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100% Attendance Submittal PowerPoint Presentation
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100% Attendance Submittal

100% Attendance Submittal

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100% Attendance Submittal

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  1. 100% Attendance Submittal Valerie Corcoran Pupil Services and Attendance Coordinator ISIC Principal Operations Meeting February 27, 2014

  2. Educational Service CentersAttendance Submittal and Attendance Rates January 2013 Monthly Data through January 31, 2013

  3. Training Goals • Increase accurate attendance submittal • Provide staff Development on contractual responsibilities • Provide tools to assist Administrators monitor and respond to teachers with a poor record of accurate attendance submittal

  4. Submitting Attendance • Have “sub folders” in the office and each classroom for substitute teachers or when ISIS is down: • Five Column Class Worksheets/Rosters • Student Class Schedules • Campus Map with Emergency Exits • Bell Schedule • Attendance taking instructions for Subs • Have a plan to ensure all teachers enter their attendance in a timely manner

  5. Consequences of Not Submitting Accurate Attendance • Unable to identify no-shows • Unable to confirm actual enrollment numbers • Unable to identify students with attendance problems • Audits • Misrepresentation of ADA • District can be fined and must repay state falsely claimed ADA • Unable to account for students • Liability • Parent Inquiries • During emergencies • Unable to SARB or prosecute truants with faulty records

  6. Best Attendance Taking Practices • Staff takes attendance 15 minutes after beginning of period • If used, paper rosters must be filed in office in case of audit • A designated staff member runs the Attendance Not Submitted Report 30 minutes into each period or twice per day minimum • Administrator holds teachers accountable for entering attendance by 5:00 p.m. • Administrator ensures Teacher Discrepancy Memos provided daily

  7. Where to Find ANS Info & Help • Attendance Not Submitted (ANS) Reports • Login to ISIS → Reports → Attendance General • Teacher Discrepancy Memos Login to ISIS → Reports → Attendance Daily Use • Provide memos to teachers • Teachers note changes, sign and return to office • Office staff updates student attendance in ISIS and files memos for audit purposes • Submitting attendance after deadline • ISIS Homepage → FAQ’s → Attendance and Enrollment → “LAUSDMAX Attendance Parameter Change Request” Form


  9. Laws Related to Attendance Taking and Record Keeping

  10. E.C. 44809 Teacher Responsibility • There shall be recorded in each state school register the absence and attendance of each pupil enrolled in the classes taught by the teacher keeping the register or on whose behalf the register is kept and any additional information required by the State Department of Education.

  11. Recording of Attendance

  12. EC 46000 General Provisions • Attendance in all schools and classes shall be recorded and kept according to regulations prescribed by the State Board of Education, subject to the provisions of this chapter (Stats. 1976, Ch. 1010)

  13. C.C.R. Title 5 Section 15110 Reports by School Districts • The governing board of each applicable school district shall report information in accordance with instructions provided on forms furnished and prescribed by the Superintendent of Public Instruction for making the following determinations

  14. Reports List • Such reports shall be filed with, and at the same time as, average daily attendance reports are required to be filed under the provisions of Education Code Section 41601 for the “second period” report for the Second Principal Apportionment. (Reg. 77, No. 39)

  15. E.C. 44030 Failure to Make Reports • Any principal, teacher, employee, or school officer of any elementary or secondary school who refuses or willfully neglects to make such reports as are required by law is guilty of a misdemeanor and is punishable by a fine of not more than on hundred dollars ($100). (Stats. 1976, Ch. 1010., 1)

  16. California Commission on Teacher Credentialing • Standards of Quality and Effectiveness for Prefessional Teacher Preparation Programs • Standard 9b • Each candidate uses computer applications to manage records (e.g. grade book, attendance and assessment records and to communicate through printed media..) • Standard 16.2 • Develop and maintain student competency and records

  17. Secondary Teacher Responsibility • California ED Code requires that secondary teachers verify the weekly attendance of each class at the end of the week • TSO- Teacher Sign Off Report • SIS- CL17 • ISIS- Teacher Sign Off • 5 column class worksheet for all periods

  18. UTLA Contract • Article IX- Hours, Duties and Work Year • f. 4.0- Other Professional Duties • “Each employee is responsible not only for classroom duties…for which properly credentialed, but also for all related professional duties. Such professional duties include…communicating and conferring with pupils, parents, staff and administrators; maintaining appropriate records…”

  19. ISIS

  20. ISIS DOCUMENTATION • As per the ISIS Phase 1 Attendance Procedures Handbook, ISIS Attendance Responsibility Summary Chart it is the Responsibility of the Teacher/ Substitute Teacher • Complete Teacher Discrepancy Memo and return to the Attendance Office • Electronically report attendance during first 15 minutes of every period • When necessary report attendance on paper rosters submit to Attendance Office each period • Verify period-by-period attendance submission • Verify, sign, date and return Teacher’s Sign-Off Report to Attendance Office (Mondays and end of term)

  21. BUL-1292 Attendance Procedures for Elementary and Secondary Schools

  22. Background • Senate Bill (SB) 727 enacted July 1, 1998 reimburses public schools for actual in-seat student attendance. The legislation also omits “apportionment absences,” (regardless of the reason for the absence) as a means of calculating attendance for reimbursement. State law provides that students who attend school during any part of the school day may generate state revenues, so long as they are not marked absent for the entire school day. p. 2 • Period-By-Period Attendance Accounting: On July 13, 2004 the LAUSD School Board authorized the Superintendent to restructure the manner in which student attendance is reported and to implement a system of period-by-period reporting at secondary schools. The period-by-period reporting is intended to improve accountability for each individuals student’s attendance, as well as to ensure the accuracy of the District’s actual attendance numbers.

  23. School Organization • The school principal shall meet annually with attendance staff and other related personnel to develop, review and implement school-wide attendance practices consistent with the policies set forth in this bulletin and with Student Attendance Policy Bulletin No. 1287, October 26, 2004. • The principal is responsible for the registration, enrollment and attendance of all students at all schools under his or her supervision. • Every school shall have a formal, written, proactive attendance plan for the improvement of student and staff attendance.

  24. Additional Guidance & AssistanceHandouts • Template for Conference Memo, including: • Evidence • Guidance and assistance • Attachments: • UTLA Contract page 32 • ISIS Phase I Attendance Procedures Handbook • Section 1.1 for Elementary or Secondary • ISIS Teacher Portal Quick Guide • Taking Attendance for Elementary or Secondary

  25. For Additional Assistance: Contact: • Valerie Corcoran, ISIC PSA Coordinator • Employee Performance Accountability • Robert Cuen, General Counsel

  26. Congratulations are in Order !!1st Semester Awards 100% Attendance Submittal

  27. Congratulations are in Order !!1st Semester Awards Best Student Attendance at 96% **Must have 96% or higher attendance submittal** Elementary Balboa G/HA Magnet 88.3 % Middle Stevenson 80.0% Senior High Chavez Social Justice Humanitas 79.3%

  28. Congratulations are in Order !!1st Semester Awards Most Improved Student Attendance at 96% **Must have 96% or higher attendance submittal** Elementary Hillcrest + 5.0% Middle Harte Prep + 5.8% Senior High Crenshaw STEMM + 21.3 %

  29. For all that you do for your kids…