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Library Workshop for LANG 2030 Technical Communication I 24 March Monday - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Library Workshop for LANG 2030 Technical Communication I 24 March Monday . Lewis Li Reference Librarian Your Project Topic. Devise an innovative engineering idea in your field In Your Proposal R eport & Presentation: R esearch and evaluate existing technologies

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Library workshop for lang 2030 technical communication i 24 march monday

Library Workshop for

LANG 2030 Technical Communication I

24 March Monday

Lewis Li

Reference Librarian

Your project topic
Your Project Topic

  • Devise an innovative engineering idea in your field

  • In Your Proposal Report & Presentation:

    • Research and evaluate existing technologies

    • Describe your technical innovation and compare it with similar technologies

    • How your idea fills a niche which other inventions do not occupy

Learning objectives
Learning Objectives

  • Identify information sources for science & engineering innovation

  • Develop keywords for effective searching

  • Use appropriate search tools and search them wisely

Look for innovative engineering ideas
Look for Innovative Engineering Ideas

  • In your view, who is the most innovative person/entrepreneur or company/organization, …Why?



Your definition of innovation innovative
Your definition of innovation/innovative

  • New product, device, method or material?

  • Creative? => innovative (applicable)

  • implementation of something new or new applications of existing technologies in order to solve practical problems => create value.

  • Special and interesting and not the same as anything else?

Worksheet Activity 1

Examples from students
Examples from students

  • build-in chip to store memory => tailor-made, portable

  • public cleaner => environmental friendly, cost-efficient

  • Laser whiteboard =>

  • highly efficient engine => energy saving, small

  • water-fueled vehicle => water-consuming vehicle, watered car

  • Shaped Mouse and Keyboard care for hands and increase efficiency => Shaped and design for human hands

  • multifunctional vehicles => energy saving, usage outside the ground

  • glasses projection => 3D, glasses

  • Robot cook => Micro-oven, artificial intelligence

  • Security iPad => security and coding system, voice control

  • Book flipper => with scanner to identify the word and flip the book automatically

  • Invisible nuclear demilitarization => invisible, Nano

  • Nuclear energy core => Nuclear , clean energy , Ironman

  • energy driver => energy, clean energy

  • flying shoes => fly, light

  • Health Management Bed => Physical health condition evaluation, data collection and analysis

  • moving machine => power saving, moveable, long lasting,

  • A alarm to detect where your wallet is. => To find your lost wallet. Or alarm you if you forget to bring it.

  • Solar energy powered waste and material incinerator => solar, melting, waste, extreme high temperature, organic matter, inorganic material

  • handy water bottle => very convenient, environmental friendly

  • Smart keyboard - convert things from users' mind into phase or paragraphs to the computer document without the need to type manually. => mind-reading, mechanism of keyboard...

  • 3-d game television => 3-d, touch screen, energy saving, gesture recognition

  • A foldable monitor and keyboard => Foldable monitor, foldable keyboard, paper keyboard, thin monitor, portable keyboard

Information sources for finding good restaurants
Information Sources for Finding Good Restaurants



  • Web Resources

  •, TripAdvisor


  • Magazines/Trade Magazines

  • 飲食男女

  • Restaurant (a British magazine aims at chefs, catering professionals)



  • Books -Michelin Guide Hong Kong & Macau

  • Others

  • Friends

  • Librarians

Information sources for innovation
Information Sources for Innovation

Devise an innovative engineering idea in your field

  • Research and evaluate existingtechnologies

  • Describe a technical innovation and compare it with similartechnologies

  • Patents

  • Trade Magazines - Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, etc.

  • Scholarly journal/articles

  • Web Resources –, etc.

  • Team-mates or instructors

Patents (專利)

  • An exclusive intellectual property right granted for an invention

  • Owner of the invention (= assignee or applicant) can exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, selling/importing the invention

  • Assignee/applicant must disclose sufficient technical details of the invention

  • Dragons Den :

    • TV series in which entrepreneurs pitch their innovative business ideas to 5multi-millionaires

    • Magic wand remote (patent)

Google patent search
Google Patent Search

  • Granted patents &published patent applications from:

    • United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), 1790 - present

    • European Patent Office (EPO), 1978 - present

    • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), 1978 – present

    • Canada, China & Germany Patent Office (unknown coverage)

    • All patents are available in both their original languages and in English

Google patent search exercise
Google Patent Search Exercise

  • Inventor: Steve Jobs; Kwok Hoi Sing

  • Assignee:Apple, Google, Samsung

  • Gesture recognition

    • "eye tracking" – will miss out on documents which use motion detection, motion tracking …

    • "phrase search" – useful if the distinct phrase is made up of common words, e.g., "system on chip“, “motion detection”

  • Google Search Tips: (

Translate an idea to relevant keywords
Translate an Idea to Relevant Keywords

  • Idea: online game

  • Keywords (its functions/features): touch screen, gesture recognition, wireless, interactive, virtual reality, 3d, three dimensional, stereo vision, entertainment,, ……

Worksheet Activity 2

Google patent search1
Google Patent Search

Find the patent of iphone

  • No single patent for the iphone, various related designs & technologies

  • Portable multifunction device, method, and graphical user interface for translating displayed content

  • Ornamental design

  • Icons for display screen

  • Missed telephone call management

    Find the patent of siri

  • Name of the product/technology usually not mentioned, think of the function: what it does

  • Intelligent Automated Assistant

Trade professional magazines
Trade (Professional) Magazines

  • Cover industry trends, product news, new techniques and other information of interest to a specific industry or profession

  • Databases:ProQuest, Ebscohost, etc

Trade professional magazines1
Trade (Professional) Magazines

  • ProQuestLibrary Home > Databases > P > ProQuest

  • Look at Suggested subjects for more keywords and ideas

  • Narrow your results by Source Type (trade journals)

Scholarly journal articles
Scholarly Journal Articles

  • Scholarly Research Articles

    • Written by subject experts (professors, researchers, etc.)

    • Peer-reviewed

    • Lots of references

    • Pioneer research – may not be ready for commercial implementation yet

Scholarly research articles
Scholarly Research Articles

Database: Scopus

  • 3d entertainment = 3d and entertainment

  • Variants of 3d: "three dimensional", "3 dimensional", "3 d“

  • Get full-text

    • View at Publisher

    • Interlibrary Loan : obtain article from other libraries

Scholarly research articles1
Scholarly Research Articles

  • In-class exercise: Search for the following articles in Scopus and try to get the full-text:

    Mobile photo sharing through collaborative space in stereoscopic 3D

    • View at Publisher

    • Find@HKUST

    • Interlibrary Loan : obtain article from other libraries

Other sources for inspiration
Other Sources for Inspiration

  • Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of the Year:

  • TED:, is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading in Technology, Entertainment, Design.

  • SciTech News:

  • Disney ImagiNations Design Competition

    • Created and sponsored by Walt Disney that challenges students &recent graduates to design a unique and creative experience that maximizes enjoyment for Disney parks and resorts guests.


      • Carnegie Mellon University Team (2010 ImagiNations Design Competition)

Engineering innovation keywords
Engineering Innovation & Keywords

  • Think of what you have learned (or will learn) in your program and choose one aspect to focus on, e.g.,

    • Speech recognition technology for mobile device

    • New buildings that produce significantly lower CO2 emissions

    • AI& robotics to develop an autopilot aviation system

    • Computer Visions and Graphics to develop medical imaging authoring tools

    • Materials Development and Testing to create new coating materials for protecting consumer electronics

  • Use two to three keyword to describe your innovation

  • Additional help
    Additional Help

    • Information desk, Library G/F


      • Whatsapp - 5918-5097

    • Course guide:

      • Evaluate Information Sources

      • Making Proper Citations

    Thank You