presents get smart in 60 seconds n.
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Presents Get Smart in 60 Seconds! PowerPoint Presentation
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Presents Get Smart in 60 Seconds!

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Presents Get Smart in 60 Seconds! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presents Get Smart in 60 Seconds!
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  1. PresentsGet Smart in 60 Seconds!

  2. Is this your mortgage Banker?

  3. Is this your mortgage Banker?

  4. Not all mortgage bankers are alike!

  5. Get Smart! • eSmartLoan is a Nationwide FDIC Insured Institution with dedicated, courteous and friendly loan Professionals. • We provide Immediate Loan Approvals with in-house underwriting and processing of your loans.

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  7. Get Smart! State-of-the-art Technology allows you to close your loan in 10 days or less with online loan tracking 24 hours a day. . . . and our no-hassle loan process means you complete your loan in the comfort of your own home!

  8. Even if you recently refinanced, completed a debt consolidation or are thinking about that new home, We can save you money with an eSmartLoan program tailored to meet your needs! • Perfect or less than perfect credit • Debt consolidation • Home Equity • Cash out refi’s • Loans to 125% of your homes value • Purchase programs with no money down

  9. Get the eSmart advantage!!!! • Are you satisfied with your current financial situation? • Do you have the lowest home loan rate? • Are you still burdened with debt? • Need cash for any Reason?

  10. Here’s what our customers have to say: “I would like to thank you for having the confidence in us to help us get out loan. Your personal attention is to be commended. You could teach the banking industry a thing or two about customer service!” --Larry Gordinier “Thanks for all your consistent effort during our loan process. I’d gladly recommend to anyone who needs it.” --Andrew and Melissa Bingnear “I wanted to let you know that getting our home equity loan was a truly positive experience. Kim, my account representative, did a great job getting back to me with answers to my many questions and getting everything set up so quickly. Thanks!” --Dominick Mash

  11. Get Smart! A division of Horizon National Bank, is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City. We're FDIC insured and have been assisting homeowners with financing for over 10 years.Our organization is comprised of knowledgeable pros who understand that each loan and each situation is unique. We believe that with the right people and resources on your side, getting a home equity loan can reward you in more ways than one.

  12. Get Smart Now! We're here to work with you, to provide answers, and, yes, to help you get your loan. Just Click Here to Start