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Henry fords assembly line  PowerPoint Presentation
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Henry fords assembly line 

Henry fords assembly line 

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Henry fords assembly line 

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  1. Henry fords assembly line  By: Dominic Bertollini

  2. Fact one • When the first automobiles were made, Henry Ford could see how important they were and how much the people needed cars. So Ford decided he was going to make one car that fit everyone’s needs. The car he decided to build was called the model-t. He wanted to make every car the same, even the color of the cars. He started making these cars one by one in his plant. The main plant that Ford started out with was in Highland Park Michigan. But there was a problem with constructing the cars one at a time. He wanted more cars. He needed to come up with a faster way of constructing the automobiles. Charles Sorensen’s reported in his essay that Ford said, " It was then that the idea occurred to me that assembly would be easier, simpler, and faster if we moved the chassis along, beginning at one end of the plant with a frame and adding the axles and the wheels: then moving it past the stockroom, instead of moving the stockroom to the chassis"(Sorensen 321).

  3. Fact 2 • Fact 2: Henry Ford’s use of the assembly line to make cars might be considered the founding father of mass production. If it were not for the assembly line and mass production, Henry Ford probably would not have been able to be as successful in the automobile industry. However there is one other element that Ford needed in order for the assembly line to be a success. This element was the workers who operated the assembly line. The assembly line was not a pleasant place to work. Ford was probably the hardest line of work there was back in the early nineteen hundreds. So how did Henry Ford get all the workers he needed? Furthermore what was it like working in one of Fords plants?

  4. Fact 3 • That plan came to be what we now know as the assembly line. The line was working great. He was making cars much faster. But the more cars he was making the more workers he needed on the assembly line. The type of work on the assembly line was a repetitive kind of work. Ford himself hated the idea of repetitive labor. Ford later wrote in his book, My Life and Work:

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  6. THE END • I hope you liked my slideshow • 