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  1. Starfish By: Gina uguccini and Ashley Novak

  2. Table of Contents • Introduction • What they Eat • Where they live • Descriptions and Adaptations • Fun Facts • Conclusion

  3. introduction do you know about starfish? Well today is your lucky day because your are about to learn about our magical little friends in the ocean.

  4. What starfish eat the starfish is a carnivore. That means they are meat eaters. They enjoy dining on oysters, little fish and clams and will also eat another starfish. Starfish can actually attach itself to a clam or an oyster before opening the victims shell. Once opened the starfish pushes its stomach out of its mouth to digest food. They grab the food with their arms and use their stomach to absorb it.

  5. Where starfish live starfish live in the deep blue sea and shallow waters as well. They also occur in all the earths oceans and habitats range from tropical coral reefs, kelp forests to deep sea floor. All species of starfish found are living in ,on, or near a sea bed.

  6. Descriptions/ adaptations They have spines covering there upper surface and soft on their under side. Eye spots at the end of each arm [can see light and dark.] they can blend into objects . Their features could also let them hide in small places such as: under a rock, and between to things.

  7. fun facts • Starfish are also called sea stars • Currently about 2,000 species of starfish have been identified • Starfish don’t have brains • Starfish have tiny tube feet that help them move • Starfish have suction cups that help them breath • Starfish have 5 or more arms • If a starfishes leg breaks it grows back and creates another starfish

  8. Conclusion we hope you learned all about starfish and someday can be as good as us with your starfish facts! And remember, bring your camera!