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Reconstruction Amendments.. PowerPoint Presentation
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Reconstruction Amendments..

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Reconstruction Amendments.. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reconstruction Amendments..

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This time period after the Civil War in American History is called ______________________________1865-1877Defined as the period when __________________________________________________________________________________________. Started by Lincoln but he was assassinated April 14, 1865, his VP Andrew Johnson would take over

reconstruction amendments
Reconstruction Amendments..
  • 13th: ______________________________________
  • 14th: overruled Dred v. Scott (1857) which had stated black people could not be citizens. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • 15th: ______________________________________________________________________________________
major questions following the war
Major Questions following the war:
  • How to re-build the South?
  • How to bring Southern states back into the United States?
  • How to bring former slaves into the United States as free men and women?
southern cities like richmond were ruined
Southern Cities like Richmond were ruined

40% of livestock were killed

50% of farm machinery was destroyed

Should the Southern Confederate states be punished for starting the war?What would African American life be like now in the South? (4 million African Americans were now freedmen but had no money or education)
the presidential plan
The Presidential Plan
  • _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • This allowed any past Confederate (Southern) males to hold office and …
black codes
Black Codes

Local sheriffs used Black Codes as an excuse to show white superiority.

  • ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Forced freedmen to work plantations for little money.
white reaction in the south
White reaction in the South
  • _______________________________________________________________________________________________
  • One group formed in 1866 was the ______________________________________. The KKK terrorized African Americans and whites who supported equality.
government reaction
Government reaction
  • Many Northerners and Radical Republicans in Congress wanted to pass laws to make sure all people had equality.
  • So they passed the _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • BUT…
president andrew johnson it
Congress fought back passing the 14th Amendment giving all Americans equal protection under the law. Then 2 years later the 15th Amendment gave ________________________________________________________________.President Andrew Johnson ___________ it.
meanwhile in the south

Meanwhile in the South…

Supporters of African American rights were labeled as Scalawags or scoundrels

northerners moved to the south
Northerners moved to the South

People from the North moved to the South to join the Scalawags. They were called ___________________________and they wanted to rebuild the South, change State Governments, create schools, and end the law that required you to own property to vote and hold office.

  • It became illegal in the South for railroads, hotels, and any public facilities to ____________________________________________________________
  • All Black Codes were thrown out.
  • But…Still had ___________________
the fight for land
The fight for land…
  • Owning land was a symbol of freedom to freedmen in the rural South.
  • But, landowners would not sell to African Americans since ____________________________________________________________
  • Many became ______________________________

instead of working for money farmers worked for a share in the landowners’ crop.

  • Freedmen and southern farmers were very poor.
violence in the south
Violence in the South
  • ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Only a small number of whites participated with them, but others showed support or just turned away.
should the us army step in wasn t the civil war over
Should the US Army step in?Wasn’t the Civil War over?
  • State Governments tried to stop the violence by sending in troops.
the tide turns against reconstruction
The tide turns against Reconstruction

When the Supreme Court rules in the Slaughterhouse cases that


The troops left the South with no protection.

reconstruction ended exit slip

Reconstruction ended (Exit slip)

What is one good thing and bad thing that this time period left behind?