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How to Create investor pitch deck | Pitch Deck ideas

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How to Create investor pitch deck | Pitch Deck ideas

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  1. HOW TO CREATE A PITCH DECKFOR INVESTORS? You may be convinced to jump straight into Powerpoint to getstarted presentation. Don’t do it! Here’s the secret to doing The Best Startup PitchDecks: It’s not only about the slides; it’s about the story how you represent. Now you might be thinking about what is the pitchdeck? Pitch deck is the power point presentation of 15 to 20 slides. Startups companies normally prepare a “pitch deck” to present their company to venture capitalinvestors Startups frequently prepare a “pitch deck” to present their company to venture capital investors. Pitch deck is nothing but the power point presentation of 15 to 20 slides. The Best Pitch Deck is one in which you create a plan and then invite the prospective investors in on being part of the solution. Present a problem in a way that they assert a way to solve it before you even tell them how you plan to do so. That’s where you want the investor before you share your ownawareness. How to create a pitch deck forinvestors? Too many startups make a number of escapable mistakes when creating their investor pitchdecks. Here are some points that need to be in your pitch deckpresentation Title: Name of Your company and describe in one to twoline. Problem: What pain point are yousolving? Solution: How are you handling the problem? Secret key point: What is the unrevealed magic of yoursolution? Business Model: How do you or will you makemoney? Market Opportunity: What’s the size of the market you’rehandling? Competition: Who are the other competitors in the market? Team: Who’s on the managementteam? Roadmap: What are your plans for thefuture? Ask: How much money are you trying toinvest? Summary: Name of a Company, and summary of keymetrics.

  2. 12. If you want to keep your pitch deck short, sometimes you may need to include a few extra slides that help to explain your business. Here are a few additional slides that are always found the investorpresentation. • Other documentation: keep your pitch deck as short as possible. Remember that your goal isn’t to provide investors with all the information they need to make an investment decision. Your pitch deck exists to tell a story, build excitement, and help get that all-important request for additional information and a follow-upmeeting. • Executivesummary • Detailed marketresearch • Detailed financialmodels • Partnerships: Some businesses have distribution partner who will be takingyour • product to market. If your success is depending on these types of partnerships, it’s important to showcase them in your pitchdeck. • Exit strategy: If you are raising money from investors, you will need to show them how you are planning on giving them a return. You do this in the form of an “exit strategy”slide. • Demo: If you have an outline or rough work of your product, screenshots of your online service, or any other details “show and mention” about this. It’s great to include a slide in your presentation where you will actually show your potential investors how your product works and what itdoes. • Here is a list of do’s and don’ts should keep in mind while preparing pitch deck presentation needs to keep inmind: • Do’s: • Do Copyright and All Rights Reserved at the bottom end of the pitch deck presentation. • Do include interesting images and graphics to convince the viewer why the market opportunity is large. • Do use the color, same font size, and header and title style throughout theslides • Do tell them an interesting and catchy story that shows your passion for the business and show that you have more than just an idea for developing the product and gettingcustomers. • Do send the pitch deck in a PDF format to be investors in advance of ameeting.

  3. Don’ts: Don’t make the pitch deck more than 20-25slides long and loaded with so much content wordy inslides. Don’t use a lot of slang or phrases that the investor may not immediately understand. Don’t use a poor layout and bad graphics. To give your pitch desk a more professional look, think about hiring a graphicdesigner. Don’t put a date on the cover page of presentation; because sometimes u dint get time to make a newpresentation To conclude; The Pitch deck for investors or startups plays a very vital role so it should be short andimpressive.

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