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Teens & Technology PowerPoint Presentation
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Teens & Technology

Teens & Technology

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Teens & Technology

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  1. Teens & Technology

  2. Why? Get a different set of teens into the library – not the serious reader. Have fun. Increase teen ownership of the library.

  3. When? March is Teen Tech Week Part of summer reading? Drop in program during vacations? Led by a teen advisory board during a meeting? Find an outside expert to come in at their convenience.

  4. Types of Tech. Filmmaking Podcasts Robotics On-line gaming(laptops) Gaming (Wii/Xbox/Playstation) Skype Digital Photography

  5. No Money? There are many granting organizations and lists of grants online. Local stores may sponsor or provide equipment. Do you have Friends? Use what’s available in your library. Have kids (or staff) bring in their own stuff.

  6. Filmmaking What do you need: No equipment – just host the festival OR Video Camera – Flip from $150 up Editing software OR Digitize photographs in sequence OR PowerPoint slideshow with music and effects How: Get a book like “Digital Filmmaking for Teens” by Pete Shaner for step by step directions.

  7. Filmmaking Who’s doing it: Kalamazoo Public Library Judges Choice winner at the 2009 Teen Filmmaker Festival Salinas Public Library

  8. Filmmaking Pima County Public Library book trailers

  9. Skype What do you need: Computer with a video camera and microphone and a high speed internet connection How:

  10. Skype Who’s doing it: Skype an Author What else are they doing: Teen book club groups talking to each other

  11. Podcasting What do you need: PC microphone Recording/editing Software Computer How: Teens Podcasting @ your library

  12. Podcasting Who’s doing it: Seattle Public Library Cheshire Public Library

  13. Robotics What do you need: varies – Lego kits, Vex Robotics, FIRST kits Have an outside expert come in – Robotics Clubs through schools How: Find a book or an expert. Some books include “Definitive Guide to Lego Mindstorms”, “Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Building Robots” and many more.

  14. Robotics Who’s doing it: Ridgefield Community Library USFIRST ----- Paper Robot hand

  15. On-line Gaming(Laptops) What do you need: Laptops and wireless connection How: Set them up in a separate room and let them go. Who’s doing it: Portsmouth

  16. Gaming (Wii, Xbox, Playstation) What do you need: Gaming console, games, controllers How: Most seem to be doing tournaments

  17. Gaming (Wii, Xbox, Playstation) Who’s doing it: Greenville East Smithfield Newport

  18. Digital Photography What do you need: Camera Computer Printer

  19. Digital Photography How: This library had a multi-day program. The teens were taught photography tips then brought outside to take pictures and inside to upload the pictures on day one. On the next day they made a photo album. They continued to add to the album during the week, including taking pictures of families during story times and printing the pictures for the families Who’s doing it: La Puente Library, CA

  20. Other Library Programs Tulsa Library upcoming programs: Create webcomics using Book Trailers Orange County Library System Camp Savvy – summer computer classes – everything from Word to Digital Photo Editing

  21. Other Library Programs Memphis Public Library and the local chapter of the Society for Information Management: Teen Tech Camp – teens get to see how technology is used in industry Minneapolis Public Library with the Learning Technologies Center at the Science Museum of Minnesota: Game design using

  22. Other Library Programs McKinley Technology High School uses: - trial avail. - trial avail.

  23. Other Library Programs Broward County Library Systems uses: Youth Digital Arts CyberSchool

  24. Other ideas?

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