John foster dulles high school
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John Foster Dulles High School. Budget and Staffing Challenges for 2011-12. State of Texas Budget Shortfall.

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John foster dulles high school

John Foster Dulles High School

Budget and Staffing Challenges for 2011-12

State of texas budget shortfall
State of Texas Budget Shortfall

  • Based on the initial appropriations, budgets and projections from the Texas Legislature, drastic cuts would be necessary in Fort Bend ISD—anywhere from $30 to $74 million. This is significant and will have a profound and negative impact on the programs and services the district currently provides for its students.

Tier i ii iii funding cuts
Tier I, II, III Funding Cuts

  • Tier I Cutsfor FBISD = approx. $30 mil/yr.

  • Tier II Cutsfor FBISD = approx. $54 mil/yr.

  • Tier III Cuts for FBISD = approx. $75 mil/yr.

    At this time the District has created a budget for Tier I cuts and made attempts to reduce staff to meet the significant reduction in funding from the State.

Why is fbisd being hit so hard put a collar on a puppy
Why is FBISD being hit so hard?Put a collar on a puppy……..

  • Fort Bend ISD is impacted more negatively than many other districts due to the fact the district receives less money ($300‐$400) per student from the state than other surrounding districts. Since 2005-2006 when funding levels were frozen in Texas FBISD was a “Fast Growth District”. Because of this status, we receive less State funds per pupil than many other districts of similar size. (We are currently the 7th largest district in Texas.)

  • The Legislature should narrow the gap in funding between districts by eliminating the target revenue system or close the gap on the target revenues that allocate funds to school districts.

Why are teachers being cut district level budget
Why are Teachers being cut?District Level Budget

  • 87% of our district’s budget is employee salaries.(When district budgets are cut drastically, positions, and/or salaries and benefits must be cut)

  • Approx. 4% of our district’s budget is transportation / fuel costs.

  • The remaining 9% is for campus and departmental budgets and programs and supplies.

Campus level budgets
Campus Level Budgets

  • Dulles High School budget has been reduced by 10% for 3 consecutive years. (based on student population drop)

  • Our current Tier I Campus budget provides $98 per pupil with 2,161 students projected for DHS for 2011-12. Additional funding is provided for specialized programs (at-risk student populations and Gifted and Talented ).

  • At this time no programs will be eliminated for budgetary reasons.

Staffing reductions in fbisd
Staffing Reductions in FBISD

  • Resignation Incentive Program

  • Reduction in Force (RIF’s)

  • Redistribution of Staff

  • Vacancies Unfilled

    7% reduction of the teaching staff (est. 300 teachers)

    21% reduction of administrative staff / professional support (93 central office positions)

Staffing reductions at dulles hs
Staffing Reductions at Dulles HS

  • Dulles HS reduces 8 teaching positions at Tier I state funding levels.

  • No campus programs have been eliminated at Tier I.

  • Most Departments were affected:

    ELA 1

    SS 1

    Health/PE 1

    Business 2

    3rd Band Dir. 1

    Speech 1

    Choir 1

    Foreign Language, Math, and Science were not reduced at Tier I.

Courses no longer offered at dhs
Courses No Longer Offered at DHS

  • Photo Journalism

  • Marketing and Business Co-op

Elective course information at tier i based on staffing and student interest
Elective Course Information at Tier I(Based on Staffing and Student Interest)

  • Elective Courses must have a 20/1 student to teacher ratio in order to be offered.

  • Athletics courses must have a 15/1 ratio. Athletic periods will be staffed similarly to how they have been staffed in the past.

  • All fine arts courses that were offered previously will be offered including Choir and Varsity Singers.

  • All Foreign Languages currently offered will be available at Tier I.

  • Most CATE and Business courses will continued to be offered.

Noticeable changes in 2011 12
Noticeable Changes in 2011-12

  • Increased Class Sizes

    29-32 in Advanced and 33-35 in Pre-AP, AP

  • Not as many sections of a course offered.

    (2nd , 3rd, and 4th elective choices will be used in course selection)

If we have tier ii cuts
If we have Tier II Cuts……

  • Dulles would reduce 12-16 teachers at Tier II.

  • Math, Science, Foreign Language, CATE, and Business could have additional staff reductions.

  • Other courses would not be offered based on staffing limitations.

  • Sub Varsity and Varsity Athletic Periods would be combined.

Staffing in the near future for dhs
Staffing in the near future for DHS

  • Currently no posted vacancies at DHS.

  • Many coaching vacancies that must be filled with any new hires .

  • Dual Contracts for 2011 and beyond will help.

  • Next year be prepared for another round of Tier I cuts.

What can you do to help
What can you do to help?

  • Don’t get caught up in the blame game (locally)

  • Express your concerns to your State Senator and State Representative.

  • Link to Contact Info: