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Grasslands. Cameron M., Vanessa C., TeTiana E. and Maurita. Animals. African Grassland: aardvark, wild cat, elephant, buffalo, Cape hunting dog, cheetah, giraffe, gnu, hartebeest, impala, jackals, kudu, leopard, lion, meerkat,

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Cameron M., Vanessa C., TeTiana E. and Maurita


African Grassland: aardvark, wild cat, elephant, buffalo, Cape hunting dog, cheetah, giraffe, gnu, hartebeest, impala, jackals, kudu, leopard, lion, meerkat,

Mongoose, oxpecker, rhinoceros, vulture, wildebeest, zebra, and many other animals.

Australian Grassland: dingo, emu, kangaroo, horse, rabbit, sheep, wallaby, wombat and many other animals.

N. America grassland: toad, badger, black-footed ferret, bison, black-tailed jack rabbit, bumble bee, burrowing owl,California condor, carrion beetle,common snipe, coyote, deer, dragonfly, eagles, eastern cotton tail, elk, ferruginous hawk, fox snake, golden owl, gopher snake, grasshopper, Gray wolf, ground squirrels, killdeer, lady beetle, larks, long- billed curlew, meadow vole, monarch butterfly.

S. America grassland: armadillo, opossum, fox, jaguar, llama, puma, rhea, tapir, many rodents, and many other animals.

Eurasia ga. Golden pheasant, leopard gecko, snow leopard, vole, and many more animals.


Monarch Butterfly



Jack Rabbit

interesting facts
Interesting Facts

Not until the 19th century did settlers moving west discover that grasslands were much more than just dry , flat areas of land.

A prairie is a temperate grasslands, plains of grass that gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

Grassland of Asia are called steppe. Grasslands of North America are called prairie.


There are lots of plants, here are few: leaves, tree, tall grass, flowers, dandelions, daisy, great oak, blazing star,red stems, wild flowers, flowers with fangs, roses, tulips, sunflowers, milk weed, grass, and hay.

Plants are a big part of the grasslands.

prairies grasslands
Prairies & Grasslands

A grassland is a grassy area of plants. Almost one-fourth of the Earth’s land area is grassland. In many areas, grasslands separate forests from deserts. Deep-rooted grasses dominate the flora in a grassland; there are very few trees and shrubs in a grassland, less than one tree per acre. There a

re many different words for grassland environments around the world, including savannas, pampas, campos, plains, steppes, prairies and veldts.

grasslands and prairies climates
Grasslands and Prairies Climates

After the glaciers were gone, the climate cooled and a boreal forest, similar to the found in northern climate today, covered much of the state. Nevertheless, the climates gradually became warmer and drier and the vegetation changed.Oaks and hickories replaced the pines and Spruces. At this time, 12,000 to 15,000 years ago, the prairies began to make significant expansions. About 8,300 years ago,during a prolonged hot, dry era known as the xerothermic period, the tall grass prairie became a major vegetation type in Illinois {King 1093}.