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Procedures. Or How we do stuff. Entering the Room. Students should enter the room calmly and quietly . Once you enter my room, sit down and fill out your planner, before class starts . Then complete the Question of the Day.

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How we do stuff

entering the room
Entering the Room
  • Students should enter the room calmly and quietly.
  • Once you enter my room, sit down and fill out your planner, before class starts. Then complete the Question of the Day.
  • When I begin the class by saying “Good Morning or Good Afternoon,” it is polite and respectful to reply

“Good Morning or Good Afternoon, Mrs. Massaro.”

  • The Agenda for the planner is located on the back white board.
question of the day
Question of the Day
  • Once the student enters the room they are expected to start on the Question of the day. The Question of the day is on the white board or smartboard projector. 
  • Questions of the Day are to be done in the appropriate section of your Science Notebook. (Question of the Day pages)
agenda and website
Agenda and Website
  • SWBAT stands for the “Student will be able to” and I will use this abbreviation when I write out the planner on the white board.
  • My website can be found at our Lyon website, Then look under the staff directory for my name.
  • Types of things that you can find on the website are podcasts, videos, links, power points and class information.
z a p
  • If a student does not complete the assigned classwork or homework, he or she will serve an after school detention, with me, to finish that work.
  • You need to bring your science notebook to class EVERY DAY!
the supplies center
The Supplies Center
  • The Bookshelf at the front of the room is your Supplies Center. All the items you need (paper, staplers, hole punch, scissors, glue, colored pencils) are on that Bookshelf.
  • The supply center is a privilege and needs to be treated with respect. It can be taken away.
if you can hear me
If you can hear me…
  • When I need your attention I will ring my class bell three times.
  • I will then wait 3 seconds for the class to quiet down.
  • If it takes longer than three seconds for the class to quiet down then I will give out Negative classdojoPoints!
ask 3 then me
Ask 3…then me
  • If you do not understand an assignment after it has been given ask 3 of your peers in your group before you ask me. If you and 3 peers do not understand, one of you may raise your hand and ask me to explain to the entire group.