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Classroom Expectations

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Classroom Expectations. Math 1 Lab Miss Strong Room 404. “The formulation of the problem is often more essential than its solution, which may be merely a matter of mathematical or experimental skill.” ― Albert Einstein. Student Behaviors. Be prompt

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classroom expectations

Classroom Expectations

Math 1 Lab

Miss Strong

Room 404

“The formulation of the problem is often more essential than its solution, which may be merely a matter of mathematical or experimental skill.” ― Albert Einstein

student behaviors
Student Behaviors
  • Be prompt
    • Be ready to learn when you walk through the door.
    • Follow directions
  • Be prepared
    • Bring all materials with you to class
  • Be a polite and positive participant
    • Contribute your (relevant) thoughts and listen to others’ ideas as well; I want to hear what you have to say.
show respect
Show Respect
  • Value yourself— your thoughts and opinions count.
  • Treat all members of the school community and all visitors with politeness and respect.
  • Honor the ideas and opinions of others.
  • Offer to help.
  • We are working toward a common goal.
  • Quietly walk into the classroom.
  • Have materials ready.
  • Begin Warm-Up.
  • If it is an ALEKS day (Tuesdays and Fridays) meet in the computer lab (Room 522)
  • If the teacher is missing from the room, continue to follow this routine.
  • Each student will receive a number. This number will correspond to a calculator in the room. You may use this calculator during class or any time you need to come into the room to work. However, this calculator will never leave the room. If the calculator is damaged, vandalized or gone you will be help responsible and will be required to purchase a new one. If you ever notice anything wrong with your calculator, come tell me immediately so that you are not responsible for whatever is wrong.
  • If you use a calculator, you must place your ID card in its place. You may retrieve your ID card when you replace the calculator at the end of the class period.
policies guidelines
Policies & Guidelines
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the classroom except for water. (No water in computer lab)
  • Must be seated when the tardy bell rings.
  • Excused and Unexcused Tardys
    • Enter quietly, put note on my desk, and begin working.
    • As per SHS student handbook, after the 4th tardy you will be given detention.
  • Absences
    • You are responsible for keeping up with ALEKS. If you are absent, you must either come in to finish your ALEKS for the week or finish it at home.
policies guidelines1
Policies & Guidelines
  • Follow all procedures and policies as outlined in the SHS handbook.
  • Do not disturb other students.
  • Make sure to take hall pass with you whenever you leave the room.
  • Limited bathroom breaks.
    • If you abuse bathroom breaks you will no longer be able to have them.
  • Our Grading Scale
    • Pass (P) –70% to 100%
    • Fail (F)—69% and below
  • Grades are based on:
    • Class participation 50%
    • ALEKS 50%
  • Grades are posted online and updated weekly.
paper heading
Paper Heading


Math 1 Lab Period #


  • Rubric!
  • You will each get a login and password for your account which you can access at home.
  • ALEKS work must be done by Sunday night @ 10 pm. Any work done after that will not be counted towards that weeks points.
  • Possible 20 points each week for ALEKS

Acceleration and Remediation Days

  • Weekly Participation points will be given every day for student work.
  • Reasons for not getting full participation points: unexcused tardy or absence, distracting other students, not making good use of class time.
  • Possible 25 points each week for Participation.
  • The teacher dismisses you, not the bell.
  • Please do not start packing your things before the bell rings.
  • If in the computer lab, computers must be properly logged off and chairs pushed in.
  • I will dismiss you when I have finished my lesson and the room is in the same state as it was when you arrived (i.e. calculators are returned, floor is picked up, etc.)