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Second Life

Second Life

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Second Life

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  1. Second Life Scott Page Brad Gesek Brian Moore Jay Chakraborty Amar Patel

  2. Second Life

  3. A Look at Second Life

  4. Overview • Exciting New Virtual World with possibilities limited only by imagination • Many companies have embraced Second life * • IBM, Xerox, US Army, Kraft, Pfizer • Avatar – Your digital persona in 3D • On registration, one free Avatar can be chosen. Avatar’s/Goods can also be purchased using Linden Dollars, unit of trade. It can be also be exchanged using real currency.

  5. Overview • Avatars can be customized by shopping for cloths, hair cut etc. • Browse thousands of items available on Second life web market place • Everything in Second Life is resident created

  6. Overview • Companies are: • Conducting meetings in Second Life* • Demonstrating new technology • Recruiting new talent • Employees can participate via Instant messenger or live chat • This is a creative new strategy to save money in this current economic state. *

  7. Drawbacks of Conducting Business on Second Life: • Security • Protecting corporate information • Conducting private meetings • Can be difficult to conduct orderly discussions* • Profitability • Dell was one of the first computer companies to establish a presence in the Second Life domain. • Users were able to build PCs, however the firm discontinued the site as they were not seeing the benefits from their island. Arianne Cohen.  (2008, October). THE SECOND LIFE OF SECOND LIFE. Fast Company,(129), 58,60.  Retrieved March 14, 2009, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 1584206791). *

  8. Marketing / Advertising via websites, television, radio, billboards, surveys, focus groups, etc. In fact, the future may entail using your avatar to try on clothes, view them in a mirror, and then purchase the items. Education / Training in the classroom environment. Customer Service utilizing the telephone or email. Meetings in the workplace can now be held in Second Life with participants throughout the world. Kansas State University; K-State marketing professor says online shopping will look something like Second Life in the future.(2009,March). Marketing Weekly News,105. Retrieved March 14, 2009, from ABI/INFORM Globaldatabase. (Document ID:1659733121). Technology Second Life Has Replaced

  9. Business and Second Life Businesses the world over are establishing footholds in Second Life to ensure that they remain on the cutting edge of technology.

  10. Television News • Sky News (sister network of Fox News) in the U.K. is the first news channel to establish a presence in Second Life. • Provides a 24 hour news stream with interactive capabilities. Sky plans first TV news offer in Second Life.(2007,June). Revolution,15. Retrieved March 14, 2009, from ABI/INFORM Globaldatabase. (Document ID:1292608761).

  11. Musical Instrument Manufacturers Gibson Musical Instruments Allows firm to display products in a fun, creative way while at the same generating publicity about the brand by being the first major instrument maker to start their own Second Life island. Stuart Bell. (2008,September). Digital choice: Gibson.Marketing,10. Retrieved March 14, 2009, from ABI/INFORM Globaldatabase. (Document ID:1573801621).

  12. Sports • IBM created a virtual representation of the Australian Open online where spectators could act as the actual competitor giving them a unique perspective. • Helps promote the game and increase merchandising both virtual and real. • The NBA is also establishing a presence on Second Life. Robyn de Burgh. (2008,September). Second Life and the Australian Open.The Licensing Journal,28(8),16-19. Retrieved March 14, 2009, from ABI/INFORM Globaldatabase. (Document ID:1566878401).

  13. Restaurant Industry All of the time spent in Second Life makes gamers hungry! You can now order real pizzas to be sent to your door from the virtual world. Dominos Pizza and Pizza Hut have Second Life shops available to serve you. Yet another way for real world proprietors to profit from the virtual world. Gareth Jones. (2008,February). Domino's puts quick service first.Revolution,50-51. Retrieved March 14, 2009, from ABI/INFORM Globaldatabase. (Document ID:1436744391).

  14. Automobile Manufacturers • Toyota used Second Life to promote its Scion brand. • The firm sold virtual Scions for 300 Lindon dollars ($1) to the inhabitants of Second Life. James Ransom-Wiley. (2007, February). Toyota selling new Scions for $1 in Second Life. Joystiq. Retrieved March 15, 2009.

  15. Real Estate Approximately $200 million in real money is channeled through Second Life each month. In some cases it’s possible for one to earn a real living in a virtual world. In Second Life real estate has become the occupation of choice as avatars can purchase land on which they may build homes for themselves. Jordan Timm. (2007,September). When your virtual bank fails for real.Maclean's,120(34),47. Retrieved March 14, 2009, from ABI/INFORM Globaldatabase. (Document ID:1334466701).

  16. Education in Second Life Many schools have created islands or have taught classes in Second Life. San Jose State and Harvard University have taught classes. Princeton University has their own island which houses their lecture hall, art museum, and performance venue. Students have the ability to interact with all types of people from around the world. Lucia Graves. (2008,January). A Second Life for Higher Ed:A virtual world offers new opportunities for teaching.U.S. News & World Report,144(2),49. Retrieved March 14, 2009, from ABI/INFORM Globaldatabase. (Document ID:1411211461).

  17. Training in Second Life • Idaho State University recently created islands where health care workers are able to practice their response to disaster events related to terrorism. • Situations include smoke in the area (where it will be difficult to see others) or if you are too far away you’ll need to shout to communicate. • You are also able to tailor the scenarios to whatever you deem necessary. Peter Kenter. (2008,April). Training to make it real: What's on Second (Life)?OH & S Canada,24(3),17-18. Retrieved March 14, 2009, from ABI/INFORM Globaldatabase. (Document ID:1502449651).

  18. Customer Service in Second Life is using Second Life to run their “virtual greenhouse.” Here employees log in to interact with Second Life inhabitants to learn about the types of new products they may wish to introduce. By Robert D. Hof. (2007,August). THE END OF WORK AS YOU KNOW IT:Increasing connectivity will change how and where we labor--even the very notion of an employer.Business Week,(4047),80. Retrieved March 14, 2009, from ABI/INFORM Globaldatabase. (Document ID:1320883061).

  19. The Changing Workplace as a Result of Second Life • IBM employees are regularly conducting meetings and business in Second Life. • IBM has created a “dress code” for its avatars requesting that their employees “…be sensitive to the appropriateness of your avatar or persona’s appearance when you are meeting with IBM clients.” • Many believe that there are many opportunities available for large corporations to sell products and services. David Kirkpatrick. (2007,February). It's Not a Game.Fortune,155(2),56-62. Retrieved March 14, 2009, from ABI/INFORM Globaldatabase. (Document ID:1199922551). By AiliMcConnon Edited by Deborah Stead. (2007,August). AND NOW, A VIRTUAL DRESS CODE.Business Week,(4046),10. Retrieved March 14, 2009, from ABI/INFORM Globaldatabase. (Document ID:1317348971).

  20. Current Product Information

  21. Major Vendors • Theatre • SL Shakespeare • Full-length Shakespearean plays • Presented live on Second Life • Music • Live music • Open-Mic Nights at bars • Art • SL Art • Vendors supporting the Victoria Bushfire • Vendors

  22. Other Vendors • Gaming (become a vampire) • Is an interactive system and game based in the Second Life Universe • Game includes: blood storage container, spikes, protective amulets and more • SL Bloodlines • Live Sports • Tennis Matches • Arena Bowls • Baseball • Learn a Foreign Language • Learn Spanish on Second Life • Weekly Classes

  23. Linden Dollars • Minimum Exchange is $2.50 • $2.50 = L$657.00 • Lindex Exchange • Can buy or sell L$ for real currency

  24. Pricing • Consists of several membership plans • Differences between basic and premium • Basic • Basic account is free of charge • Basic accounts do not receive land with activation • Free clothing is attainable in shops around Second Life • Additional Basic Plan • Has a one time fee of $9.99 • Premium • $6.00 per month • Premium customer support • Larger signup bonus • Receive a weekly stipend of L$300.00

  25. Costs of Conducting Business in Second Life • Start-up • FREE!!! • 1st basic Account is free. • Additional accounts are a $9.99 one time charge. • Costs within Second Life • Linden Dollars (Second Life Currency) • Land • Transaction Fees • Taxes • IT Support

  26. Benefits of Second Life • Exposure • Global reach and accessibility • Open Source Software • Introduction of new products and services • Inexpensive prototyping and customer focus groups • Training and Recruiting

  27. Additional Benefits • E-commerce • Staff Collaboration • Seminars • Info Sharing sessions • Public Relations • Global Meetings • Networking Opportunities

  28. Business Opportunities in Second Life A few in-world business occupations in which Residents of Second Life founded and currently run, and make part or all of their real life living from: Party and wedding planner Pet manufacturer Tattooist Nightclub owner Automotive manufacturer Fashion designer Aerospace engineer Custom avatar designer Jewelry maker Architect XML coder Freelance scripter Game developer Fine artist Tour guide Dancer Musician • Custom animation creator • Theme park developer • Real estate speculator • Vacation resort owner • Advertiser • Bodyguard • Magazine • Publisher • Private detective • Writer • Gamer • Landscaper • Publicist • Special effects designer • Gunsmith • Hug maker

  29. Product Comparison/Competitors • Teen Second Life • Official Site • Multiverse • Official Site • Entropia Universe • Official Site • There • Official Site • IMVU • Official Site • Active Worlds • Official Site • Kaneva • Official Site • Red Light Center • Official Site***Nudity***

  30. Final Recommendation As a group we recommend Second Life for Individuals and Corporations alike. Individuals can use it to communicate with friends half way across the world in a more personal environment than IM or Facebook. Users can start their own business and earn enough to supplement or completely replace their income. Corporations can use it to do anything from collaborate on a project from long distances or even earn revenues.

  31. Resources/Links • Second Life • What is Second Life? • Teen Second Life • Second Life Blogs • Second Life Wiki • Linden Lab • Wikipedia • Reuters Second Life News Center

  32. Thank You