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second life powerpoint

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second life powerpoint

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Albert Rodriguez(7)  Geography. The student understands the concept of regions. The student is expected to:(A)  describe a variety of regions in Texas and the United States such as political, population, and economic regions that result from patterns of human activity;(B)  identify, locate, and compare the geographic regions of Texas (Mountains and Basins, Great Plains, North Central Plains, Coastal Plains), including their landforms, climate, and vegetation; and(C)  compare the geographic regions of Texas (Mountains and Basins, Great Plains, North Central Plains, Coastal Plains) with regions of the United States and other parts of the world This is a copy of fourth grade TEKS in Social Studies specifically on Geography for fourth graders. This second life tour will be done after having gone over Texas regions (Coastal Plains) and having students explain their previous experiences with coastal regions, if any, and compare them to the Second-life tour. What differences do you see between this previously viewed regions and this one. What assumptions can you make about the weather patterns in this region?