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Tinker Bell. Biography 1953 -. The Beginnings of Tinker Bell.

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tinker bell

Tinker Bell

Biography 1953 -

the beginnings of tinker bell
The Beginnings of Tinker Bell
  • In a play “Peter and Wendy” written by Sir James M. Barrie, Tinker Bell was a light beamed onto the stage to represent a flying sprite. It was not until the animated movie in 1953 from Disney Studios entitled “Peter Pan” that Tinker Bell was drawn as a pixie, by Marc Davis. There was controversy over the winged pixie, that was well endowed, as being to sexually suggestive. However the animated figure was not modified.
  • Margaret Kerry was the actress that performed the live action moves for the animated drawing to be done for the movie. She wore a bathing suite on a closed sound stage where photographs were taken of the pantomimes she performed acting as the pixie. Then the animators went to work to draw the theatrics.
knowing tinker bell
Knowing Tinker Bell
  • Tinker Bell is described as a common fairy who mends pots and kettles, and Her voice, in the beginning, was like a tiny bell. These are the characteristics that contributed to her name. In later movies, such as Hook, which stared Robin Williams, as Pan, and Julia Roberts, as Tinker bell. Tinker Bell was given a voice.
  • Tinker Bell can be spiteful and mischievous if she does not get what she wants, She also tends to pout. Overall Tinker Bell is good-hearted and loyal to her friends.
tinker bell today
Tinker Bell Today
  • Tinker Bell is the mascot for the Disney Company, she is known to represent the “Magic of Disney”. She has made nightly appearances at the Magic Kingdom located on the Disney Park sites. Along with a Merchandise line entitled Disney Fairies, there are four animated movies that are to be produced on DVD to be released starting in 2008 through 2011. They will be based on the Book “In the Realm of the Never Fairies” from Disney’s publishing house.
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