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Jamestown. By Claudia Costa, Niyam Shah, and Jerome Abdel- Maseih. Key Terms and People. Terms Indentured Servants Head right System Starving Time House of Burgesses Cash Crop. People King James I Captain John Smith Lord De La Warr John Rolfe

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By Claudia Costa, Niyam Shah, and Jerome Abdel-Maseih

key terms and people
Key Terms and People
  • Terms
  • Indentured Servants
  • Head right System
  • Starving Time
  • House of Burgesses
  • Cash Crop


King James I

Captain John Smith

Lord De La Warr

John Rolfe

Virginia Company


Chief Powhatan

Ann Buras



An overview of the Colony.


  • Virginia Company of London
  • King James I
  • Motives were mainly for wealth (i.e. Money, gold and silver)
  • Lord De La Warr- saved the colony.
map of jamestown colony
Map of Jamestown Colony!

<- Colony

Settlement ->


Democratic/Representative Government.

Name of Government was The House of Burgesses.

First met in 1619.

Their first governor was George Yeardley.

The men who worked in Jamestown worked mainly as farmers in tobacco crops or hunted for food to sell.

problems with economy
Problems with Economy

Only men were brought on first ships

Settlers were not well-equipped for life in Jamestown

Survival plan depended upon regular supplies from England and trade with Native Americans

No profitable export had been identified

  • 1612 – Rolfe’s new strain had been successfully cultivated and exported
    • Finally a cash crop to export!!!
    • Led to more plantations and outposts
  • Now Jamestown could be considered permanently established

John Rolfe

John Rolfe held the key to the Colony’s economic success

starving time
“Starving Time”

Winter of 1609-1610

Drought earlier in 1609 had left fields barren

All but 60 of 500 colonists died


headright system
Headright System
  • 1 headright= tract of 50 acres
  • Provided the following:
    • Colonists already residing in Virginia were granted two headrights
    • New settlers who paid their own passage to Virginia were granted one headright.
    • Wealthy individuals could accumulate headrights by paying for the passage of poor individuals.
  • Religion- Anglican faith (Church of England)
  • Lived a life that had them surrounded by illness/disease and death.
  • Women
    • Came over to help settle the colony and to help populate.
    • Anne Burras
    • Pocahontas
  • Indentured Servants
    • Brought over to work manual labor.

The population in Jamestown around 1700 was about 100,000 people including slaves.

At one point during the Starving Time the population was only 60 men.

dealings with native americans
Dealings With Native Americans
  • Starving colonists took to raiding Indian food supplies
    • Relationship went downhill
first anglo powhatan war
First Anglo-Powhatan War
  • Lasted from 1610 to 1614
  • Lord De La Warr
    • Carried orders to declare war against Indians
  • Troops raided Indian villages, burned houses, confiscated provisions, and torched cornfields (Massacre of 1610)
  • Results
    • Peace settlement sealed by marriage of John Rolfe and Pocahontas
    • Fragile respite followed
  • “Saved” John Smith
  • Became intermediary
second anglo powhatan war
Second Anglo-Powhatan War
  • Lasted from 1622 to 1632
  • 347 colonists died, including John Rolfe
  • Final peace was made on September 30, 1632
    • English began to expand their settlements
    • Twelve years of peace
third anglo powhatan war
Third Anglo-Powhatan War
  • Last effort by the Powhatan Confederacy
  • 500 colonists killed
  • Treaty of 1646
    • Banished Chesapeake Indians from their ancestral lands
    • Separated Indian from white areas of settlement


  • Indentured Servants- Slaves who were paid for to come over to the colonies and work for “freedom dues”.
  • Head right System-Obtaining land by sponsoring emigrants to America
  • Starving Time- Time of starvation for people of Jamestown (1609-1610)
  • House of Burgesses- Name of Jamestown gov’t
  • Cash Crop- crops that bring money to colonies.


  • King James I- King of England
  • Captain John Smith- Helped save the colonists
  • Lord De La Warr- Helped get supplies for dying colonists
  • John Rolfe- First man to plant tobacco
  • Virginia Company- English joint stock companies
  • Pocahontas- Helped save John Smith
  • Chief Powhatan- Led attacks against English colonists
  • Ann Buras- first woman married in Jamestown
  • Powhatans- Native American tribe in Virginia.