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TRUST Summer Study Programs

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TRUST Summer Study Programs. Ruzena Bajcsy, UC Berkeley Kristen Gates, UC Berkeley. Summer Academic Programs.

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trust summer study programs

TRUST Summer Study Programs

Ruzena Bajcsy, UC Berkeley Kristen Gates, UC Berkeley

summer academic programs
Summer Academic Programs

TRUST summer programs provide students with a rich academic and research experiences. BFOIT computer science with college success preparation for middle and high school students. SUPERB-IT and SIPHER are undergraduate research experience in preparation for graduate school. WISE and Trustworthy Computer Curriculum are advanced topics seminars directed at graduate, post doctorate and junior faculty that promote cross-disciplinary research, new course development and faculty promotion and retention.

Ruzena Bajcsy & Kristen Gates

wise at uc berkeley 2006
WISE at UC Berkeley 2006
  • Women’s Institute in Summer Enrichment (WISE): A one-week residential summer program in 2006 at Berkeley campus to bring together women (but it is not restricted to women only!) from all disciplines interested in TRUSTed systems
  • Format has professors from across the country come to Berkeley to teach power courses in several disciplines, including computer science, economics, law, and electrical engineering.
  • Speakers included: Feigenbaum (Yale), Irvine (Naval Postgraduate School), Wright (Stevens), Xue (Vanderbilt), Fahmy (Purdue), Lerner (Berkeley Law), Wing (CMU), Sastry, Raghavan (Berkeley).

Ruzena Bajcsy & Kristen Gates

recruitment and composition 2006
Recruitment and Composition 2006
  • Tuition fee $1,500
  • 20 Fellowships + travel expenses
  • 20 participants was selected from a nationwide applicant pool of young women and men who have demonstrated outstanding academic talent
  • 19 out of the 20 participants in 2006 were women
  • 13 graduate students (11 PhD + 2 MD), 4 Asst. Profs., 3 Assoc. Profs. 2 Af Am + 1 Hispanic Am.

Ruzena Bajcsy & Kristen Gates

wise 2007 at uc berkeley
WISE 2007 at UC Berkeley
  • WISE 2007 will follow the same format as 2006
  • One-week residential program on the Berkeley campus
  • 20 participants selected from a nationwide applicant pool
  • Tuition $1,500
  • 20 Fellowships + travel expenses
  • Speakers have cross-disciplinary emphasis: computer science, economics, law, policy and electrical engineering
  • Speakers: Terry Benzel (USC), Deborah Estrin (UCLA), Stephanie Forrest (U. of New Mexico), Jennifer Hou (U. of Illinois), Priya Narasimhan (CMU), Diana Smetters (PARC), Dawn Song (CMU), Yuan Xue (Vanderbilt), Deirdre Mulligan (UCB), Maryanne McCormick (UCB), Ruzena Bajcsy (UCB)

Ruzena Bajcsy & Kristen Gates

wise 2007 program schedule
WISE 2007 Program Schedule

Ruzena Bajcsy & Kristen Gates

summer program for smith undergraduate discovering sensor networking
Summer Program for Smith Undergraduate: Discovering Sensor Networking
  • Summer research experience for Smith College undergrads.
  • One-week residential program
  • 20 Fellowships
  • Use of TRUST learning materials
  • Learning Modules: Prominent researchers from universities in the northeast will give tutorials on telecommunications, networking, and the growing role of sensor technology in industry and national defense.
  • Discovery Module: Hands-on experiments with sensors and wireless sensor platforms.
  • Graduate Experience Module: Tour research laboratories on the Cornell campus, meet and talk with graduate students. Information session with the graduate admissions office of the Cornell College of Engineering.

Ruzena Bajcsy & Kristen Gates

workshops symposium communities
Workshops, Symposium, Communities…

TRUST workshops, symposium and learning communities cross a variety of subjects and domains but all a principal theme– security. The cross-disciplinary symposium Unblinking explored issued of security camera technology and policy issues through the lens of artist, engineers, lawyers and policy makers. TIPPI, in its 3rd year, is a community of academics and industry professionals seeking answers to the problems associated with information security and password protection. Information Assurance Capacity Symposium is a learning community of academics all alumni of the CMU Information Assurance Capacity Building Program.

Ruzena Bajcsy & Kristen Gates

el alliance 2007
EL Alliance (2007)
  • Increase retention of minority undergraduate students from freshmen year through the Ph.D. at tier one research Universities.
  • Program Leadeship: Richard Tapia of Rice University, Roscoe Giles of Boston University, Ruzena Bajcsy UC Berkeley and Cynthia Lanius of Drexel University.
  • Program kickoff meeting March 14-15, 2007

Empowering Leadership: Computing Scholars of Tomorrow Alliance (EL Alliance)

Ruzena Bajcsy & Kristen Gates

summer immersion and internship
Summer Immersion and Internship

Resulting from the Silicon Valley Industry-Academic group collaboration, the Summer Experience Colloquium and Research in Information Technology (SECuR-IT) is an innovative learning experience for graduate level (Masters and Ph.D.) students in computer security topics.

The program framework includes:

• Learning community of 20 students at San Jose State University

• Seminars in Computer Security at Stanford University

• Industry experience with Silicon Valley technology firms

-- Symantec, Xilinx, Visa, SUN, Cisco, Yahoo

Ruzena Bajcsy & Kristen Gates

concluding remarks
  • We have several very successful outreach programs to build on: SUPERB, BFOIT, SIPHER, HBCU/HSI capacity building program, WISE, EL Alliance …
  • We will increase their offerings and scope at the partner campuses.
  • More evangelizing and recruiting at national level meetings.
  • SJSU will reach into the Cal state and community college community

Ruzena Bajcsy & Kristen Gates