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600 BC. Joseph. Lehi and family leave Jerusalem and depart into wilderness (600 BC) Lehi and family depart in sea to promised land (590 BC). 1 Nephi. Manasseh. Mulek and others leave Jerusalem (600 BC). Lehi (descendent of Manasseh). Ishmael. 2 Nephi.

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  1. 600 BC Joseph Lehi and family leave Jerusalem and depart into wilderness (600 BC) Lehi and family depart in sea to promised land (590 BC) 1 Nephi Manasseh Mulek and others leave Jerusalem (600 BC) Lehi (descendent of Manasseh) Ishmael 2 Nephi ‘Nephites’ and ‘Lamanites’ separate (570 BC) 545 BC Mulek Zoram (servant of Laban) Daughters of Ishmael Jacob Joseph Sons & Daughters of Ishmael Laman Lemuel Sam Nephi Jacob People of Zarahemla Enos Enos 400 BC Jarom Jarom 318 BC Lamanites Nephites (Coriantumr dwelt with them for 9 moons) Omni Amaron Chemish People of Zarahemla dwell with the Nephites in the land of Zarahemla Abinadom (Words of Mormon) King Mosiah I Amaleki Omni 200 BC Zeniff is sent as a spy among the Lamanites in the land of Lehi-Nephi and Shilom (200 BC). His group becomes enslaved by the Lamanites. King Laman I Lehi-Nephites King Zeniff Zarahemla King Noah King Benjamin Abinadi (prophet) King Limhi After Abinadi is martyred, Alma and various others flee from King Noah and go to the land of Helam. (between 147 & 123 BC) King Noah flees with his priests and others from the Lamanites. King Noah is later burned. King Noah’s priests flee to the land of Amulon. (between 147 & 123 BC) 130 BC King Laman II Gideon recovers all that fled with King Noah except the priests of King Noah Ammon I, Amaleki, Helam, Hem (descendents of Zarahemla) King Mosiah II (seer) Helaman Helorum Mosiah Alma I and Brethren Amulonites Ammon I leads Lehi-Nephites back to Zarahemla (122 BC) Alma I (high priest) People of Zarahemla are numbered with the Nephites (122 BC) King Amulon (exercises authority over Alma I and his brethren) King Lamoni (king over the land of Ishmael) King Antiomno (king over the land of Middoni) The Lord rescues Alma I and his brethren. They flee and unite with the Nephites. (122 BC) After a large majority of the Amulonites were slain by the Nephites, many were converted. The remnant that remained was slain by the Lamanites (between 91 & 77 BC) 91 BC Ammon II Aaron Omner Himni Mosiah’s sons preach among the Lamanites. A portion of the Lamanites are converted by Aaron, son of King Mosiah II. These were Lamanites who lived in the land of Ishmael, Middoni, Shilom, and Shemlon. (between 91 & 77 BC) Alma II (high priest and chief judge) Reign of kings ends and reign of judges begins (91 BC) After being mislead by Amlici, a portion of the Nephites appoint Amlici King over them and separate from the Nephites. They contend against the Nephites with the Lamanites. (86 BC) Nehor murders Gideon (90 BC) Alma II appoints Nephihah as chief judge; Alma II remains high priest (82 BC) Nephihah (chief judge) Anti-Nephi-Lehi Amulek preaches with Alma II (81 BC) King Lamoni King Anti-Nephi-Lehi Ammonihahites destroyed by Lamanites (80 BC) Ammon leads the Anti-Nephi-Lehi tribe to the land of Jershon and they become the people of Ammon, which is among the Nephites. The people of Ammon vow to never again take up arms against their brethren. The Nephites agree to protect them from the Lamanites and Amalekites. (between 91 & 77 BC) Helaman I Corianton Shiblon Amlicites Some Nephites break away and unite with Amalickiah who was a Nephite also (72 BC) Korihor denies Christ among the Nephites (74 BC) After being mislead by Zoram, many Nephites left and formed this group in the land known as Antionum. (74 BC) Amlicites mix with the Lamanites. Moroni (chief captain) Amalickiahites Amalickiah plots and the king of the Lamanites is killed. Amalickiah becomes king of the Lamanites. (72 BC) Alma Pahoran I (appointed chief judge 67 BC) Morianton defeated by Teancum (67 BC) People of Ammon Zoramites Amalekites ‘King-men’ desire change of Nephite law and that Pahoran should be dethroned. ‘King-men’ destroyed by Moroni and ‘freemen’. (66 BC) King Amalickiah Zoram King Amlici King Ammoron (appointed king after his brother, Amalickiah, was killed by Teancum 65 BC) Zerahemnah (leader) 2,000 young men from the people of Ammon unite with the Nephites. Unlike there fathers, they had not made the vow to never take up weapons again. (63 BC) Zoramites and Amalekites mix with the Lamanites. Moroni and Pahoran persuade 4,000 Lamanites to join the people of Ammon as they march to retake the city of Nephihah from the Lamanites. King Ammoron was slain by Teancum in the city of Nephihah. After many Lamanites were killed, the remaining Lamanites fled. Under the lead of Pachus, the ‘king-men’ unite and separate from the Nephites. Pachus is later slain and the followers of Pachus were taken as prisoners. Moronihah (son of chief captain Moroni; commands armies) King Tubaloth (son of King Ammoron) Helaman II (chief judge after Pacumeni was murdered 49 BC) Pahoran II (became chief judge and governor 51 BC) Paanchi Pacumeni (chief judge after his brother Pahoran was murdered by Kishkumen in 51 BC; later murdered by Coriantumr 50 BC) 52 BC People of Ammon mix with the Nephites. Gadianton and Kishkumen attempt to murder Helaman II (49 BC) Helaman (continues next page) (continues next page)

  2. Helaman (continued from previous page) (continued from previous page) Lamanites Nephites Nephi (became chief judge 38 BC) Lehi Peace established between Lamanites and Nephites (28 BC) Samuel (Lamanite prophet) Cezoram (chief judge after Nephi 29BC; Cezoram was murdered by Gadianton’s Robbers 25 BC) Famine among the Nephites at the request of Nephi to God (17-16 BC) Various Lamanites and Nephites unite under Gadianton, a follower of Kishkumen (24 BC) Many Lamanites unite with the Nephites. Curse was taken from them and their skin became white like the Nephites. (13 AD) Birth of Christ Gadianton’s Robbers and Murderers Nephi Gidgiddoni (chief captain and chief judge) Lachoneus I (governor) Governor Giddianhi (slain in battle 19 AD) Governor Zemnariahah (captured and hung 21 AD) Lachoneus II (governor) Many of Gadianton’s Robbers were converted after battle with the Nephites and agree to keep peace in the land (22 AD) Robbers that do not convert were condemned and punished according to the law (22 AD) Government destroyed (30AD) Reign of tribes begins (31 AD) Various Nephite dissenters desire to unit under Jacob and flee to the northernmost part of the land (30 AD) 3 Nephi People of Jacob King Jacob After Christ’s death, the people of King Jacob were destroyed by the hand of the Lord. The city of Jacobugath was burned with fire. (34 AD) CHRIST VISITS THE NEPHITES (34 AD) 12 disciples chosen by Jesus to baptize and give the Holy Ghost: Nephi, Timothy, Jonas, Mathoni, Mathonihah, Kumen, Kumenonhi, Jeremiah, Shemnon, Jonas, Zedekiah, Isaiah. 34 AD Amos All Lamanites, Nephites, etc. were converted unto the Lord (36 AD) Amos Some revolt against the church (84 AD) 4 Nephi Division among the people (231 AD) Nephites, Jacobites, Josephites, Zoramites Lamanites, Lemuelites, Ishmaelites (Believers in Christ) Secretive group formed again (250 AD) Nephite group grows wicked (250 AD) Christ’s Disciples Ammoron (hides plates in the hill called Shim 320 AD) Gadianton’s Robbers and Murderers 320 AD (only righteous group remaining 300 AD) Disciples were taken from the land by the Lord due to the wickedness of the Lamanites, Robbers, and Nephites. The Holy Spirit no longer came on any. (325 AD) King Aaron Mormon (appointed leader of Nephite armies 326 AD; recovers plates from the hill called Shim 345 AD) Mormon hides up plates in the hill Cumorah, except for a few he gives to his son Moroni (384 AD) Mormon Moroni 230,000 Nephites slain; 24 remain (385 AD) 400 AD All Nephites except Moroni slain Moroni 421 AD Moroni dies

  3. Tower of Babel 2200 BC Jaredites Jaredites travel to promised land in barges Jared Brother of Jared Pagag Jacom Gilgah Mahah King Orihah King Kib King Shule Corihor (captured his father Kib for a period) Noah (captured Shule for a period) Cohor Kingdom of Cohor Cohor Kingdom of Shule Nimrod (returned kingdom of Cohor to Shule) Kingdom of Omer King Omer Jared gains half of kingdom Kingdom of Jared Kimnor Esrom Coriantumr Jared (captured his father Omer for a period) Akish (made an agreement with Jared to kill Omer) Omer and his family flee out of land. Jared anointed king by his wickedness. Kingdom of Akish Akish has Jared murdered and becomes king Nimrah (fled with others to Omer after Akish kills Nimrah’s brother) Akish’s sons and people of Akish fight and kill among themselves. 30 people remain. Omer restored to land of his inheritance. King Emer King Coriantum King Com Ether King Heth (slew Com and reigned in his stead) The Lord brings a famine upon the land and sends poisonous serpents. People later repent of their wickedness. King Shez King Riplakish After poor rule, Riplakish killed. Descendents of Riplakish driven out of the land. Morianton later returns, wars with people, and establishes himself as king. King Morianton (descendent of Riplakish) King Kim King Levi (in captivity for 42 years) King Corom King Kish Poisonous serpents destroyed in the days of Lib King Lib King Hearthom (kingdom taken from him) Heth (lived in captivity all his days) Aaron (lived in captivity all his days) Amnigaddah (lived in captivity all his days) Coriantum (lived in captivity all his days) King Com (re-obtained the kingdom from King Amgid) King Shiblom Seth (lived in captivity all his days) King Ahah King Ethem (descendent of Ahah) King Moron (lived in captivity after being overthrown) Coriantor (lived in captivity all his days) Ether King Coriantumr Jaredites war amongst themselves. All Jaredites slain except Coriantumr and Ether. 130 BC

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