Getting started with your own experiment
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Getting Started With Your Own Experiment. Intermediate Topics Solutions to Common Problems Getting Help. Advanced Topics. Reproducible Experiments. Two approaches: Use existing images with install scripts http:// / geni /wiki/ HowTo / WriteInstallScript

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Getting started with your own experiment

Getting Started With Your Own Experiment

Intermediate topics solutions to common problems getting help

Intermediate Topics Solutions to Common ProblemsGetting Help

Advanced Topics

Reproducible experiments
Reproducible Experiments

  • Two approaches:

    • Use existing images with install scripts

    • Use custom images or snapshots

      • Image creation

        • ExoGENI provides a sandbox for image creation

      • Snapshot images

        • InstaGENI provides standard images which are easy to snapshot

          Snapshot image:

  • … or combine the two approaches

Inter aggregate connectivity
Inter-aggregate Connectivity

Different experiments have different needs, chose based on your experiment!

Rack differences
Rack Differences

ExoGENI, InstaGENI, ProtoGENI are they different and how do I choose?

ExoGENI, InstaGENI: GENI racks developed by different teams

ProtoGENI: Pre-existing testbeds that are GENI enabled, InstaGENI is based on ProtoGENI software

The important thing is your experiment, so you should always start by designing your experiment and don’t worry about the aggregate.

Designing your experiment things to consider
Designing your experiment: Things to consider

  • Do I need access to bare metal hosts?

  • What are my networking needs?

  • What tools do I want to use?

  • What platform am I familiar with?

Omni commands documentation
Omni Commands & Documentation

Find aggregate nicknames:


Find all [available] resources at aggregates (aka advertisement RSpec):

$ omni–a … listresources [--available] [-o]

Find all resources in slice (aka manifest RSpec):

$ omni–a … listresourcesSLICENAME [-o]

Find status of resources in slice:

$ omni–a … sliverstatusSLICENAME

Omni documentation

How to configure omni:

Omni workflow and command documentation:

How to use omni:

Acting against known aggregates
Acting against known aggregates

Query for existing slice, members, slivers …


$ omnilistslicemembers SLICENAME

$ omnilistslivers SLICENAME

Omni/Portal report sliver creation/deletion to Clearinghouse.

--useSliceAggregatesqueries against aggregates known to have resources in your slice

$readyToLoginSLICENAME --useSliceAggregates

$ omnideletesliver SLICENAME --useSliceAggregates


Clearinghouse info is only advisory!

Query aggregates for authoritative info

Add a member to existing slivers
Add a member to existing slivers

1) Add member to slice

$omniaddslicemember SLICENAME USERNAME

2) Add slice member’s accounts to existing slivers

$ omni-V 3 poaSLICE geni_update_users

--useSliceAggregates –-useSliceMembers

Alternatively, the Linux version has a script to do the above two steps

$ addMemberToSliceAndSliversmyslice username


Only works on InstaGENI/ProtoGENI

Advanced topics solutions to common problems getting help

Advanced Topics Solutions to Common ProblemsGetting Help

Solutions to Common Problems

Common problems
Common Problems

Problem: Slice did not come up (“not green”)

Possible causes:

  • Did not wait long enough

  • Problem with RSpec

    Debug strategy:

  • Check slice/sliver status

  • Use rspeclint on your rspecs

Three ways to get sliverstatus
Three ways to get SliverStatus

  • Flack

    • “green” is good

    • Use “Get Status” button to refresh status

  • Omni

    • Use readyToLogin

  • Portal

    • On slice page, use “Ready?” button



Common problems1
Common Problems

Problem: Resources disappeared

Possible causes:

  • Slice expired

  • Resources (aka slivers) expired

    Debug strategy:

  • Check slice/sliver status

  • Reserve resources again if expired 

  • Don’t rely on nodes for storage

    • Edit scripts locally and scp to your nodes

    • Copy data off machines

Expiration and renewal
Expiration and renewal

slice expiration time ≤ project expiration time

each resource expiration time ≤ slice expiration time

each resource expiration time ≤ aggregate’s max expiration







expiration time



expiration time


expiration time


In general, to extend the lifetime of your resource reservation, you must renew the slice and allresources

Slice and sliver expiration
Slice and Sliver Expiration

$ omnirenewslice 01-31-14

# renew each sliver individually

$ omnirenewsliver –a gpo-igmyslice 01-31-14

$ omnirenewsliver –a renci-egmyslice 01-31-14

$ omnirenewsliver –a missouri-igmyslice 01-31-14

# OR renew all known slivers for “as long as possible”

$ omni-V 3 renew myslice 01-31-14 -–useSliceAggregates--alap

Extend slice/resource expirations


Common problems2
Common Problems

Problem: Can’t login to a node

Possible causes:

  • Slice/sliver expired

  • Wrong username

  • Public key isn’t loaded, Private key is wrong or non-existing

  • Private key has wrong permissions (it should have 0600)

  • Technical issue with node

    Debug strategy:

  • Check the status of the sliver

  • Try having a collaborator login

    • Look for loaded keys

      sudo cat ~other_user_path/.ssh/authorized_keys

  • Ask them to use ‘-v’ option

    ssh –v

Clean up now
Clean up now!

Try this now:

$ omnideletesliver SLICENAME --useSliceAggregates






Advanced topics solutions to common problems getting help1

Advanced Topics Solutions to Common ProblemsGetting Help

Getting Help

Getting started with your own experiment

Have a question?

Answer is

which is an email list which only goes to members of the GPO including…

Vic Thomas

Niky Riga

Sarah Edwards

(However, the archive of the list is public)

Ways to get help
Ways to Get Help

  • Sign Up for :

  • Use #geniIRC chatroom

  • Go over HowTo pages

General debug advice
General debug advice

  • Gather as much information as you can

    • Be specific about what is not working

      • Step-by-step run through usually helps

    • Include what you see (screenshots, omni output errors)

    • Always include:

      • type of account you are using (eg portal)

      • the tool you are using (eg Flack, omni, portal)

      • your slice name or URN

      • aggregates you are using

      • a detailed description of what's wrong including any error messages

  • Contact geni-users@googlegroups.comfor help

  • Register for resource mailing lists

Finding other resources
Finding other resources

  • GENI wiki

    • Pages for Instructors and Experimenters

How to pages
“How To” pages

  • Listed under the “Experimenters” section

  • Each “How To” is a short descriptions of how to do various tasks

  • New entries being added all the time

Ways to learn more
Ways to Learn More

Sign up for to be notified about:

Train-the-TA at the start of each semester (online-only)

GENI Summer Camp

Sign up at:

Getting started with your own experiment

Thank you

for attending!

Please fill out the survey



Projects organize research in GENI

Projects contain both peopleand their experiments

A project is led by a single responsible individual:

the projectlead




Project membership example
Project Membership example

Projects have 1 Lead and any number of Admins, Members, and Auditors


Typical Class

Typical Research Project

Populating a p roject
Populating a Project

  • Member-initiated

    Each experimenter asks to join a project, approval needed

    • Typical for Research projects

  • Admin-initiated

    Project Lead/Admin bulk-adds experimenters

    • Typical for Classrooms or Tutorials

  • Working with multiple members in a slice
    Working with multiple members in a slice

    Members of all slices in a project:

    • Project Leads (Professor)

    • Project Admins (TAs, Graders)

      Other can be added manually


    Slice Admin

    Research Asst


    Slice Member

    Slice Lead

    Slice access
    Slice Access

    Being a member of a slice means you can act on a slice:

    • Add resources

    • Check status

    • Delete resources

    • Renew resources

    With any tool!

    Slice access logging in to resources
    Slice Access: Logging in to resources

    Slice membership does not guarantee ability to login to resources!

    To ensure access in collaborator’s resources:

    Option 1: Make resource reservation from Portal

    • fix the membership of the slice

    • Use the add resource button in the portal

      Option 2: Make resource reservation using omni

    • fix the membership of the slice

    • Call createsliver

      Option 3: Ensure common public key is loaded

    • distribute common public key to collaborators

    • ask collaborators to upload it in their profile

    • use corresponding private key to login