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Cooperation with air traffic controllers.

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Cooperation with air traffic controllers. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AOPA-CYPRUSReview of 2013Making a flashback to previous years, we try to remember what we were able to offer to our members and what we have done in order to utilize the assistance of the National AOPA, the European AOPA and the International IAOPA. The AOPA-CYPRUS, it has become more into the international arena, with their consistent participation every year in regional and international Conferences actively giving its present. So in recent years we participated the International congress in Athens, at the regional meeting in Warsaw, the regional in Germany, in Malta, Brussels, and as we all remember the hospitality of the regional European Council in October 2007 and 2011 in Larnaca. On the occasion of the presence here of officials of IAOPA, ironed out their meeting with the DCA where we had a long discussion on the outstanding issues that afflict G.A. Cyprus
Cooperation with air traffic controllers.

The meeting which was organized by the air traffic controllers gave an opportunity to our members to discuss problems encountered on the VFR routes as well as other broader problems flight G.A.

As a result we have a new improved draft VFR regions to open sky in the whole island, which we will present to our members shortly.


Our website is upgraded constantly so that it can inform all concerned.


We are in constant contact and cooperation with the AOPA Greece. By working together we achieved:

With Olympic Airways low Handling (15 Euros) to all members of AOPA. Presenting the membership card.

With the Aegean Airlines 15% discount to all our members with the membership card.

We make efforts for them flying to the Greek islands we are trying to use to Kastellorizo as the point of entry to Greece.

Department of Civil Aviation With the close and constructive contact with the DCA, helped   Decision by the Department of Civil Aviation   To restore their licenses trainers (instructor s rating) and The decision of the Department for appointing more Examiners. Also in the cancellation of the Validation Certificate for foreign licenses. The Notam banning flights of foreign aircraft G.A. Is thrusting under review. The same thing happens with the technical guidance (circular), which relates to TBO of aircraft engines.

On 2013 a together with Flight safety Foundation we are working on better days for General Aviation. A new issue is to offer our members worldwide the opportunity to fly to Cyprus at a low cost of approximately 65 euros with a maximum stay of 48 hours.