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Academy of Spatial Research and Planning

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Academy of Spatial Research and Planning
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  1. Academy of Spatial Research and Planning Forum for Sciences and Practice Service Institution for Research Mitglied der

  2. Challenges and Chances of Climate Change for Regional and Local Development Project Preparation Workshop Riga, March, 12 & 13, 2008 Evelyn Gustedt

  3. Where do we come from? • ARL was Lead Partner of COMMIN • On more than 4.000 Web pages • 11 Planning Systems and • 11 Countries were described in detail • 60 Examples of Planning Praxis are displayed • 60 components Matrix for Comparison of Systems and • 11 national Glossaries + 1 European Glossary are delivered Found it already on ? No? Go and have a look on it! Want to know more about ARL? Ask us or see!

  4. What was our Objective? • Making use of the COMMIN-website • Broaden its content by developing issue driven contents on top of what the planning systems represent in itself • Address topics which are of high importance in most countries • Combine issues which have not been discussed earlier: Climate Change < > Regional / Local Development • Relying on the planning systems’ opportunities to coordinate sectoral policies, and thus developments

  5. What was our Objective? • Make climate change information and data usable for regional and local spatial planners’ requests. • Support spatial planners to include the information and data into their (often country specific) everyday practice and into sustainable/long-term strategies and processes to minimise the climate change and its impacts. • Foster and initiate joint transnational spatial planning activities and processes to meet the common challenge of climate change. • Make BSR regions and cities more attractive (in this case: adapted to climate change challenges) in competition with other European regions

  6. What was our Background? • Climate change = general, global challenge for nature, men, social systems and its economies • This is accepted, the latest, since IPPC-Report • We should talk about climate protection > Mitigation • We should talk more about how to live with unavoidable impacts in future > Adaptation • Why? Until now seldom integrated and coordinated action to be seen, only on global, national level in terms of objectives – no real action which needs to be done on local/reg. level • We have to develop: Regional Action facing Changing Climate > ReACCt

  7. How did the Idea develop? • ReACCt was presented on the Partner Search Forum in Helsinki (September 2007) • Some, partly already established groups are competitors, some other participants showed interest: (RCCF) • Bilateral development followed concentrating more on creating a framework for sustainable development crossing the boundaries of sub-regions (issues: Traffic, Housing and Living) • We moved towards the idea of seeing: Challenges andChances of Climate Change for Regional and Local Development > 4C = Foresee (?)

  8. Where do we have to go? • This is what we are going to discuss together today and tomorrow to build up a trustful cooperation! Thank you for your attention!