Fermilab summer internship programs
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Fermilab Summer Internship Programs*. Internship for Physics Majors (IPM)/Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI) http://ppd.fnal.gov/ipm/ 10 week program (June-August) Open to physics majors, US or foreign (IPM only)

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Fermilab summer internship programs
Fermilab Summer Internship Programs*

  • Internship for Physics Majors (IPM)/Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI)

    • http://ppd.fnal.gov/ipm/

    • 10 week program (June-August)

    • Open to physics majors, US or foreign (IPM only)

    • Contact person for project ideas: Erik Ramberg ([email protected])

  • Summer Internship in Science and Technology

    • http://sist.fnal.gov/

    • 12 week program (June-August)

    • Open to physics, engineering, and computer science majors

    • Contact person for project ideas: Jamieson Olsen ([email protected])

  • Lee Teng Internship (joint with Argonne)

    • http://www.illinoisacceleratorinstitute.org/

    • 10 week program (June-August), including 2 weeks at USPAS

    • Focused on accelerator science

    • Open to physics, engineering, or comp. sci majors completing Junior year

    • Foreign students OK if at US schools

    • Contact person for project ideas: Eric Prebys ([email protected])

*see http://interns.fnal.gov/

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Other internships
Other internships

  • Fermilab Internship in Physics of Accelerators and Related Technology for International Students (PARTI) 

    • AKA “The Russians” – aimed at students from former Soviet Union

    • Applications closed and mentors assigned.

    • In the future, contact Sasha Shemyakin or Sasha Valishev

  • “The Italians”: summer internships in both

    • Engineering (contact Emanuela Barzi)

    • Physics (contact Giorgio Bellettini)

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  • Interns are matched with a mentor/project prior to coming (or even prior to the offer being made).

  • Students are paid a stipend plus travel and lodging expenses.

  • Generally, some sort of report is expected at the end of the term (a paper and/or presentation).

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Mentor project guidelines
Mentor/project guidelines

  • Projects should be well-defined and have a realistic scope

    • Remember, these are undergrads!

    • Ideally, scope should be scalable, depending on the student.

  • In general, projects involving hardware tend to work out the best, although software projects can work out if they are well designed:

    • Bad to have students spend the summer “thinking about something” or simply running software.

  • Mentors must be willing to devote time to this:

    • Some students need more supervision than others. Assume the worst!

    • Be sure you have a backup if you will be traveling.

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Some improvements this year
Some improvements this year

  • Carol Angarola has streamlined process with HR for IPM and Lee Teng

    • Won’t need to apply twice any more

  • I plan to make arrangements with CD to streamline standard computer accounts (Kerberos principle and account on Fermi domain)

    • A common complaint last year

  • Plan to have a mentor orientation meeting some time before the summer.

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