Paleolithic era mesolithic era and neolithic era
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Paleolithic Era, Mesolithic Era, and Neolithic Era. What was going on back then?. What we are about to discuss is EVOLUTION THEORY. It may conflict with your religious beliefs of CREATIONISM—that a supreme being (God) created man and all the earth’s creatures.

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What we are about to discuss is evolution theory
What we are about to discuss is EVOLUTION THEORY.

  • It may conflict with your religious beliefs of CREATIONISM—that a supreme being (God) created man and all the earth’s creatures.

  • You are NOT being forced to accept evolution as truth—you just have to know the idea exists in the scientific community just as the idea of creationism in the religious community.


  • If EVOLUTION is your cup of tea you believe that…

  • Modern humans evolved over thousands of year in Africa from ape-like creatures

  • Developing an opposable thumb (to grip things)

  • Walking on two legs instead of four

More review
More Review

  • Types of HOMINIDS…

  • Handy Man

  • Upright Man

  • Neanderthals

  • Cro-Magnon Man

  • What did they look like?

  • How did they survive?

Aka also known as
AKA (Also Known As)

  • Paleolithic EraOld Stone Age

  • Mesolithic EraMiddle Stone Age

  • Neolithic EraNew Stone Age


  • Paleolithic EraOld Stone Age22,000BC

  • Mesolithic EraMiddle Stone Age18,000 BC

  • Neolithic EraNew Stone Age8,000 BC

Old stone age people
Old Stone Age People

  • Hunters and Gatherers

  • Nomadic—meaning they were always moving in search of food, water, shelter

  • Made fire

  • Developed spoken language

  • Invented stone tools and weapons (STONE age—get it?)

New stone age people
New Stone Age People

  • Made better weapons and tools (bow and arrow, throwing spear, needles, fishhooks)

  • Created pottery, clothing, and jewelry

  • Settled in villages

But most importantly
But Most Importantly…

  • The New Stone Age developed AGRICULTURE!

  • They grew crops and domesticated animals for meat, milk, and eggs)

  • This was a HUGE revolution

  • It is also the main difference between the Old and New Stone Age

  • What would your own life be like the the New Stone Age (Agricultural) Revolution had never occurred?

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Essay Exams

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World history essay exam
World History Essay Exam

  • Thursday, September 29, 2011

  • Topic: Explain how the Old Stone Age differed from the New Stone Age