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Getting started with

Getting started with. my languageleader lab. before you register. Make sure you have :. an active e-mail account. Internet Explorer. installed on your PC. CRSABKP-200303. Course ID from your teacher. Student Access Code. PSPMIL-CHILI-KENJI-EDDIE-AKIRA-WAHOO. registration. 1.

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Getting started with

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  1. Gettingstartedwith mylanguageleaderlab

  2. beforeyou register Make sureyouhave: an active e-mail account Internet Explorer installed on your PC CRSABKP-200303 Course ID fromyourteacher Student Access Code PSPMIL-CHILI-KENJI-EDDIE-AKIRA-WAHOO

  3. registration 1. Go to: 2. Click„Browser Tune-up” to checkifyouhaveinstalledalltheprogramsrequired to run MyLanguageLeaderLab

  4. registration 3. Click„Register withyouraccesscode” to enter theSubscription Management System

  5. registration 4. ReadLicenseAgreementcarefully and clickAccept.

  6. registration 5. Ifyoualreadyuseother Pearson online products e.g. MyLanguageLeaderLab – otherlevels, Longman English Interactive OnlineorTeacher Development Interactive, click “Yes” to useyourexistingaccount and enter yourcurrentdetails. If you do not have a Pearson account, you will be requested to set up one. You will be able to use it with all Pearson online products.

  7. registration 6. Createyour login and password and enter yourAccess Code. Click “Next” to proceed.

  8. registration 7. You will be requested to give us your name and surname as well as your email account, which will enable us to inform you about any forthcoming system updates. We will also ask you for some minimum information on your school / educational institution. Click “Next” to proceed.

  9. loggingin 8. You will receive an e-mail confirmationwithyour login and password. Youareadvisednot to deletethis e-mail. 9. Alternativelyyoucan log inthrough Click to log in to youraccount.

  10. loggingin 10. To log in, please enter your login and password.

  11. enrollingin a course 11. To enrollin a coursepleaseselect „Enrollin a Course”.

  12. enrollingin a course 12. Fillinthe „Course ID” boxwiththecourse ID youreceivedfromyourteacher and click „Submit”.

  13. enrollingin a course 13. In the „ConfirmCourse”sectionyou will seethedetails of thecourseyouselected. Click „Confirm” to proceed.

  14. workingwiththecourse 14. Click „Enter CourseNow” to start workingwiththecourse.

  15. workingwiththecourse 15. Click on thename of yourcourseinthe “My Courses” section to go to “Today’sview” screen of your mylanguageleaderlab

  16. support 16. Do youneedtechnicalsupport? Go to and click on Support

  17. Happy learning with mylanguageleaderlab Pearson Longman from

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