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Technology that I used at my student teaching placements.

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Summative Presentation Lydia Meaden

    2. Oak Creek East Middle School Placement • I taught 6th grade math and accelerated math here. • The technology that I used was very minimal. I used technology including: • Overhead Projector • PowerPoint • Interactive Game Links • Minimal Calculator use!

    3. Overhead Projector • The students recorded their notes based on what I wrote on the projector. • It was very simple and not many notes that they had to take. • I actually would give them the information and then have them do problems or examples on the board

    4. PowerPoint • On review days I actually did a jeopardy game on PowerPoint with the students. • It was fun and interactive for the students and they were in their groups discussing with each other.

    5. Interactive Game Links • Since we did not have a Smartboard in the classroom, I used links to connect to interactive games • It would have been more fun for the students if it was on the Smartboard but instead the students solved the problems in their group and I called for their answers. • It was a good transition from a lecture.

    6. Concordia Tomball High School placement • At Concordia I was able to so a good amount of technology daily including: • Calculators • Elmo (dock cam) • Sketchpad

    7. Calculators • The students used calculators daily in all of my math classes. It was good for them to be able to use such a good tool for graphing and quick calculations. • There is a new calculator called the Inspiron Calculator. I, myself, had to learn this new tool in order to help my students understand what to do if they had it.

    8. Elmo (Dock Cam) • The Elmo was used regularly in my geometry and math models class. • It is good so that the students are all taking the same notes and is clearly projected for them. • However, the benefit of the elmo depends on the classroom layout and sometimes makes you less moble.

    9. Geometry: Activity on Sketchpad

    10. Sketchpad Labs • For 2 classes period, I took the students into the computer lab to do introductory lessons on geometry sketchpad. • Before they started the labs, the actually completed a scavenger hunt in order to get to know the different tools. • The students were paired with a partner for the labs shown.

    11. Scavenger Hunt

    12. Create images/Explore

    13. Create Triangle & Measure Angles

    14. Labs • In Lab 1 the students were to create different polygons in order to determine the formula for the sum of the interior angles. • In Lab 2 the students were given a chart to fill in using Pythagorean theorem, sine, cosine, tangent while creating triangles on sketchpad with different side lengths and angles to find.

    15. Lab 1

    16. Create Triangle

    17. Created Polygons

    18. Connection with Lab

    19. Lab 2

    20. Connection with Lab

    21. Apply Pythagorean & Total Angle Measurements

    22. Apply Sine, Cosine, Tangent

    23. Apply Inverse Sine, Cosine, Tangent

    24. Sketchpad Results • This sketchpad activities were helpful to visual learners. • There was great interaction amongst classmates. • The introduction to the lesson was exploration based for the students.

    25. Technology in Classrooms • I believe that technology can be very beneficial in classrooms. • I know that the school that I will be working at will have a Smartboard for each classroom and I plan to take fun advantage of that. • The students will enjoy interacting with the lessons and each other! • I also will have calculators used to a minimum in my classroom because I want my students to have a strong foundation in skills.