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EEA Summer Programs 2012

EEA Summer Programs 2012. Summer At A Glance. Art Mural Camp You’re Hired Teen Tech Camp Concordia Language & Culture Camp Growing and Young Scholars Camp Staff Development Balanced Literacy, Welcome Back, Responsive Classroom. Summer Programming Goals.

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EEA Summer Programs 2012

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  1. EEA Summer Programs 2012 Educational Equity Alliance

  2. Summer At A Glance • Art Mural Camp • You’re Hired • Teen Tech Camp • Concordia Language & Culture Camp • Growing and Young Scholars Camp • Staff Development • Balanced Literacy, Welcome Back, Responsive Classroom Educational Equity Alliance

  3. Summer Programming Goals • All camp content varied greatly, but all designed to meet goal #5: • To Increase opportunities for cross cultural interactions and provide learning experiences with integrated student groups. Educational Equity Alliance

  4. Summer Program Audience • NSP-Maplewood-Oakdale and Mahtomedi Students and Staff • Approximately 275 students and 1,335 staff • Varied ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds • Students were pre-k to 12th grade Educational Equity Alliance

  5. Art Mural Camp Highlights • Led by Melodee Strong – MCAD professor and artist • 10 students • Students conceptualized a theme and design for mural to be painted by them • Theme was identity and diversity • Mural displayed at the Maplewood Library Educational Equity Alliance

  6. Art Mural Camp Educational Equity Alliance

  7. You‘re Hired Camp Highlights • Led by KareyJaszewski • 10 students • “The Apprentice” theme – job readiness • Students got real life advice and got to practice interview skills • Ended with business-attire fashion show Educational Equity Alliance

  8. You’re Hired Camp Educational Equity Alliance

  9. Teen Tech Camp Highlights • Led by Maplewood Library staff • 20 students • Students got hands-on experience with new technology • Web design, t-shirt printing, other materials Educational Equity Alliance

  10. Teen Tech Camp Educational Equity Alliance

  11. Concordia Camp Highlights • Large camp led by Sally Baas at Concordia • 200 students • Students were in clans of about 10 • Language and culture were celebrated through song, dance, crafts, and more • Students with language barriers thrived Educational Equity Alliance

  12. Concordia Camp Educational Equity Alliance

  13. Growing/Young Scholars Camp Highlights • Gifted and talented students identified in both districts to attend a summer day camp focused around engineering. • Mahtomedi’s ethnically diverse and economically disadvantaged students underrepresented in gifted and talented tracks – this offered opportunity for engaging those students. • Students knew and demonstrated the habits and mind of a scientist including curiosity, persistence, skepticism, and objectivity. • Through this rigorous curriculum, students participated in hands-on opportunities. Educational Equity Alliance

  14. Growing/Young Scholars Camp Highlights Educational Equity Alliance

  15. Balanced Literacy Highlights • 3 Balanced Literacy workshops • 2 Elementary • 1 Middle • 150 staff • At the District Education Center • Staff from both districts engaged and grappled with ideas for the classroom as well as creating inclusive learning environments for their students. Educational Equity Alliance

  16. Welcome Back Highlights • Annual Welcome Back event for 622 and 832 staff • Keynote speaker Tim Guskey • Assessments and interventions • 1,100 staff • At Woodland Hills Church in Maplewood • Equity work was highlighted Educational Equity Alliance

  17. Responsive Classroom • Offered August 15-17 • The goals • Know the ten teaching practices of Responsive Classroom and the seven principles of Responsive Classroom - Understand mindsets (growth and fixed) and impact on student learning and behavior • The 3 day workshop focused • Morning Meeting          • Creating Rules • Interactive Modeling • Teacher language • Responding to Misbehavior Educational Equity Alliance

  18. Feedback • Students and parents were thrilled to have these opportunities • Lack of cost and district-provided transportation removed many barriers to attendance • For staff, the unique learning structure of the workshops was beneficial, and having staff from both districts generated good discussions and learning. Educational Equity Alliance

  19. Thank you! • Teachers • Staff • Community Partners • STUDENTS! Educational Equity Alliance

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