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Tinker Thinkers Academy works to unlock your child\'s full potential through mental math and abacus training. In our program, children develop abilities vital for their success in school, future job, and everyday tasks: increased concentration power, visualization and imagination, better memory, improved attentiveness, fast information processing, improved listening. Results go beyond enhancing mathematical abilities; parents almost always report improvements in their children\'s school performance overall. At Tinker Thinkers Academy, we use a uniquely designed software that make the learning process and practice of mental math fun for our students. We want to inspire your child to exceed and excel, and give them the tools to do so.

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tinker thinkers academy

Tinker Thinkers Academy

The Mental Math Classes for Kids

Visit Our Website: https://tinkerthinkers.com

mental math training

Mental Math Training

Mental math is the ability to do mathematical calculations exclusively in one’s mind. With this ability, your

child is able to do day-to-day computations in their head without ever needing a pencil, paper, calculator or

any other form of help. Using various arithmetic techniques and practicing them in the mental space, your

child is able to perform calculations within seconds that even adults would need much more time for.

However, developing these skills in a child requires serious efforts. At Tinker Thinkers, we train children to

do such calculations using visual learning. We do this by using an ingenious invention called a Soroban.

• Visit Our Website: https://tinkerthinkers.com

mental math abacus

Mental Math abacus

• The history of mental math is as long as the history of mankind. The

visualization element made its way into calculation and counting when

abacus was invented. Abacus is considered for be a device that existed 5000

years ago. The Japanese abacus is called Soroban, and using just a metal

frame and beads, a person can do some impressive calculations on it. Salamis

Tablet is considered the oldest abacus in the world. Used by Babylonians for

counting, it is said that this tablet of stone existed in 300BC.

• Visit Our Website: https://tinkerthinkers.com

learning mental math

Learning Mental Math

• Not only does observation help your children with a great career but also it

helps stay safe from possible dangers around them. Children with good

observation can be great QA analysts, intelligence officers, speakers etc.

Great observation skills also make up for great business leaders.

• Visit Our Website: https://tinkerthinkers.com

christmas special offer enroll your child

Christmas special offer. Enroll your child in December for FREE

• You take your job as a parent very seriously. You work hard,

putting in long hours and great effort so that your child can

have a future full of opportunity and success. Investing into

them is always on your mind and we share your passion.

• Details here: http://bit.ly/tta-fb-promo