Benefits of physical activity
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Benefits of Physical Activity. What is Fitness?. Fitness means being fit. What does it mean to be fit? Having energy for the whole day Being able to deal with stress Having self-confidence Maintaining healthy weight. Identify definitions of being fit:. Lazy teens need to be active teens

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Benefits of physical activity l.jpg

Benefits of Physical Activity

What is fitness l.jpg
What is Fitness?

Fitness means being fit.

What does it mean to be fit?

  • Having energy for the whole day

  • Being able to deal with stress

  • Having self-confidence

  • Maintaining healthy weight

Identify definitions of being fit l.jpg
Identify definitions of being fit:

  • Lazy teens

    • need to be active teens

  • Self-confidence

    • yes, you will succeed

  • Energy

    • means being fit

  • Overweight

    • needs to get fit

Physical benefits of exercise l.jpg
Physical Benefits of Exercise

  • Strong muscles

  • Strong coordination

  • Healthy heart and lungs

  • Healthy weight

Identify physical benefits l.jpg
Identify Physical Benefits:

  • Strong muscles

    • excellent physical benefit

  • Weak muscles

    • benefit of not exercising

  • Healthy heart

    • important physical benefit

  • Unhealthy lungs

    • benefit of not exercising

Mental benefits l.jpg
Mental benefits

  • Exercise makes you feel energetic

  • It relieves stress

  • It gives you self-confidence

Identify mental benefits l.jpg
Identify Mental Benefits:

  • It relieves stress

    • important mental benefit

  • It gives you self-confidence

    • important mental benefit

  • It gives you the feeling of tiredness

    • false mental benefit

Social benefits l.jpg
Social Benefits

  • Exercise allows you to meet new people

  • Friends encourage you

  • Friends motivate

Identify social benefits l.jpg
Identify Social Benefits:

  • Motivation

    • very helpful social benefit

  • New friends

    • exciting social benefit

  • “You can’t do it!”

    • negative and false social benefit

Develop muscle strength l.jpg
Develop Muscle Strength

Strength means being physically strong

To develop strength, you pull or push against force


- Lifting weights

Develop endurance l.jpg
Develop Endurance

Endurance means that your muscles can work for a long period of time without getting tired

To build endurance you must exercise several times a week for 30 minutes


  • Aerobic exercise

  • Running

Develop flexibility l.jpg
Develop Flexibility

Flexibility is the ability to move your joint through full range of motion

Stretching exercises will develop flexibility


- Yoga

Strength and endurance l.jpg
Strength and Endurance

What will lifting weights will improve?

- Muscle strength

What will swimming improve for your body?

- Muscle endurance

Flexibility feel and look good l.jpg
Flexibility – Feel and Look Good

What will yoga improve for your body?

  • Flexibility

    If you will exercise on the regular basis, how will you feel and look?

    -Feel energetic and look good