construction skills certification scheme
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Construction Skills Certification Scheme

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Construction Skills Certification Scheme. BIDDING FOR GOLD Presented by Haydon Holloway LLB (Hons) ConstructionSkills. What is CSCS?. Construction Skills Certification Scheme. A card registration scheme for construction operatives, supervisors, managers and Professionals

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construction skills certification scheme
Construction Skills Certification Scheme


Presented by

Haydon Holloway LLB (Hons)


what is cscs
What is CSCS?
  • Construction Skills Certification Scheme. A card registration scheme for construction operatives, supervisors, managers and Professionals
  • Awarded to those with recognised levels of:

- Occupational competence

- Health & Safety awareness

  • To the industry:
    • improved standards of workmanship leading to better reputation for the construction industry
  • To the employer:
    • qualified workers get the job done safer, faster, and better, with less time spent correcting mistakes
  • To the worker:
    • proves you are skilled and competent and helps you get on in your career
Growth and Scope

Now the most recognised and inclusive scheme across the industry

  • ClientsClient groupings may specify that contracts will be awarded to a fully qualified and carded workforce


    • Construction client groups
    • Housing Corporations and Associations
    • Local Government Authorities
    • Private Developers
  • The LawThere is currently no law requiring CSCS cards, however:
    • The Health & Safety at Work Act
    • Compliance with the new Construction Design Management Regulations (CDM) around competent workers
    • HSE view
  • Contractors
    • Home Builders Federation
    • Major Home Builders Group
    • Major Contractors Group
    • National Contractors Federation
    • A quality statement
    • Employer Groupings (e.g. CC, CECA, NSCC Targets)
CSCS Cards Explained

Gold skilled card for NVQ 3 achievers or equivalent

Green construction site operative card for

general site workers

Gold card based on

NVQ 3 for supervisors

and technicians

Red trainee card for individuals registered for an NVQ

Platinum card based on NVQ 4 for managers

Experienced worker card. Must have employer recommendation and be registered for NVQ 2 or higher

Black card based on NVQ 5 for senior managers

Blue skilled card for NVQ 2 achievers or equivalent

Yellow regular visitors card

alternative routes
Alternative Routes
  • Professional Membership
  • Professionally Qualified Person
  • Construction Related Occupation Card (CRO Card)
CSCS Cards Explained

White Construction Related Occupations card covers over 600 occupations.

The list of occupations can be found at

  • Scaffolders (CISRS)
  • Heating & Ventilation
  • Plumbers (JIB-PMES), (SNI-JIB)
  • Demolition
  • Electricians
  • Amalgamation of Construction Plant Schemes under name of CPCS
health and safety test
Health and Safety Test
  • The industry standard – minimum level of health and safety awareness:
    • Taken by 400,000 each year
    • Required to obtain/renew competence card
  • Computer-based, multiple choice test
    • 150 locations across the country
    • £17.50 (CITB-ConstructionSkills Grant aided)
  • Preparation tools
    • 1 day H&S Awareness Course, Test question book, CD-ROM and network DVD
  • One stop service, pulls together 3 key stages of getting qualified:
    • ConstructionSkills Health & Safety Test
    • Card application
    • Route to gaining a qualification (if needed)
  • Currently only available for CSCS
  • Costs £42.50 inc VAT, made up of
    • £17.50 for Test, £25 for card
Full details of the 2007/2008 changes and the terms and conditions will be on our web site from 1st August 2007

why increase grants
Why increase grants?
  • Improve grant expenditure : levy paid ratio

(74% in 2007 rising to 90% in 2011)

  • Increase the percentage of eligible employers claiming grant
  • Encourage employers to take on Apprentices; qualify their workforce; adopt Training Plans
2007 2008 grants scheme forecast
2007/2008 Grants Scheme Forecast
  • Grant increases in 2007/2008 are expected to result in an increase of £14 million available to employers
  • Total forecast for 2007/2008 =

Approximately £140 million

apprenticeships framework achievements a04 a06
ApprenticeshipsFramework Achievements (A04 & A06)
  • Apprenticeship Framework (A04)

Increase from £1,250 to £1,750

  • Advanced Apprenticeship Framework (A06)

Increase from £1,750 to £2,250

apprenticeships framework achievements a04 a0621
ApprenticeshipsFramework Achievements (A04 & A06)
  • Will be payable on all achievements after 1st August 2007, irrespective of when the Apprentice started their training
Technical & Professional AttendanceSQA Advanced Construction Certification (A09)
  • Increase from £25 per day to £35 per day
  • Maximum amount claimable increases from £875 to £1,225
Construction-related Work Experience


  • Increase from £100 per week to £175 per week
  • Maximum amount claimable increases from £5,000 to £8,750
Construction and Professional-related

Work Experience (A19 and A21)


  • From 1st August 2007 it is no longer a requirement for employers to give advance notice of a claim
  • Only one claim now required at end of Grants Scheme year on GC2 spreadsheet
  • Clarification that employers can also claim for additional training through Short Duration (B201/B202) or Training Plan (B102) grant
site safety plus achievement a29
Site Safety Plus Achievement (A29)
  • Attendance grant maintained at £35 per day
  • Achievement of Site Safety Plus certificate for courses that complete on or after 1st August 2007
  • Increase from the current £90 for all courses to: -

5-day Site Safety Management Training Scheme (SMSTS) = £250

3-daySite Safety for Shopfitters and Interior Contractors = £150

2-day Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme = £100

2-daySMSTS refresher course = £100

  • 5 day Plant course to be available in the near future

Attendance on the three day Site Safety for Shopfitters and

nvq svq achievement grants a31 a32 a33
NVQ/SVQ Achievement Grants (A31, A32, A33)
  • A31 (Level 2); Increase from £350 to £500
  • A32 (Level 3); Increase from £450 to £700
  • A33 (Levels 4/5);Increase from £550 to £1000




nvq svq achievement grants a31 a32 a3327
NVQ/SVQ Achievement Grants (A31, A32, A33)

Increase in NVQ/SVQ grants will have an effect on: -

  • Apprenticeship grant package
  • Craft Grant Non-apprenticeship package
  • On Site Assessment and Training (OSAT)
  • Plant
Review of CPCS currently underway
  • Changes planned to simplify grants available
  • CPCS to be re-launched early in 2008
  • Increase in Competency Card grant in line with
  • increase in VQ rates

A brief word about Plant grants

increase in nvq svq and framework achievement grants a04 a06 a31 a32
Increase in NVQ/SVQ and Framework achievement grants(A04, A06, A31, A32)

Impact on apprenticeship grant package –

2 year apprenticeship = £650 increase overall (13.5%)

3 year apprenticeship = £1,400 increase overall (17.5%)

nvq svq achievement grants a31 and a32
NVQ/SVQ Achievement Grants (A31 and A32)

Impact on Craft Grant Non Apprenticeship package –

Dependant on Entry Point = £250 to £400 increase

effect of increase of achievement grants on osat package grants a34a and a34b
Effect of increase of achievement grants on OSAT packageGrants (A34A and A34B)



experienced worker practical assessed route ewpa through skills direct
Experienced Worker Practical Assessed Route (EWPA) through Skills Direct

Full OSAT grant available in 2007/2008

employment nto units a37
Employment NTO Units (A37)
  • Increase from £150 per unit to £300 per unit (L9 to L13, A1, A2, V1 and V2)
  • One off grant payment of £300 to be available to employers who have to “buy-in” an Internal Verification service. Claimable on a GC1 claim form
training development plan training day b102
Training & Development PlanTraining Day (B102)
  • Increase from £20 per day to £25 per day
  • For all new and renewed Training Plans that start on or after 1st August 2007
training development plan on line facility
Training & Development PlanOn-line facility
  • Project underway to provide an on-line claiming and management service for employers to allow for an improved and more flexible service
  • Additional benefits for Field, Verification and Processing Teams
age discrimination
Age Discrimination

Age Discrimination Regulations which came into effect 1st

October 2006 with an impact on Apprentice and Adult grants


  • Unable to restrict grant aid to age ranges that mirror funding streams
  • Apprenticeship grant will be available to all ages provided other qualifying criteria are met.
  • Employers will have to pay for college provision where ConstructionSkills cannot obtain funding.
age discrimination cont
Age Discrimination (cont.)

Adult Craft (A08)

  • Has been renamed “Craft Grant Non Apprenticeship”
  • Grant support open to all ages
  • Potential apprentices should be directed towards the Apprenticeship Grant package where more grant is available.
Employers who do not pay Levy due to their high

Labour-only Payments Received totals declared

on their Levy Return will be eligible to

Supplementary Payment in 2007/2008.

Other qualifying criteria relating to the sending

back of Levy Returns will still need to be met.

Supplementary Payment Eligibility

Grants Scheme Terms and Conditions

Grant off-set

Clarification that ConstructionSkills can offset

any debt owed by an employer against grant

that may be due.

Thank you

Any questions?