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Executive Overview March, 2011

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Executive Overview March, 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) rapid-deployment solution for Batch Manufacturing A Compelling SAP MII Solution Delivered Quickly and Affordably. Executive Overview March, 2011. We Are Here to Discuss. Batch Manufacturing Challenges

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executive overview march 2011

SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) rapid-deployment solution for Batch ManufacturingA Compelling SAP MII Solution Delivered Quickly and Affordably

Executive Overview

March, 2011

we are here to discuss
We Are Here to Discuss

Batch Manufacturing Challenges

Scope of SAP MII rapid-deployment solution for batch manufacturing




batch manufacturing operation and performance management challenges





VP Sales


Plant Manager

VP Manuf.

Plant Manager



Field Sales

Batch Manufacturing Operation and Performance Management Challenges

Manufacturing Performance

Limited ability to track product and process parameters (quality, compliance, safety, yield) in real time across multiple plants

Lack of Plant-to-ERP IntegrationDifficult and costly to integrate legacy and plant floor applications with ERP

Plant Manager



Order Management

Shift Book





Production Demand

No real-time visibility in to the customer orders

Shift Report

In-ability to report shift activities, information, events and messages

Manufacturing Operation Cockpit

Work Instructions and Quality Control

Material Identification

Role-based cockpit– Can’t see the real-time insightinto the production activities and production performance

Difficulty meeting tighter customer specifications and documentation–Can’t match quality to orders

Inability to check the completeness and correctness of staged material per order.

what is the sap mii rapid deployment solution for batch manufacturing
What is the SAP MII Rapid Deployment Solution for Batch Manufacturing?

SAP brings together software and services in a new offering that enables you to achieve excellence in batch manufacturing operation- quickly and affordably.

Software & Service


Asset types


Pre-configured content

Fixed Price

Productized Service

consists of

GTM assets

Rapid Delivery


What’s in the solution?

  • Predefined Industry Best Practice Pre-configured Solution for Batch Manufacturing
  • Key Functions- Manufacturing Operations Cockpits, Manufacturing Order List, Material Identification, Work Instructions, Quality Control, Production Confirmation, Shift Book, Monitoring & Logging, and Manufacturing Performance
  • Role-specific processes
  • Simple, role-specific user interfaces for: production & shift supervisor, shop floor operator
  • Business Processes
  • Manufacturing Work Preparation
  • Manufacturing Work Execution
  • Documentation
  • Manufacturing Performance
key deliverables of the sap mii rapid deployment solution for batch manufacturing
Key Deliverables of the SAP MII Rapid-Deployment Solution for Batch Manufacturing
  • Provide the IT infrastructure (server)
  • Install the SAP MII in the development and production environments
  • Provide fixed contact persons in the business and IT departments
  • Conduct end-user training
  • Integration testing

What does customer have to do?

What does SAP deliver?

  • Pre delivery requirement check
  • Scoping workshop
  • Deployment of pre defined content and database
  • Required configuration in the development system
  • Project document: Business process document, scoping questionnaire, project plan, pre delivery requirement and checklist, delivery acceptance criteria and sign off
  • Knowledge transfer to key users on the configured system for SAP MII RDS Solution
  • Support in moving to production system
  • Limited go live support
successfully deploy in as little as 8 weeks
Successfully Deploy in as Little as 8 Weeks








  • Project management
  • Kick-off workshop participation
  • Business process Management
  • Preparing technical infrastructure
  • Preconfigured content installation
  • Testing
  • Key User Training
  • User-acceptance testing
  • Onsite and remote support


  • Mutually-approved scope document
  • SAP MII RDS for Batch Manufacturing project plan
  • Successful rollout and adoption
  • Configuration documentation
  • Superior support to ensure smooth functioning
what is the value
What is the value?

Value Adding

Quick and Lean


  • Prepackaged lightweight MES
  • Out-of-box role based dashboards
  • 24*7*365 system availability
  • Manufacturing Performance
    • Manufacturing KPI’s
    • Plant-to-ERP Integration
  • Clearly defined scope
  • Pre-configured content and knowledge transfer to key users
  • Fast-track implementation
  • Go live in 8-10 weeks
  • Attractive fixed-price services
  • Reduced resource requirement from Business and IT
sika ag customer reference slide efficient manufacturing operations with sap mii
Sika AG Customer Reference SlideEfficient Manufacturing Operations with SAP MII

“We need reliable, secure, lean and robust processes to reach our goals. With SAP MII we have a smart MES solution that meets these requirements, and in addition has optimized our production processes and our manufacturing efficiency.Gunther Schaar, Plant Manager, Sika Schweiz AG

batch manufacturing with sap mii the result of a successful co innovation project
Batch Manufacturing with SAP MIIThe Result of a Successful Co-Innovation Project
  • IBU Chemical
  • IBU Consumer Products
  • ASM Manufacturing

“The applications…provide us with simple, easy-to-use, role-specific user interfaces. We had high user acceptance from our shop floor operations from the first day”

Gunther Schaar, Plant Manager, Sika Schweiz

“SAP MII standalone….if coupled with the right Business Suite modules, it can help solve targeted manufacturing problems.”

Simon Jacobson & Paul Lord, AMR Research



Working Group


Chemical Industry SAP User Group

key takeaways
Key Takeaways

Batch Manufacturing and Performance Metrics


Software and Services Solution


Fast to Deploy and Attractive Fixed Price


Accelerated Time to Value