Planning together local strategic partnerships and spatial planning
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Planning Together Local Strategic Partnerships and Spatial Planning: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Planning Together Local Strategic Partnerships and Spatial Planning:. Progress Through Partnership Place Shaping event Mary Sumner House - London 11 May 2007. By Louise Waring – Royal Town Planning Institute Gemma Fitzpatrick – Planning Aid. Setting the scene.

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Planning together local strategic partnerships and spatial planning
Planning TogetherLocal Strategic Partnerships and Spatial Planning:

Progress Through Partnership

Place Shaping event

Mary Sumner House - London

11 May 2007

By Louise Waring – Royal Town Planning Institute

Gemma Fitzpatrick – Planning Aid

Setting the scene
Setting the scene

  • Local Government /Governance reform

  • Planning Reform

  • Lyon’s Report

  • Energy Review

  • Lyons /Eddington

  • Gershon/plan rationalisation

  • Sustainable development

  • Stern Report

Setting the scene lsps
Setting the scene: LSPs

  • Local Government Act 2000 placed a duty on local authorities to produce community strategies and introduced the concept of LSP.

  • LSP exist at the local level (unitary or district AND county)

  • They are a partnership of partnerships containing thematic and area based sub groups.

  • Involve service deliverers, business, CVS

  • Aim to improve service delivery and quality of life and contribute to UK government's sustainable community objectives

  • What do the do?

    • Provide strategic co-ordination

    • Produce a (Sustainable) Community Strategy which informs LDF and LAA

    • Agree an action plan

Setting the scene spatial planning
Setting the scene: Spatial planning

  • Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004

    (land use to spatial planning ‘planning has a key role to play in the creation of sustainable communities’)

  • Undertaken by Local Planning Authority (unitary or district and county etc) and Regional Planning Body

  • Aim to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development through preparationof Local Development Frameworks (and mineral and waste, RSS, etc) and decision making on applications

Existing links
Existing Links

“1.10 The local development framework should be a key component in the delivery of the community strategy setting out its spatial aspects where appropriate and providing a long term spatial vision. Local development documents should express those elements of the community strategy that relate to the development and use of land. “

Planning Policy Statement 12: LDFs 2004

Test of Soundness (v)

(DPD) “has had regard to the authorities community strategy”


Relationship between SCS and LDF (and LAAs) is a key commitment of the UK Sustainable Development Strategy 2005

  • Planning green paper (2001)

  • Planning & Compulsory Purchase Act 2004

    Sec 19Preparation of local development documents(2) In preparing a local development document the local planning authority must have regard to-  

  • (f) the community strategy prepared by the authority;

  • (g) the community strategy for any other authority whose area comprises any part of the area of the local planning authority;

    (District and County Authorities have a duty to prepare community strategies under the Local Government Act 2000)

Shared concepts

Sustainable Communities

‘embody principles of sustainable development…meet the needs of future generations’

Sustainable development (UK)

Social progress for all

Protection of the environment

Prudent use of resources

High levels of growth

Securing the Future, 2005

Spatial planning

‘Spatial planning goes beyond traditional land use planning to bring together and integrate policies for the development of land with other policies and programmes which influence the nature of places and how they can function’

PPS1 Delivering Sustainable Development 2005

Shared concepts

Common themes
Common themes

  • The local authority!

  • Sustainable communities

  • Preparation of plans/strategies

  • Evolving systems

  • Inclusive process

  • ‘Integration’

  • Improving places

  • Outcomes

Why plan together
Why Plan Together?

  • Address challenges in a coordinated way

  • Explain opportunities available

  • Poor understanding of the new systems

  • Marriage in need of guidance!


  • Improved outcomes

  • Better places

  • Increased effective involvement of stakeholders and CVS

Suggestions for joint working
Suggestions for joint working

  • Corporate leadership

  • Integrating Core Strategy and SCS *

  • Sharing evidence and spatial understanding

  • Joint monitoring (LAA/SCS/LDF)

  • Interlinking time scales

  • Consultation and involvement*

  • Parish and neighbourhood planning

  • Sustainability appraisal

Integrating core strategy and scs
Integrating Core Strategy and SCS

Local Government White paper

Nov 2006

Consultation and involvement
Consultation and Involvement

Local Government White Paper

Nov 2006

Examples of joint working
Examples of joint working

Seven Oaks DC

Joint approach to involvement in SCS and core strategy

Chelmsford BC

Innovative approaches to involvement/consultation and priorities

Barking and Dagenham

Keen for their SCI to be a corporate document

Hambleton DC

In 2003 reviewed SCS (with consideration to LDF) and identified issues spatial element eg

  • Access to services

  • Reducing waste

  • Increasing renewable energy

  • Retaining young people in the area

    LB of Greenwich

    Using planning gain and section 106 agreements to secure commitments to their local labour project

    LB Tower Hamlets

    Delivering LSP health objectives through the LDF….

Useful information @
Useful information @

  • Planning Together

  • Planning Advisory Service regional LSP/LDF seminars

  • Handy guide to the planning system

  • Planning Pack

  • Aims and Objectives of the planning system

  • The Planning System: General principles

  • Local Government White Paper

  • UK Sustainable Development Strategy

  • Lyons Inquiry

  • Local area agreements

  • Handy Guide to LSPs

  • LSP: Shaping their Future

Planning together local strategic partnerships and spatial planning

Comments, thoughts, ideas, chat

Tel  +44(0)20 7929 9485

Over to you

Benefits of joint working

Barriers to joint working

Over to you….

  • Suggestions for PTP

15 min post- it frenzy!

(including splitting in to three groups to cluster comments

15 min Group discussion

5 min to agree priorities

Planners benefits lsps

‘Sound’ DPD


Contribute to SCS assisting with evidence and analysis

Effectively DELIVER SCS policies

Provide planners with a broader understanding of community issues

Effective neighbourhood renewal

PlannersBenefits LSPs

Effective involvement

Economies of scale

Shared skills

Planning policy integrated with service delivery

Spatial policies to tackle deprivation


  • Weak corporate role

  • Weak skills

  • Attitude and perceptions

  • Lack of planners’ involvement with LSPs

  • weak LSPs and vision

  • Place-anonymous CSs

  • Weak economic development, housing and environment focus of LSPs

  • LAAs -if seen as only role for LSPs

  • 2 tier areas

  • Statutory issues

  • Timing issues