problems and solutions to air traffic controllers l.
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Problems and Solutions To Air Traffic Controllers

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Problems and Solutions To Air Traffic Controllers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Problems and Solutions To Air Traffic Controllers Joshua, Miguel, Jesus Fuel One problem is that the fuel for planes are costing way to much. Airlines are losing a lot money to pay for fuel. Fuel is the only way possible now though.

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  • One problem is that the fuel for planes are costing way to much. Airlines are losing a lot money to pay for fuel. Fuel is the only way possible now though.
  • One solution is that the price on fuel could come down. They could try to find something else for the planes to run on. They could also pump more oil from the ground.
air planes
Air Planes
  • One problem is there isn't enough air planes. We need more air planes to save less time. We could transport more people at shorter amount of time.
  • One solution is that they could build more airplanes. We need them to save valuable time. We should also fill the planes so we can save little money on them.
air ports
Air Ports
  • One problem is that we don’t have enough air ports. We need them for more air planes and different people willing to pay money. People wouldn’t have to drive so far to reach an air port.
  • One solution is that maybe they could build more air ports. We could use the planes and time. It would save people from paying so much and traveling for a long amount of time.
  • One problem would be terrorists. They hijack planes and kill people. They could take control of the control tower and make false comments to pilots.
  • One solution is they could check id to see if it is fake. They could do tests on them to see if they know what they are doing. Maybe carry some weapons just in case someone tries to hijack anything.
  • One problem is there are too many airlines. They all compete with each other. Some have more planes than the others.
  • One solution is they could all merge into one airline. We would have more people to fly planes. We would also have more planes to fly. With airlines combined their wouldn’t be that much competition.
non full planes
Non-Full Planes
  • One problem is they have a lot of planes flying all over the place when they only have a couple of people in them. Theirs a lot of planes going to one place but are not full. That’s why the sky is too crowded.
  • One solution to the problem is get all the planes full. It would half the number of planes. Their would be safer trips with less percentage impacts from other planes.
mechanical problems
Mechanical Problems
  • One problem is that parts of the plane don’t work. Some might have have experiences some problems before. Half of the time crashes occur because of engine failure.
  • One solution is that they could take out any old parts or parts that had any type of problems. They should get better qualified inspectors. That way there would be less crashes.
communication and location
Communication and Location
  • One problem is that sometimes the pilot may lose sight. He could also be distracted. We don’t want to let the pilot direct his attention on something else.
  • One solution is that we should also have radars to see upcoming impacts or crashes. We would be able to see how far we got to go and nearby planes. We should also have a communication device to speak to the pilot and the control tower.
  • One problem is that the landings are kind of dangerous. We could lose control and crash into the air port or any other building. It is a real problem with transportation.
  • One solution is that they could put hydraulics on a plane. It would make it land safer. Plus it would be cool and a lot more people will be willing to pay for it.