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BioTech Partners. Franklin County Schools. Vance Granville Community College. BioTech Partners. Advancing the Agricultural and Natural Resources Career Pathway. Mission.

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biotech partners

BioTech Partners

Franklin County Schools

Vance Granville Community College

biotech partners2
  • Advancing the Agricultural

and Natural Resources

Career Pathway



To invigorate and supplement the Agricultural and Natural Resources Career pathways at the secondary (Franklinton High School) and post-secondary (VGCC) levels.

Bioprocess Manufacturing Course (BPM 110)

Five (5) College Credits toward an Associate of Applied Science Degree

Job placement opportunities at Novozymes North America, Inc.

  • Expansion of Introduction to Biotechnology course at each of the high schools
  • Biotechnology Forum for community leaders, parents, media, and
  • Provided a Biotechnology Summer Institute for Math, Science,CTE teachers and Counselors
  • Upgraded Equipment in Biotechnology Lab
  • Conducted Biotechnology Expos for rising freshmen
future endeavors
Future Endeavors…
  • consideration for 2008 Global Partner Schools Program
  • Fall of 2008 Study/Planning Program…Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Center for International Understanding
  • Assisted with the New Agriculture Building Open House with State Agriculture Commissioner, Steve Troxler
  • Hosted a Biotechnology Forum
  • Increased student enrollment in Biotechnology Agriculture Research courses
  • Franklinton High School (FHS) Spring Showcase highlighting Biotechnology program
  • Summer Biotechnology Camp for students
  • FHS graduate received job placement with Novozymes as a Process Technician upon completion of BPM 110 course
introduction to biotechnology biotech agriscience research i ii



Introduction to Biotechnology

Biotech Agriscience Research I & II

products careers breeding gene transfer plant tissue culture


In Plants




Gene Transfer Plant

Tissue culture

reproduction cloning medicine


In Animals






In The Environment

  • Using Biotech To Improve The Environment
  • Cleaning Up The Environment
  • Detecting Pollutants

Careers In Biotechnology

  • Bioprocessing Industry
  • Food industry
  • Oil industry
  • Human genome project
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Forensic science
  • Agriculture Science
  • Anthropology
  • NASA





biotechnology agriculture connection
Biotechnology / Agriculture Connection
  • NC #2 in Biotech Ag Research
  • Novozymes NA, Franklinton NC
    • enzyme assist more efficient alternative fuel source
    • expansion Biofuels Research & Production
    • recent visit from the President of the United States
the community college connection

The Community College Connection

Vance-Granville Community College

the grant
The Grant…
  • Innovation Demonstration Grant
  • NCDPI (NC Department of Public Instruction) partnership w/ NC Community College System
grant activity benefits
Grant Activity & Benefits…
  • Expanded Pilot Introduction to Biotechnology to local High Schools
  • Summer Institute teachers & counselors
  • Upgraded Equipment in lab
  • Biotech Expo for rising Freshmen
the community college connection41
The Community College Connection
  • NCCCS forefront of training & education in Biotechnology
  • NCCCS BioNetwork
    • Statewide initiative that connects community colleges
  • Courses like BioWork
    • Entry-level training course for biotech field
challenge for nc community college system
Challenge for NC Community College System…
  • Workforce Needs of the Life Science / Biotech Industry
    • 6,000+ Employees with Less than a BS Degree Needed in Next 3 Years
    • NC Biotech Industry Growing 10-15% per Year
    • 125,000 Workers Needed by 2025
nc community college system meeting the challenge
NC Community College System……meeting the challenge

“Access to a skilled and well-trained workforce is the number one factor that companies use in location selection”

Study by Deloitte & Touche Fantus, Published in the Wall Street Journal

“North Carolina’s ‘ace’ was its ability to provide an instantaneous workforce”

Joerg Reinhardt, CEO Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics

meeting the challenge
Meeting the Challenge…

NC BioForce Partners

  • BioNetwork
    • NC Community College System
  • Biomanufacturing Research Institute and Technology Enterprise
    • North Carolina Central University
  • Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center
    • North Carolina State University
  • University of North Carolina System
meeting the challenge45
Meeting the Challenge…

Industry Partners

  • North Carolina Biosciences Organization
  • Biotech Manufacturers Forum
  • Industrial Curriculum Committee

North Carolina Biotechnology Center

Coordinating Council Make-up

  • Academic institutions
  • Industry
  • Golden LEAF Foundation
  • NCBC
brite mission
BRITE Mission

Provide research and training for undergraduates and graduate students in areas critical to biotechnology and biomanufacturing.

btec mission
BTEC Mission
  • Provide a unique, pilot-scale, industry-informed, GMP environment critical to developing a workforce proficient in the skills needed in the biomanufacturing industry.
bio network mission
BioNetwork Mission
  • Connect Community Colleges across North Carolina
  • Provide specialized training, curriculum and equipment
  • Develop world-class workforce for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and life science industries

Capstone Center

  • Cleanroom/Aseptic Suite
  • Students, Incumbent Workers, and Faculty
  • Equipment and Facilities too Expensive to Replicate Locally
  • Centers
  • Bioprocessing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • BioAg
  • BioEd
  • BioBusiness
  • Mobile Biotechnology Laboratory
  • Outfitted with Faculty and Specialized Equipment
  • Incumbent Worker Training
  • Lab Courses in Remote Areas
  • Sent to Company Sites
  • BioNetwork Management Team
  • Provides Leadership, Expertise and Coordination Across Program Boundaries
  • Coordination for External Partners


  • Validation Academy
  • ISPE
  • Sample Courses (3 of 17)
    • Validation Documentation
    • Process Validation
    • Auditing for GMP
  • Grant Program
  • Updating or New Curricula
  • Faculty Development
  • Purchase of New Laboratory Equipment
  • Purchase of Related Laboratory Supplies







BioNetworkis more than just our Centers.

It is all the facilities and trainers across the state.


BioNetwork Mobile Laboratory

2006: 25 Trained 2007: 240+ Trained

  • …is Biotechnology
biotechnology is
Biotechnology is…
  • Chemical Manufacturing
    • Non-living raw materials: product
    • Revlon
  • Pharmaceutical Mfg.
    • Living & Non-living raw materials
    • Glaxo, Wyeth
  • Bioprocess Manufacturing
    • Living raw materials: product
    • Novozymes
  • …the big demand for a highly trained (biotech based) workforce in NC?
  • …is Biotechnology important to NC’s economy?
  • …do we need to prepare our students as early as possible?
biotechnology in north carolina
Biotechnology in North Carolina:
  • NC #1 in Contract Research
  • NC #2 in Agriculture Biotechnology Research
  • NC #3 in Top 12 Metro Areas with Biotechnology
  • NC #4 in Pharmaceutical Mfg.
biotechnology in north carolina56
Biotechnology in North Carolina:
  • 1st in Current Impact

Field of Biotechnology

secondary post secondary education
Secondary & Post Secondary Education:
  • Introduction to Biotechnology
  • Biotech / Agriscience Research I & II
  • BPM 110
    • Bioprocess Manufacturing 110
vgcc connection
VGCC Connection…
  • Huskins Enrollment
  • BPM 110:
    • Bioprocess Mfg 110
    • Study of all aspects of industrial manufacturing for biotechnology.
    • Covers cGMP, validation, regulation, & compliance.
    • In depth look at various biotech occupations.
Success ?
  • Graduating Senior 2007
    • applied & excelled in testing
    • BPM 110 covered material
    • hired and working soon after graduation date
information sources
Information Sources:
  • NCCCS BioNetwork
  • NC Biotechnology Center
  • Bt Catalyst
    • News from the NC Biotech Center