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FAA Update Airports Program

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FAA Update Airports Program. Western-Pacific Region. ACA. Robin Hunt & David Cushing. September 14, 2012 . FAA Update. FY11 Program Highlights AIP Performance Metric FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 Are You Ready for FY13? Safety/Compliance Initiatives.

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faa update airports program

FAA Update Airports Program

Western-Pacific Region


Robin Hunt & David Cushing

September 14, 2012

faa update
FAA Update

FY11 Program Highlights

AIP Performance Metric

FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012

Are You Ready for FY13?

Safety/Compliance Initiatives


FY11 AIP Program

(by State in millions)

aip performance metric
AIP Performance Metric
  • Office of Management and Budget (OMB) outlay rates:
    • By end of year in which appropriated, disburse 18%
    • By end of 1st year after appropriation, disburse 60%
    • By end of 2nd year after appropriation, disburse 81%
    • By end of 3rd year after appropriation, disburse 91%
    • By end of 4th year after appropriation, disburse 96%
  • After the 4th year, all funds should be fully disbursed and the grant closed.
financial report sf 425
Financial Report SF-425
  • SF-272 is obsolete
  • SF-425 replaced SF-272
  • Submit SF-425 to FAA within

30 days after the end of

each fiscal year

faa modernization and reform act of 2012
FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012

The President signed the FAA Modernization & Reform Act of 2012 on February 14, 2012

  • 4-year FAA reauthorization bill
  • Authorizes $3.35 billion for AIP (FY12 – 15)
    • $165 million less than previous years ($3.5 billion)
    • Still subject to annual appropriation bill
new federal share for aip grants
New Federal Share for AIP Grants

The federal share for development projects reverts back from 95% to the following rate:

  • Arizona – 91.06% (except PHX – 75%)
  • Nevada – 93.75% (except LAS – 75%)
  • Hawaii – 90%
  • Pacific Islands – 90%
  • California – 90.06%

(except BUR, ONT, OAK, SMF, SAN, SJC, SNA - 80.59%, SFO & LAX – 75%)


Essential Air Service Airports in Economically Distressed Areas

US DOT determined the following airports to remain eligible at a 95% federal share:

Kingman (AZ)

Prescott (AZ)

Show Low (AZ)

Crescent City(CA)

El Centro(CA)

Merced (CA)

Visalia (CA)

miscellaneous provision
Miscellaneous Provision
  • Construction projects with discretionary funds may begin before execution of grant agreements, due to climatic condition
  • Changes made to residential through-the-fence (TTF) and disposal of noise land requirements
    • TTF – adds language enabling a GA airport to enter into an agreement with a person to access airport with property adjacent to or near the airport
    • Disposal of noise land – allows designation of noise land as “buffer” land. Airports can lease without treating land as disposal.
new electronic grant payments
New Electronic Grant Payments
  • Delphi eInvoicing is in operation. Call DOT Help desk if you have any registration issues.
    • 1 (866) 641-3500, Option 4, Option 3
    • 1 (405) 954-3000, Option 4, Option 3
  • Delphi eInvoicing manual payment will begin on November 1st.
are you ready for fy13
Are You Ready for FY13?

Ready means that by 12/31/12 you have:

  • Planning complete
  • Project on an approved ALP
  • FAA environmental complete (FONSI, ROD, or submission of extraordinary circumstance form)
  • Airspace review and approval complete
  • Design complete and project ready for bid
fy13 environmental deadline
FY13 Environmental Deadline

Environmental documents should be completed by December 31, 2012

  • Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for Environmental Assessment (EA)
  • Record of Decision (ROD) for Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
  • Submission of extraordinary circumstance form to support categorical exclusions
fy 2013 grants applications
FY 2013 Grants Applications
  • Get your application is early
    • Ensure calculation adds up and are supported
    • Administrative cost and support services need to have back-up for all numbers
    • Force Account work must be approved by FAA
  • Bids should not include contingency – even by another name
vehicle pedestrian deviations
Vehicle Pedestrian Deviations
  • In FY11, there were 44 Vehicle/Pedestrian Deviation related Runway Incursions (VPD-RIs) in AWP. This is by far the highest number of all Regions.
  • To date in FY12, there have been 18 VPD Runway Incursions in AWP.
    • By this time last year, AWP had experienced 22 so we are doing better, but…
    • We need your vigilance as we move into spring and summer which are our peak times for V/PD RIs.
  • Nevada Airports are doing well.
    • NV Airports had 4 VPD-Ris in FY11.
    • There have been 3 VPD-RI this fiscal year to date at Nevada Airports.
    • 2 at LAS and 1 at VGT.

ASDE-X snapshot of HNL VPD Runway Incursion on 2/22/12. Aircraft overflew HNL Ops Vehicle by approximately 150 feet.

wildlife hazard management
Wildlife Hazard Management
  • To date in FY12,
    • A total of 123 wildlife strikes have been reported at or near AWP Airports.
    • Of those, 116 occurred at Part 139 certificated airports.
    • The remaining occurred at General Aviation (GA) airports.
  • We strongly recommend all Part 139 certificated airports and busy GA Airports conduct a Wildlife Hazard Assessment and develop a Wildlife Hazard Management Plan even if they have not experienced a “triggering event.”
  • All wildlife strikes should be reported to FAAat http://wildlife.faa.gov.
runway safety area program
Runway Safety Area Program
  • All practicable improvements to RSAs at Part 139 airports, including NavAids related actions, must be completed by December 30, 2015.
  • GOOD NEWS: Based on the information we have, all Part 139 Certificated Runways in Nevada meet current RSA Standards.
  • Not So Good News: We have 30 RSA projects to be completed by the deadline.
    • AWP program is faced with timing & funding challenges in meeting the 2015 deadline.
    • Our ACIP, includes over $400 million in AIP funding for RSA projects. This means that other, lower priority, projects must be deferred.
safety management system sms
Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Airports implementation of SMS is limited to Large Hub Airport projects only until further notice.
  • FAA-Air Traffic Organization (ATO) implementation of SMS may include any project with potential to impact operation of the National Airspace System.
  • AWP has identified the following large hub airport projects that require further screening under the SMS process in 2012:
    • McCarran (LAS) Two Taxiway Rehabilitations (CSPP).
    • Honolulu (HNL) Rehabilitate Taxiway Z (design only).
    • San Francisco (SFO) Runway 10L-28R and 10R-28L Runway Safety Areas.
    • Los Angeles (LAX) Construct two aprons at Bradley Terminal and Taxiway “T”.
    • Phoenix (PHX) Rehab Taxiway “B8”.
  • Other SRMPs may be initiated by FAA-ATO.
design standards update
Design Standards Update
  • FAA is working on update to Advisory Circular 150/5300-13, Airport Design.
    • FAA’s goal is to publish AC 150/5300-13A by the end of Fiscal Year 12.
    • Principal Changes are in the areas of:
      • Chapter 3, Runway Design
      • Chapter 4, Taxiway and Taxilane Design
      • Declared Distances and RSA Application
      • Runway Protection Zone (RPZ)
      • Taxiway Design Group (TDG) Concept for Fillet Design
      • Runway Design Code (RDC), Runway Reference Code (RRC) and Taxiway Design Group (TDG) designation
      • Minimum separation between non-intersecting runways
      • Runway incursion prevention geometry for new construction
      • Consolidation of numerous runway design tables to one design requirements matrix – Table 3-5
  • FAA is also working on updates to the Heliport Design AC and new standards for Parachute Landing Areas on airports.

National ADO Initiatives

  • Geographic Balancing (Geo-balancing)
    • National redistribution of resources to better serve our customers
    • New Phoenix ADO to serve AZ and NV
      • Phoenix office will initially report to LAX ADO
    • LAX and SFO ADOs will exclusively serve California
  • National SOPs under development to create consistency among ADOs


Talk to us.

Talk early.

Plan ahead.

Stay abreast of current regulation and guidance.

Please talk to us before an issue becomes a problem!

contact information
Contact Information

Mark McClardy, Division Manager

Western-Pacific Region (310) 725-3600

Debbie Roth, Deputy Manager

Western-Pacific Region (310) 725-3654

Mia Ratcliff, ManagerPlanning and Programming Branch (310) 725-3610

Brian Armstrong, Manager

Safety and Standards Branch (310) 725-3620

David Cushing, Manager

Los Angeles Airports District Office (310) 725-3644

Robin Hunt, Manager

San Francisco Airports District Office (650) 827-7601

Ron Simpson, Manager

Honolulu Airports District Office (808) 541-1232