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Fifa world cup 1970

Done By: Shamma Al-Hitmi 7C. Fifa world cup 1970. Teams : 16 Matches: 32 When: 31 May 1970 to 21 June 1970 Final: 21 June 1970 First: Brazil Second: Italy Third : Germany Fourth: Uruguay. Information about the fifa world cup 1970. Brazil x Italy 4-1 for Brazil. Finalists.

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Fifa world cup 1970

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  1. Done By: Shamma Al-Hitmi 7C Fifa world cup 1970

  2. Teams: 16 Matches: 32 When: 31 May 1970 to 21 June 1970 Final: 21 June 1970 First: Brazil Second: Italy Third: Germany Fourth: Uruguay Information about the fifa world cup 1970

  3. Brazil x Italy 4-1 for Brazil Finalists

  4. Brazil scores the 1st goal by Pele Italy gets the score even by Roberto Boninsegna Brazil leads 2nd goal by Gerson Another goal by Jairzinho 4th goal by Carlos Alberto Torres (All goals were counter-attacks) What was the scoring sequence and who scored?

  5. 4th goal for Brazil: It starts off the defender who passes it to the left-back player and proceeds it along to the left wing. The left wing gets away from the 2 defenders from the opposing team and gives a short pass to the centre attack. The centre attack receives the ball calmly and cross’s it to the left attack who paid off and scored the goal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_3nRplehGk Choose 1 of the goals and describe using Football terminology the sequence of play leading up to the goal. << I made it in paint brush.

  6. What could the defense have done to more effectively try and stop the goal being scored?

  7. You can see form the previous screen shots that I took in the video where you could find the errors/mistakes in Italy's national team. I found that they had a poor technique for defense. In all screen shots you can see that 2 players cornering 1 player and I think this is the reason it made it easy for brazil. I recommend another technique like man on man or every player has a zone or they can change the formation of the team like 5-3-2. You can see that brazil were playing 4-3-3. CONTINUE…

  8. There were a lot of skills in this game, especially for Brazil. You can see here that he had a skill that they call “quick-feet”. He got through for defenders in about 10sec. There were also more, like visual skill. In the 4th goal, the centre attack passed to the right without checking if there was a player. He just knew that there was a player. That’s a sign of good formation Using the same scoring sequence what individual skills the attacking team has used?

  9. Yes They were luring the defenders away from the ball in order to make the pass successful. They players without the ball were moving so fast that the defenders didn’t know where to go. Luring = attract / drive away. Was there any movement ‘off the ball’ by other attackers to draw defenders away from the goal scorer? If yes what happened and what was the effect of this?

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