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[Pitch Deck]. send your proposals through to James@InspireWales.com. [General Guidance]. Attention. Summary. Time. 10 minutes. You need to convey the main reasons why someone should love your business in the first 5-10 minutes, the opening few slides…….

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[Pitch Deck]

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  1. [Pitch Deck] send your proposals through to James@InspireWales.com

  2. [General Guidance] Attention Summary Time 10 minutes You need to convey the main reasons why someone should love your business in the first 5-10 minutes, the opening few slides……. • What is the break-through, or innovation that opens the window to create a substantial opportunity? • Explain simply what your company provides to capitalize on that break through. Be clear in your description. • Provide some context on your business: length of trading/employees/stage/traction/Funding needs

  3. [General Guidance] However you then present the full story of your business ( We have outlined an example, but please use whatever structure feels appropriate), here is some brief guidance in each area: Simplicity and Clarity around the problem you are solving is important. If you cannot convince us there isn’t a problem to be solved, we will not be interested in a solution. Show the Solution: If possible, a demonstration will really help. Otherwise include screenshots and the workflow to bring the solution alive is a Opportunity: If it’s a new market, it would be better to explain how many users or customers there are for the product/service, how this number grows over time, and how much each of these users/customers is worth. If it’s a replacement market, for example where software is automating an existing service, then explain how big the existing market is today and how much you expect your solution to shrink it, through lower prices.

  4. [General Guidance] Competitive Environment: Try to be as comprehensive as possible. Its better if you proactively explain your points of differentiation rather than us uncovering competitors that you have not considered. Team: At this point in the presentation an opinion will have already been formed around the Team presenting, but it’s worth spending a couple of minutes on the founders’ backgrounds, highlighting any special talents or experiences that make you well-suited to building the business. Financials: High level 12 month cash flow showing income and expenditure together with key assumptions. Think about your strategy and whether you are planning on raising more funding and for what purposes.

  5. [Structure of Pitch] Aim for 15 minutes The following is only a guide Feel free to change based on your needs

  6. [Structure of Pitch] 1.     Brief Description of the business – What is the Company’s purpose – Define it in a sentence or two. 2.     Team - Founders and management – Perceived skill gaps? 3.     Problem – What problem are you trying to solve for your customer? What is the current solution 4.     Solution - Demonstrate your value proposition/Novelty to solve the problem.   Provide some use cases. 5.     Timing – Trends….. Why now? - Set up the historical trajectory of the sector/subsector 6.     Market size - Identify/profile who your customer will be, how big the market is and what proportion you expect (TAM, SAM and SOM) 7.     Discuss the competitive environment – Advantages & Disadvantages 8.     Product – USP’s, functionality, features,  intellectual property – Discuss the development roadmap 9.     Revenue model - Pricing - account size and/or lifetime value - Sales and distribution model….. 10.   Financials – Monthly Cash flow, P&L, Balance sheet, Cap table 11.   Investment structure

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