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nature in pre ov n.
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Nature in Prešov PowerPoint Presentation
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Nature in Prešov

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Nature in Prešov

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  1. Nature in Prešov Prešov has lot of beautiful places, where you can relax and sit under the trees. The best season for going out to the nature is summer or autumn. It´s hot and you can enjoy sitting on the ground. There are parks, hills, natural swimming pool and ordinary places, where it would be nice to spend some time. There are some beautiful places around the town too, like castles and so on.

  2. Garden of art Garden of art is pretty big area of grass:) It used to be castle trench in World War II., then it was swimming pool and now it´s garden which should serve for street art. There are some statues, fontain and interesting trees like Ginko. Actually, Ginkgo biloba is in this place since 20th century and there isn´t any other that much old in Prešov. This place is for everyone who wants to feel like in forest in the middle of the town. Sometimes there are some concerts (for example Days of Presov) or every year there is Bažant kinematograf, which is very popular for young people in town.

  3. Delňa This is natural swimming pool on the border of Prešov. In the past, it was very popular, people were enjoying the water and spiral chute. These days, swimming in the pool isn´t the best idea. People like Delňa because of it´s size (it´s fine for walks with dog) and it´s location. There are bufets, big area of nature and the enter is not that much expensive. You can play there volleyball, ping pong, or sit on lakefront and enjoy the sun. In winter this area is closed, usually it´s open from may to september/october. In summer there is Dobry festival, which is the biggest festival in the town.

  4. Town park Park is in the middle of Main street. Unfortunately the park is small, but it´s very beautiful with Neptun´s fontain. Park is a good place for enjoying ice-cream, but some people think, that it´s too public. Town has another park, but smaller, on Trojica. There are just a few trees, benches and statue. It´s a pitty, that Prešov has just two parks. On the square, there are just a few trees and too much concrete pavement. This town diserves more flowers, grass and trees!

  5. Panoramatic view from Kalvaria If you want to see whole Presov, you should go to Kalvaria. It´s a hill from where you can see the town and villages around. For pleasing walks you should go to the riverside of Torysa. It´s beautiful especially in autumn, when all the trees are red, brown, yellow and red. Torysa´s riverside

  6. Garden cinema This cinema is the only one in Presov. It was closed for few years, but it´s opened again now. Films usually start at 9pm, when it gets dark outside. Most fun you have when you´re watching horrors. People make there pretty good atmosfere. The positive thing about this cinema is that it´s cheap and all you need is rug and a good friend to have fun with.

  7. You have seen places in Presov, where you can feel even a little bit like in nature. Thank you for your attention. Katarína Žabecká, Mária Ščerbáková, 1.A