity as the original site
warm sites continued
Warm Sites Continued
  • Recent data must be restored onto equipment before it’s able to be used
  • Moderate expense
cold sites
Cold Sites
  • Location contains no IT equipment
  • Minimal facility – necessary floor space, cooling/electrical equipment
  • Contains the capacity to build a new data center
cold sites continued
Cold Sites Continued
  • No data or information is kept at this location
  • Least expensive option
  • May take a week or more to get up and running, sometimes never at all…
how do you choose
How do you choose?
  • RTO (Real Time Objective): How long your company can survive without IT functions
  • RPO (Real Point Objective): How much data your company can credibly lose or re-create after recovery
  • The less forgiving the RTO and the faster the RPO, the more comprehensive your site choice needs to be
mozy com
  • Founded in 2005
  • Allows users to back up important documents, photos, music, and Outlook files to a separate, secure location
  • Their core beliefs:
    • You shouldn’t have to think about your backups
    • Your files should be encrypted
    • Your backups should be smart
mozy com options
Mozy.com Options
  • Mozy Home
  • $4.95 / month
  • Unlimited space
  • Mac OS x 1.4 compatible
  • Mozy Home
  • $3.95/license, .50/GB per month
  • Unlimited space
  • More customization, better options

Mozy Free

  • No cost
  • 2 GB available
  • Little customer support
iron mountain
Iron Mountain
  • Founded by Herman Knaust in 1951
  • Files were held in Knaust’s old iron ore mine he called iron mountain, north of New York
  • 1980 opened a site in New England to service the emerging need to protect backup computer data
  • 1988 purchased bell & howellcorp and became the first national service provider in the industry
  • went public in 1996, and was making over 100 million annually
iron mountain today
Iron Mountain Today
  • Serves 85 U.S. and 81 international markets
  • employs over 17,750
  • over 300,000 customer accounts
  • over 2 billion annually
  • Bob Brennen- president
  • Richard Reese- Chairman & CEO
live vault
Live Vault
  • Continuous backup
  • Fully automated backup
  • Rapid recovery
  • Built-in protection of open files and databases
  • Web-based management
  • Subscription service or licensed software
    • Subscription service
    • Licensed software