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Save Money. Save Time. PowerPoint Presentation
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Save Money. Save Time.

Save Money. Save Time.

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Save Money. Save Time.

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  1. Send Money Instantly Save Money. Save Time.

  2. Who is World Cash Transfers? • World Cash Transfers (WCT) is an international funds transfer company, which uses non-bank methods to send and receive cash instantly. • “…US$400 billion is sent home each year by nationals living abroad…” Feb 2008, Australian Financial Review • Our benefits: • Low fees • High convenience • Instant transfer • Our goal is to lower costsandreduce time on transactions and transfers. • Customer Cards (no form filling) • Bill pay - options • Mobile top-ups - options

  3. How did World Cash Transfers Start? WCT has formed in collaboration with Pan Pacific Transfers Ltd. Together with their long-standing business relationships in the Pacific and experience working hand-in-hand with local communities, we are providing a fresh approach to low cost and convenient funds transfer.

  4. WCT Rollout • Progress plan • Pacific Rim • Samoa • Tonga • New Zealand • Fiji • Vanuatu • Other targeted markets • Sri Lanka • Pakistan • Europe • Philippines • India • China/Hong Kong • Staff payments • Shipping companies • Regional workers • Transient workers

  5. The World Bank The World Bank has recognised the need for low-cost fees and instant funds transfers for remittances worldwide. The World Bank is committed to pressuring both banked and non-banked systems into providing lower costs. WCT is actively working to deliver low cost fees and charges in both remittance and other payments such as migrant salary management. WCT/PanPac has been recognised by the World Bank as an innovator in fee reductions.

  6. The Retail Environment WCT provides a unique and valuable service to workers from abroad as well as anybody wishing to transfer funds, enabling them to send money cheaply and instantly. Our goal is to establish a highly accessible retail presence for World Cash Transfers in combination with existing community based outlets such as mobile phone stores, travel agencies and cultural centres. WCT will also deploy throughout Australia Post outlets, potentially providing up to 19,000 access points across Australia to manage uploads to the WCT platform.

  7. Merchant Requirements The infrastructure required to become a World Cash Transfers Merchant is standard retail equipment. Computer Internet (broadband is preferred) Printer Available funds to distribute to customers (if dispersing funds)

  8. Point of Sale Collateral World Cash Transfers provides a comprehensive suite of POS for in-store promotions including a full colour A2 size poster and a customer starter kit consisting of: World Cash Transfers Card Registration Form Wallet Brochure

  9. The World Cash Transfers Website The World Cash Transfers Website provides information for consumers about how to send and receive money. They can also register for a World Cash Transfers Card online. The Website also links to the Transfer Management System (TMS) – a total online management platform for Merchants – where Merchants can login to perform a cash transfer transaction. World Cash Transfers Website

  10. WCT Customer Card The World Cash Transfers Customer Card eliminates the need for paperwork each time money is sent. This makes transactions quick and easy for customers and their recipients. Customers register simply by providing details and showing proof of ID

  11. WCT System Process Australia Samoa 2 4 6 Internet VPN Internet VPN 3 1 5 Sender takes their Card and funds to their local WCT outlet The Merchant performs the cash transfer in the TMS The transfer data is sent via Internet VPN The transfer is exchanged to foreign currency and sent to the recipient country The transfer is completed via Internet VPN and the payout is available in the TMS The recipient can collect their cash at a WCT outlet.

  12. Cash Transfer Process Master Account Island Account 4 Suffix 00 Suffix 01 Suffix 02 5 3 2 1 Sender gives merchant funds Receiver collects funds Merchant deposits funds into their individual account (swept to master account) Master account transfers collated funds to country account Country account reimburses Merchant

  13. Merchant Responsibilities • To become a World Cash Transfers Merchant, there are several key responsibilities that you must be willing to agree to: • Provide a friendly and helpful customer service • Payout your customers the full cash amount transferred • Have a correct and fully functional IT infrastructure • Store and distribute World Cash Transfer cards • Reconcile cash transfer takings on a daily basis

  14. Merchant Benefits • There are many benefits to becoming a World Cash Transfers Merchant, including: • Excellent remuneration on a per transaction basis • Increased foot traffic to your retail outlet • Opportunity to market your own products to WCT customers • Alignment with a growing Global funds transfer service

  15. Thank you