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School Procedures

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School Procedures
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  1. School Procedures We will all work together to succeed this year. To work together, we need a well-organized classroom. To ensure a well-organized classroom, we use specific procedures.

  2. Classroom Procedures At the beginning of the period: • Find a seat and start working on the warm-up. • Take attendance while students work on warm-up. • Direct eyes to the posted class agenda/objective. • Go over class agenda verbally with class.

  3. Classroom Procedures Transitions during class • Refer back to agenda/objectives and recap what has been done and what is next • Raise hand to get attention

  4. Classroom Procedures • The “Quiet” Signal: • 1. When the class is done working, noisy or disrespectful, I will raise my hand. • 2. I will hold my hand up and smile oddly. • 3. This will continue until all mouths are quiet, and all eyes are on me. • 4. If you classmates don’t notice the signal, please remind them quietly and politely. • Please show respect for your teacher by following this procedure!

  5. Classroom Procedures At the end of the period: • Clean up your desk and area of work. • Review/closure activity during last 3-5 minutes of class. • Wait for your teacher to dismiss the class – the clock does not dismiss you, your teacher does. Time will be kept with laptop time. STAY BEHIND THE TAPE! 

  6. Classroom Procedures • Leaving Class • Leaving for any reason requires teacher permission and the hall pass. This includes: printing, talking to another staff member, or getting water, etc. • Do NOT plan on using the restroom during class time. Class is only 46 minutes long. • If you need to use the restroom, you must give your cell phone to your teacher. • Take a pass from the desk. If no pass is available, sit down and wait for one. • Make your trip quick – no wandering, no hacky sack, no sleeping in the restroom! • Any other reason to sign out, ask your teacher for permission first.

  7. Classroom Procedures Cell Phones and iPods • No cell phones allowed in class. If a cell phone is seen you will be asked to turn it over to your teacher. • The cell phone will be given to Tim and you will have to work it out with Tim about when you will get it back. • iPods are only allowed with teacher permission, and only during independent work time. You must ask your teacher for permission in each class.

  8. Classroom Procedures Tardies 1. You will be marked tardy if you are not in class and starting on the warm-up when your teacher starts taking attendance. 2. You will earn a lunch detention if you get three tardies for one class. 3. If you choose to not attend your lunch detention with in one week, you will earn one day of in school suspension. 4. If you are tardy, quietly sit and start working on the warm-up.

  9. Break Procedures • Stay upstairs and on the landing. • Microwave is next to Jane’s desk. • Standing in line for the microwave is not an excuse to be late to 3rd period. • Use this time to play on your phone, not class time.

  10. Lunch Procedures Juniors and Seniors • Turn in lap top before lunch. • Open campus for Juniors and Seniors only. • You must have paperwork completed with Jane before you can go off campus. • No loitering on street corners in the neighborhood. • Returning late will result in loss of off campus privilege the next week. • You DO NOT get to eat during 5th period.

  11. Lunch Procedures Freshman and Sophomores • Turn in lap top. • Only use the back stairwell to go to the cafeteria. • Do not enter the ESD hallway. • All lunches will be eaten in the cafeteria. • After eating, you may go to the gym, the upper landing, or the front steps of the school. 6. You may not leave campus.

  12. To and From the bus Procedures • Once you get off the bus you must come directly into the school. No wandering the neighborhood. • When you are waiting for the bus after school you must wait on the front steps. You may not leave campus and then come back.

  13. Service Project Procedures • Dress appropriately for the project (we will remind you of what is appropriate). We want you to be comfortable and safe! • Remember you are representing OCSLA and OCSD, so please be on your best behavior (this includes language). • Otherwise we may not be asked back or get a bad reputation in the community.

  14. Technology Procedures • Don’t walk with your lid open. • No food or drink near the laptops. Put your food or drink on the designated table. • Carry laptop with two hands and store in a backpack. • Bring laptop to school fully charged. You can not charge it at school. • No streaming of music or videos. • Use headphones to listen to music. Not everyone wants to listen to your music. • Return laptop to your advisory COW before lunch and pick it up BEFORE 5th period. • Tech scavenger hunt • Create doc, save it, print it, upload to server, screenshot, email, PP, word, attach pic, vid, etc. • Update and then go over (w/students) guidelines sheet.

  15. Procedures These procedures are in place to help our classroom and school run smoothly. Please do your part by following these procedures so we can work together to succeed!