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FIFA World cup

FIFA World cup . 1930. What is FIFA?.

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FIFA World cup

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  1. FIFA World cup

  2. What is FIFA? FIFA is a huge football tournament, where teams from all around the world come and play against each other, fighting for the title of FIFA. It only occurs once every 4 years. FIFA stands for International Federation of Association Football. It was founded in Paris on May 21st 1904.
  3. Which FIFA world cup did you choose? I choose the first FIFA, which was in the 1930’s from July 13 to July 30th. It was held by Uruguay. Uruguay were chosen to be the hosts because they would be celebrating the centenary of the first constitution, also because they national team had just won the Olympics.
  4. Who were the finalists? Who won? Include score The teams of Argentina, Uruguay, United States, and Yugoslavia were all in the semi finals, but only Argentina and Uruguay go through to the finals, which ended up being won by Uruguay with a score of 4-2 for Uruguay.
  5. What was the scoring sequence? Who scored? The hosts (Uruguay) scored the first goal, Pablo Dorado shooting a low kick to the right, but Argentina were quick to equalize with superior passing ability, Carlos Peucelle scored this goal. With little time to spare before half time, the tournaments top goal scorer, Guillermo Stabile from Argentina scores, giving Argentina the lead. Uruguay wanting to win goes in with numbers, giving Pedro Cea his chance to make scores equal, which he achieves. Santos Iriarte scoring again pushing Uruguay into the lead, with minutes to spare Castro scores the winning goal for Uruguay.
  6. Choose one goal to describe. Use football terminology. (first match) The very first goal ever to be scored in FIFA history was scored by Frances very own Lucien Laurent. It was a agonizing few moments before the goal was scored, with lots of passing and dribbling to get up the pitch, headers, double kicks, until it was finally scored, the crowd went wild. France ended up winning 4-1, they left the pitch singing La Marseillaise.
  7. What could defense have done better? Defense could have, made sure they stayed with the person they were marking, they were lead off the ball a few times giving the other team more space. They also could have had a better sense of accuracy, for not all of their passes would go towards the team members. Which led to giving the other team the ball.
  8. Using the same scoring sequence, state what skills the attacking team scored. The individual skills the attacking team showed were that, certain players would do a lot of dribbling while others would be marking ready for a pass. For the first goal it went like above, the second goal had a lot of passing up and down the field drawing defenders away. Third goal was pretty much just one member of the team (Guillermo Stabile) going up the field and getting the goal. The third has a lot of marking and fake passes and so on. The last goal had a tad of dribbling, tons of passing and GOAL.
  9. Was there any movement ‘off the ball’ by other attackers to draw defenders away from the goal scored? First of all for the first goal, the attacker passed the ball back and forth between a team mate, multiple times to draw defenders away, this lead to tiring the defenders out leaving them breathless, he then even further faked a kick to his right, in order to get his defender away from him, this worked and allowed him to have a clear shot at the goal.
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