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FAA Update

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FAA Update

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  1. FAA Update

  2. FAA Update Topics • U.S. Safety Management System Framework • Organizational Update • Acting Administrator • FAA reauthorization • Challenges • Increased Congressional scrutiny • U.S./European Community Aviation Safety Agreement • New Regulations and Policy

  3. FAA Safety Management Approach INTERNAL SMS – State Safety Management Program • Established a safety management system framework for AVS organizations • Order VS.8000.1, Safety Management System Doctrine EXTERNAL SMS • FAA will form an Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) to develop an SMS regulation applicable across the industry. • Propose to issue an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to solicit comments on a single set of requirements for regulated entities. • In the interim, FAA will file a difference with ICAO against Annex 6 SMS requirements • Note: FAA has established an SMS for air traffic service providers.

  4. FAA Organizational Update • Acting Administrator • Minimal AVS organizational changes • Abolished the Suspected Unapproved Parts Office • Several new managers • FAA reauthorization on hold • Not expected in 2008 • Extension for the interim • No progress on funding future air traffic system

  5. Increased Congressional Scrutiny • April 2008 Hearings on FAA Safety Oversight • Airline Inspections (Two-Phases) • Airworthiness Directive Process Study • Independent Safety Review Team • 120-day study “to evaluate and craft recommendations to improve the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) implementation of the aviation safety system and its safety culture.”

  6. U.S./European Community Aviation Safety Agreement • Signature was delayed last summer due to new EASA fees and charges regulation. • EASA/industry working group has proposed a two phase approach to address fees and charges concerns. • Based on assurances from both EASA and the European Commission that these changes will be implemented, U.S. government may proceed with signature of the bilateral. • Ratification/implementation will be delayed until new “hybrid” fee system is in the final Community approval process.

  7. New Regulations and Policy CERTIFICATION REGULATIONS • Transport Airplane Aging Aircraft Rules: • Part 26 - Subpart E (Damage Tolerance Data for Repairs and Alterations) • Enhanced Airworthiness Program for Airplane Systems (EAPAS) • Associated guidance materials -12 Advisory Circulars • Performance and Handling Requirements for Rotorcraft • Revisions to Cockpit Voice Recorder and Digital Flight Data Recorder Regulations • Affected 14CFR parts 23, 25, 27, 29, 91, 121, 125, 129 and 135

  8. New Regulations and Policy MAINTENANCE AND OPERATIONS REGULATIONS • Flightdeck Door Monitoring and Crew Discreet Alerting Systems • Flight Simulation Training Device Initial and Continuing Qualification and Use • Area Navigation (RNAV) and Miscellaneous Amendments Additional anticipated 2008 regulations: • Fuel Tank Flammability Reduction • Widespread Fatigue Damage (WFD) For these and other recently published FAA rulemaking documents visit: http://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/rulemaking/recently_published/


  10. AVS Organization Associate Administrator for Office of Aviation Safety Analytical Services (ASA-1) Jay Pardee Aviation Safety AVS - 1 Nicholas Sabatini, AVS - 1 Margaret Gilligan, AVS - 2 Office of Aerospace Aircraft Certificati on Service Flight Standards Office of Rulema k ing Office of Accident Medicine ( AAM ) ( AIR ) Service ( AFS ) ( ARM ) Investigation ( AAI ) Frederick E. Tilton, MD, John Hickey, AIR - 1 James J. Ballough, AFS - 1 Steven B. Wallace, Pam Hamilton, AAM-1 Dorenda Baker, AIR - 2 John M. Allen, AFS - 2 AAI - 1 ARM - 1 CAMI 4 Registry Directorates Office of Quality, Integration, & Executive Services(AQS)Tina Amereihn, Acting, AQS-1 Air Traffic Safety Oversight Service (AOV)Anthony Ferrante, AOV-1 9 Regions 8 Regions 39 Field O f fices 15 Field O f fices 109 Field O f fices

  11. Aircraft Certification Service Director, AIR-1*, (John Hickey)Deputy Director, AIR-2*, (Dorenda Baker) International Policy Office AIR-40 Mary Cheston, Mgr. Special AssistantsAIR-3, AIR-4 Steve Boyd / Victoria Frasier China Brussels Engine &*Propeller DirectorateANE-100 Fran Favara, Mgr. Transport* AirplaneDirectorateANM-100 Ali Bahrami Aircraft *EngineeringDivisionAIR-100 Dave Hempe, Mgr. Production &*AirworthinessCertificationDivision, AIR-200 Frank Paskiewicz, Mgr. Small*AirplaneDirectorateACE-100 Kim Smith, Mgr. Rotorcraft*DirectorateASW-100 Dave Downey, Mgr. Planning & *Program Management Division, AIR-500 Jennifer Arquilla, Actg. Mgr. * Aircraft Certification Management Team (ACMT)

  12. Flight Standards Service (HQ) AFS-1 James Ballough, Director AFS-2 John Allen, Deputy Director AFS-3 Roger Forshee, Senior Technical Advisor to The Director AFS-40 System Process Audit Program Staff AFS-30 System Approach for Safety Oversight Program Office AFS-100 AFS-50 Organizational Resources and Program Management Division International Programs and Policy Division Mel Cintron, Mgr. Richard M. Lea, Mgr. Dennis Niemeier, Mgr. Colleen K. Kennedy-Roberts, Mgr. AFS-200 AFS-600 AFS-400 AFS-500 AFS-300 Aircraft Maintenance Division Flight Technologies & Procedures Division Regulatory Support Division Air Transportation Division Flight Standards Training Division Joseph K. Tintera, Mgr. Vacant, Mgr. Marcia L. Payne, Mgr. Carol Giles, Mgr. John McGraw, Mgr. AFS 900 AFS-800 AFS-700 General Aviation & Commercial Division Flight Standards Certification Program Office Civil Aviation Registry John S. Duncan, Mgr. Mark D. Lash, Mgr. David C. Gilliom, Mgr.