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Centennial High School School Policies and Procedures Assembly

Centennial High School School Policies and Procedures Assembly. Administrative Team. Dr. Roberts Principal AP Mrs. Paulsen A-C AP Mr. Jones D-J AP Dr. Magallanes K-P AP Mr. Oramas Q-Z AP Mr. Gunn Athletics AP Ms. Johangiry Activities. REP THE. SCHOOL SPIRIT!.

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Centennial High School School Policies and Procedures Assembly

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  1. Centennial High SchoolSchool Policies and Procedures Assembly

  2. Administrative Team Dr. Roberts Principal AP Mrs. Paulsen A-C AP Mr. Jones D-J AP Dr. Magallanes K-P AP Mr. Oramas Q-Z AP Mr. Gunn Athletics AP Ms. Johangiry Activities

  3. REP THE


  5. ACTIVITIES • Get Involved • Club Rush • Dawg Pound • Fall/Winter Festivals • Assemblies • Sporting Events • School Dances • ASB Cards • Student Store • Ain’t No Party Like A Husky Party!!!!

  6. Athletics – Mr. Gunn Students must have a 2.0 GPA to participate in extracurricular activities.

  7. Guidance Counselors Mr. Sanchez A - Chi Mr. Cummings Chj – Ge (12th Ch – Ham) Mrs. Finney Gf – K (12th Han – K) Mrs. Jaime L - Nan Ms. Creeden Nao – Rod (12th Nao – Rad) Mrs. Thompson Roe – Van (12th Rae – Van) Mr. Hernandez Van – Z & PUENTE Mrs. Grothem Safety & Violence Prevention

  8. Act like you are required or…. Detentions Room 439 after school Or Served at lunch in 439 Saturday School Report to the HUSKY by 7:50am ACP (Alternative Class Placement) Room 439

  9. If you do not serve… If you do not serve a 60 minute detention, you will receive two 1 hour detentions. If you do not serve the 2 hour detention you will receive a Saturday school. If you do not serve a Saturday school you will serve two full days of ACP or be suspended from school.

  10. Lunch Detention Held Monday to Friday in room 439 You must serve two lunches to equal for a 1 hour detention Must arrive in room 439 before passing period ends Do NOT get your lunch first, you will be released with enough time to get a lunch

  11. Off Campus Suspension Suspensions - Education Code 48900 Students can be suspended up to five days for a single violation. During a suspension, students are not allowed to participate in any school-sponsored activities.

  12. Off Campus Suspensionsor ACP The following are suspendable offenses: Fighting Possession of a Dangerous Object Under the influence or possession of any controlled substance, including alcohol Defiance Harassment/bullying Using any words of hate or racial slurs Zero Tolerance for Words of Hate

  13. Confiscated Items Policy • Confiscated items include, but are not limited to, cell phones, electronic devices, hats, and skateboards. • If a teacher asks for one of these items and you refuse to give it to the teacher, then you can be suspended.

  14. Social Networking • Remember the things you do or say on social networks can get you in trouble at school • Includes: • Cell Phone Recordings • Twitter • Texting • Social Networking Sites • Etc • Cyber bullying is a suspendable offence and will not be tolerated

  15. Tardy Policy • Attendance contract will also be given when student and parents meet with Assistant Principal

  16. Tardy Sweeps • The song, “Who let the dogs out” over the intercom signals a tardy sweep • All students tardy in a sweep will receive a Saturday School

  17. Dress Code Unacceptable attire: Non-Centennial Baseball Caps Strapless shirts or halter tops Any clothing that reveals undergarments Dress code applies even during spirit days Unacceptable items in class: Ipods Cell phone must be off during instructional time Unacceptable items on campus Skateboards

  18. Hat Policy • Students may not wear, or be in possession of, any Non Centennial-approved hats or visors of any kind before, during, or after school. The following are approved Centennial hats: • Hats with a Centennial “C” logo which only contain the school colors of red, black, white, or gray • Beanies, berets, or cadet hats which contain no logo and which only contain the school colors of red, black, white, or gray. • Hats sold in the Student Store.

  19. Reminders Use vending machines only during lunch. Students are not allowed west of the access road during lunch. 10/10 rule = students are no allowed out of their classroom during the first 10 minutes of class instruction and the last 10 minutes. Students must have a hall pass to be outside of their classrooms. Bicycle rack is located east of the theater.

  20. Officer Cervantes School Resource Officer (SRO) Citations

  21. Harassment Forms If you are being harassed or bullied, please notify a Counselor or Administrator immediately. Forms are available in the Administration and Counseling Offices

  22. Safe School Hotline If you have information or concerns regarding situations occurring on or off campus involving students, please use the Safe Schools Hotline (951) 739 – 5991

  23. Video Cameras Over 90+ video cameras are recording throughout the campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The cameras main function is to prevent property damage and vandalism on campus.

  24. Interquest Canine Protection Brief presentation Cars will be searched

  25. Student-Parent Handbook On your way out of the Gym, please pick up a copy of the Student-Parent Handbook. Please return to your Language Arts class.

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