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Tirupati Water Solutions ugf-3,Super mall,Vikas Nagar,Lucknow,Mob :09415104475 ISO 9001:2008 Certified ( The Complete Water Solutions). Technical Presentation on STP. WATER TREATMENT. Before Use. After Use. Filtration Softener R.O. D.M. STP. ETP.

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Technical presentation on stp
Tirupati Water Solutions ugf-3,Super mall,VikasNagar,Lucknow,Mob:09415104475ISO 9001:2008 Certified( The Complete Water Solutions)

Technical Presentation on STP

Technical presentation on stp


Before Use

After Use

  • Filtration

  • Softener

  • R.O.

  • D.M.



For the purification of mixture of human & other domestic waste.

For the purification of industrial waste water.

Technical presentation on stp

What is STP ?

  • STP offers a facility for treating waste disposed off through drains and sewers. It is used to remove materials that damage water quality and threaten public health.

  • It is designed to provide a POLLUTION FREE ENVIRONMENT and


Technical presentation on stp

Raw Effluent

Screen Chamber

Oil & Grease Trap

Equalization Tank

Air Blower

Biological Reactor






Tertiary Treatment (MGF & ACF)


Technical presentation on stp

Treatment Scheme

  • Physical Treatment : - Screening and Oil & grease trap.

(B) Biological Treatment : - Formulation-deterioration of organic substances by action of enzymes that are secreted by microorganism.

(C) Tertiary Treatment : - Advance treatment process , includes removal of suspended matter from waste water as well disinfection.

  • These are two ways of controlling & removal of pollutant from effluent :

  • Aerobic Process

  • Anaerobic Process

Technical presentation on stp

Different Component of STP

Oil & Grease Trap

  • oil and grease trap chambers are provided for removal

  • of free floating oil and grease .

  • Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) is Long Chain Fatty Acid which is difficult to degrade. Condition in Grease Traps is adverse for natural bacteria to survive. That is why FOG needs to be regularly scraped.

Two Type of Oil & Grease Trap:

( 1 ) Manual – Civil Tank Separation System

( 2 ) Mechanical - Oil Skimmer

Technical presentation on stp

Bar Screen: It is used for removal of floating solid material.

Technical presentation on stp

Equalization Tank : Aids in homogenization of waste water.

Technical presentation on stp

Biological Treatment : Removal of Organic loads

MBBR Media

Technical presentation on stp

Secondary Tube Settler :Used in solid- liquid separation in secondary sedimentation

Tube Settler

Technical presentation on stp

Chlorine Contact Tank : Chlorination for disinfection

of pathogens

Technical presentation on stp

  • (a) Multi Grade Sand Filter: used for removal of:-

  • suspended solids.

  • Dirt

  • Iron

  • Silt density

Technical presentation on stp

(b) Activated Carbon Filter : Used for removal of

Odour & Colour.

Technical presentation on stp

FILTER PRESS: Sludge dewatering equipment

  • It is a liquid-solid separation device used to reduce the volume &Weight of a slurry waste by separating liquid filtrate and solid filter cake.

Technical presentation on stp

FILTER PRESS: Equipment Line Diagram.

Technical presentation on stp


  • Energy Efficient Plant.

  • Totally Integrated Zero discharge system.

  • Compact Mobile Plant requiring very less space.

  • Treated water re-usable.

  • Corrosion resistant Plant

  • User Friendly Plant.