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Getting started with

Getting started with. for students. before you register. Make sure you have:. an active e-mail account. Internet browser installed on your computer. Course ID from your teacher. irsa-phme-42yp-6ty6. Student Access Code from your Student Book. PSPMIL-CHILI-KENJI-EDDIE-AKIRA-WAHOO.

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Getting started with

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  1. Getting started with for students

  2. before you register Make sure you have: an active e-mail account Internet browser installed on your computer Course ID from your teacher irsa-phme-42yp-6ty6 Student Access Code from your Student Book PSPMIL-CHILI-KENJI-EDDIE-AKIRA-WAHOO

  3. before you register Go to www.myenglishlab.com and click “Courses” to choose the title you are going to work with. Check if you have all the programmes necessary to work with MyEnglishLab installed on your computer.

  4. registration Click the “Register” button.

  5. registration Enter the Access Code from your Student Book.

  6. registration Confirm it’s the course title you need.

  7. registration returning users If you already have access other Pearson online products e.g. MyEnglishLab– other courses or levels, use your existing account and enter your current details.

  8. registration first time users If you don’t have an account, click the “Create” button.

  9. registration first time users Read the License Agreement and click “I agree”.

  10. registration first time users Complete the required information in the form and create your individual username and password.

  11. registration first time users Finally, check all the details again and click “Finish”.

  12. registration Now you can go to your course.

  13. enrolling in a course First, you will be asked to complete your personal details and set your Time zone.

  14. enrolling in a class To join your teacher’s class, go to “Settings” => “My courses” and click the “Join a course” button. You will be asked to enter the Course ID you received from your teacher. Click “OK” and you are ready to start your course.

  15. Help and Support Pearson is committed to providing you with the best support possible. We invite you to visit our 24/7 Help and Support center or connect with Customer Technical Support for assistance with registration, signing in, browser settings, plug-ins, or other system requirements. Support Hours of Operation (varies by region) • Monday to Friday,8:00AM to 6:00PM • Saturday, 1:00PM to 4:00PM | Sunday, 8:00PM to 1:00AM Visit www.MyEnglishLabHelp.com • Get Training Materials • Getting Started documents, Helpful Training Videos, etc. • Find Answers (Knowledgebase) • Search frequently asked questions 24/7 • Instant Live Chat • Chat online with a live support representative • Send an Email • Ask a question via email and receive a detailed response, monitored 24/7

  16. Good luck!

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