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GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT PRESENTATION This is a self-guided presentation, click with your mouse to move to the next slide.

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  • This is a self-guided presentation, click with your mouse to move to the next slide.

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We are a part of Sweet Adelines International

- a worldwide organization of women singers committed to advancing the musical art form of barbershop harmony through education, competition and performance.


Learn About Us





  • Chorus Year at a Glance

  • We learn new songs throughout the year

  • Christmas Chorus rehearsals start October 8th (6:30-8:30) with performances in December

  • Annual Show – October 26th

  • Christmas party

  • Chorus Coaching – January TBD

  • Singing Valentines Fundraiser – February 14th

  • Regional Competition – April 11-12 in Spokane

  • Spring & Summer - festivals, fairs, parties, rodeo parking

  • Necklace Fundraiser – ongoing project

  • Ongoing Education and Coaching

  • Every week is a vocal lesson

  • We bring in coaches

  • We attend coaching events

  • We participate in yearly competitions

  • We attend workshops/schools

Riser Spots

  • Flexibility is key

  • Our “group sound” determines where each of us need to be for any given performance or rehearsal

  • New Member Tips

  • First, we have all been new members at one time or another – we are here for you!

  • Bring a digital recorder - so that you have something to practice with during the coming week.

  • Arrive early – rehearsals start on the risers at 7:00.

  • Have fun as we go through each evening.

  • Learn the music as you can. You can perform with us after you’ve learned one song!

  • New Member Tips

  • If you would like some help, ask during a break or after rehearsal.

  • If you need to get a drink of water or to leave the room, please leave the risers and room quietly

  • When you return, stand at the side of the risers until there’s a break and the director signals you to return

  • If you need to sit, it’s OK! There are chairs available.

  • Check the table:

  • New music

  • Important notes

  • Photos and articles

  • Mirrors

  • Check your folders

  • Finance box


What’s so



the music?

Our Music

  • Barbershop music is one of the truly American musical art forms which developed in our country before the start of the 20th century.

  • We sing barbershop – 4-part acappella music arranged in the barbershop style

  • Note: We purchase and use only legal music

Tenors - sing the high notes

Leads - sing the melody

Baritones - weave around the melody

Basses - sing the low notes

What does that sound like?


Listen to James demonstrate the four different parts for a “tag”

Treble Clef:

Tenors – tails up

Leads – tails down

Bass Clef:

Baritones – tails up

Basses – tails down

Singing is magical…

Come singwith us!

Nuts ‘n BoltsQuestions & Answers

  • Costumes

    • We have fun dressing up. The chorus owns two “glitzy” costumes and our pastel jackets.

    • For other costumes, we have fun hunting for the “right look” whether it be patriotic for the summer or in period costumes for our shows.

  • Who pays for the coaching?

    • Our chorus budget is built to include funds to bring in outside coaches. Here are two of our recent coaches.

Kathy Scheel

Director of the Oregon Spirit Chorus

Salem, Oregon

Nancy Kurth

Director of Northwest Harmony

Vancouver, Washington

  • What does it cost to be a Sweet Adeline?

    • Our dues are $28/month – less that $6/week

      • Included in our monthly dues are:

        • International per capita fee

        • Region 13 dues

        • Region 13 Convention assessment

        • and Chapter dues

  • Most dues can be paid in installments.

  • What other costs should I expect:

  • Personal costume items (chorus shoes, casual outfits, and chorus makeup).

  • Our glitzy costumes are purchased by the chorus.

  • Contest weekend expenses (travel, lodging, meals)

  • Is there any help with the Contest expenses?

    • YES!

    • Our chorus has established a system to reward our members for good attendance and participation in chorus activities during the year. Members, who go to “contest” with us, will receive some cash to help with expenses.

  • How can the chorus do that?

    • Our chorus receives money during the year from paid chorus performances, our necklace sales, show ads and ticket sales, parking cars for the Fort Dalles Rodeo, Singing Valentines, and donations. By holding chorus expenses low, we are able to reward our members.

    • How do I join?

    • We want you confident that we are a good fit for you. There will be no pressure to join us until you know you want to join.

    • At that time, you will be asked to:

      • Pass a simple audition process, which our director and others will help you prepare for

      • Fill in the Sweet Adeline application for membership

    • Payments needed at that time:

      • $90 check for the International per capita fee

      • A pro-rated amount depending on the month you join which will cover the regional and chapter costs.

      • Most dues can be paid in installments.

    Again, Singing is magical!

    Come singwith us!