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Melodia Pitch Deck

Melodia is a music app that takes a smarter and simpler approach to music streaming. It throws out the traditional concepts of playlists and stations. Instead, Melodia offers one u201csmart radiou201d thatu2019s personalized to your unique taste and every moment. With its state-of-the-art machine learning and AI algorithms, Melodia learns from your listening patterns to dynamically curate your music flow. Just open the app and Melodia will start playing your momentu2019s music!

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Melodia Pitch Deck

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  1. melodia a smarter music app

  2. Music apps today are complex, with too manyplaylistsand stationsto choose from.

  3. Idea melodia Melodia is a smarter music app, offering a simpler platform to play and explore music.

  4. The music streaming landscape isgrowing melodia Over278 million users paid for music streaming subscriptions in 2018, a 39% increase from the previous year.

  5. ...yet people skip more songs than ever before melodia * Source: https://musicmachinery.com/2014/05/02/the-skip/

  6. Problems with the playlists/stations model melodia Options, Options, Options The user is bombarded with different playlists and stations to choose from every time they want to listen to music. Users are forced to create a playlist for any specific moment or create a separate station for any specific seed. Oftentimes, the user just isn’t sure what they want. Too Much Hassle Other music apps make it difficult to navigate and play the right music for the moment. They require considerable effort from the user to organize their music collections and discover new songs. Bland Radio They provide bland radio stations that fail to consider the user’s individual preferences of combining music from different styles and genres. No Learning Little regard for context (i.e., time, location, activity, etc.) or learning in order to fine-tune the user’s flow of music.

  7. Solution melodia Melodia offersone smart radio personalized to your unique taste and moment.

  8. A new approach to music streaming melodia No Hassle No Playlists No Stations

  9. How is Melodia’s radio different? melodia Smart Radio Seed Radio • One smart radiopersonalized to the user’s unique taste and moment • Employs AI and machine learning to learn from the user’s listening patterns and dynamically curate the right flow • Crossover stylesto appeal to the user’s unique preferences • Context-baseddetects time, location, activity to best optimize the music flow Separate station for every seed: user has to create a separate radio based on a track, artist, or genre Monotonous flow:all songs played on that station are related to seed Too many choices:user has to choose among the created stations, most of the times not knowing what they want • • • seed 1 seed 2 seed 3

  10. melodia in four months since launch

  11. Spotlight Features melodia Moment Suggestions to kickoff the user’s music journey. Smart Queue allows the user to quickly curate their moment’s flow. Explore Quickly listen to song previews to be included in your smart radio.

  12. Game Plan melodia

  13. Future and Beyond melodia Socialis Melodia’s next frontier, providing a simpler and more practical platform to share and explore music.

  14. Parting Words melodia Before Google came along, web portals used to look like this... Our goal for Melodia is to apply the same principles of simplicity and focus for results that Google brought us in the 90s. We believe the music streaming services today are in need of the same shake-up that web portals went through a couple decades ago, and we intend for Melodia to be at the forefront of that shake-up.

  15. Team melodia melodia Omid Aryan - Founder/CEO PhD in Electrical Engineering, Stanford University (on leave) BS/Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT Ali Shameli - CTO PhD in Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University BS in Computer Engineering, Sharif University Mohammad Akbarpour - Adviser/Mentor Assistant Professor of Economics, Stanford Graduate School of Business

  16. www.melodia.io hi@melodia.io

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