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Interactive Notebooks

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Interactive Notebooks. Janice Belcher. E Q’s:. H ow do I use interactive notebooks to engage learning in my classroom? How can interactive notebooks be used to integrate across the curriculum?. What are Interactive Notebooks?.

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interactive notebooks

Interactive Notebooks

Janice Belcher

e q s
  • How do I use interactive notebooks to engage learning in my classroom?
  • How can interactive notebooks be used to integrate across the curriculum?
what are interactive notebooks
What are Interactive Notebooks?
  • A note taking process that allows students to record information in a personal and meaningful way.
  • A way for students use teacher supplied notes to draw whatever illustration makes sense to them.
  • A way for students to personalize their work.
this process
This Process…
  • Can be challenging
  • Takes a bit of patience
  • Requires modeling, modeling, modeling
  • Must consistently be reinforced
  • Learning curve for both the teacher and the students
the payoff
The Payoff…
  • Students are able to organize their work
  • Uses reading strategies within a content area, such as science, social studies or math
  • Helps students distinguish between what they know and what they need to focus on
and finally
…And Finally
  • Students make their own meaningful connections
  • It encourages pride in student work
  • It encourages cooperative learning
  • It appeals to multiple intelligences
  • The kids love it and learn so much!
why interactive notebooks
Why Interactive Notebooks?
  • Students use both their visual and linguistic intelligences.
  • Interactive Notebooks allow visual learners to use their best medium to explore and share ideas
  • Both types of learners will utilize their writing skills
interactive notebooks allow students to
Interactive Notebooks Allow Students to…
  • Record information in an engaging way
  • Rehearse and retell information
  • Discuss and accept other’s ideas
  • Identify main ideas
  • Paraphrase
  • Transform written concepts into visuals
  • Become more independent thinkers
notebooks help students to organize as they learn
Notebooks Help Students to Organize as They Learn…
  • Students record ideas about activities they engage in during a unit
  • A variety of organization techniques will be used
  • Assignments will be kept together in a regular place and in logical order
notebooks become a portfolio on individual learning
Notebooks Become a Portfolio on Individual Learning…
  • Notebooks become a record of each student’s growth.
  • Teachers, students, and parents can review a student’s progress in writing, recording, thinking, and organization skills.
in an interactive notebook
In an Interactive Notebook,
  • Key ideas are underlined in color or highlighted
  • Arrows are used to show relationships between graphics and notes
  • Diagrams, sketches, cartoons, charts, graphic organizers, songs, really anything can be included
how do i get started
How Do I Get Started?
  • Identify which subject and unit you want to begin with
  • Let students know what supplies are required
  • Make sure you have copies of notes for each student
what students need
What Students Need…
  • The notebook-loose leaf paper in a three pronged folder, spiral notebook, or composition book
  • Pencils, regular and colored
  • Liquid glue or a glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Teacher supplied notes
  • Grading expectations
components of interactive notebooks
Components of Interactive Notebooks:
  • Personalized Page
  • Unit Title Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Standards
  • Unit EQ’s
  • Vocabulary Activities
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Foldables
  • Pockets
studying with interactive notebooks
Studying with Interactive Notebooks
  • Read the notes. Marking and highlighting key concepts helps them to focus on main ideas.
  • Paraphrasing helps them to process the information.
  • Studying the graphics help students to create pictures in their minds. This is a fundamental difference between good and poor readers.
how is the notebook graded
How is the Notebook graded?
  • Explain rubric to students
  • Conferencing-teacher and peer
  • Notebooks may be collected with or without notice, so….

students MUST have their notebook everyday.

a final thought
A Final Thought….
  • There is no right or wrong way to use them
  • They can be used for any subject
  • You know your students!!
notebook rubric
Notebook Rubric
  • Notebook grades will be based on:
  • Thoroughness (Every page must be complete)
  • Organization / Neatness
  • Mark ups
  • Boxing in
  • Graphics
  • Classroom Instruction That Works!

by Robert Marzano, Debra Pickering, and Jane Pollack