Development of new geo workplan 2009 2011 earth observation capacity building at cnes
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Development of New GEO workplan 2009-2011 Earth Observation Capacity Building at CNES - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Development of New GEO workplan 2009-2011 Earth Observation Capacity Building at CNES. Aurélie SAND Strategy & Program Directorate. Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales, CNES : a “R&D Space agency”. CNES is a R&D space agency. Its vocation is two folds:

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Development of new geo workplan 2009 2011 earth observation capacity building at cnes

Development of New GEO workplan 2009-2011

Earth Observation Capacity Building


Aurélie SAND

Strategy & Program Directorate

Centre national d etudes spatiales cnes a r d space agency
Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales,CNES : a “R&D Space agency”

  • CNES is a R&D space agency. Its vocation is two folds:

    • It is the French national space agency in charge to propose and to implement the French national space programme

    • It is also at the same time the French national technical center in charge of space technologies development in order to give access to space to all communities of users which could need it, researchers as well as other groups dealing with application programmes.

  • CNES is a member of the European Space Agency (ESA)

[email protected] GEO CBC6, Hanovre, 13-14 February 2008

Cnes commitment to geo geoss
CNES commitment to GEO/GEOSS

  • CNES works with other space agencies, through CEOS in particular, to set up the space component of the GEOSS 10-year implementation plan

  • CNES is an active member of CEOS Education group (Gérard Bégni)

  • WP 2007-2009, CNES participates to 11 tasks in Architecture, Biodiversity, Data management, Disasters, Health, Water

  • WP 2007-2009 : NO participation on CB tasks

[email protected] GEO CBC6, Hanovre, 13-14 February 2008

Potential contributions to cb tasks
Potential contributions to CB tasks

  • CB 0701e: Open Source Software

    • ORFEO Tool Box

  • CB 07 02 : Knowledge Sharing for Improved Disaster Management and Emergency Response

    • CNES expertise: international charter, Preview, software development,…,

  • Contributions to the CB Portal/GEO Portal

    • Thematic Centre

  • GEOSS data sharing principles

    • kalideos, an example of success story?


[email protected] GEO CBC6, Hanovre, 13-14 February 2008


  • Generic tools (library) in order to facilitate the use of Remote Sensing data

    • Data processing functions

      • Orthorectification of images

      • Superposition Image/map or image/geographic DB

      • Superposition of multi-scale images

      • Fusion of optical and radar data

      • 3D Navigation ...

    • Information extraction tools

      • detection and objects recognition

      • land cover classification

      • change detection

  • Free dowload through the Pleiades web site:


  • Complementarity OTB/TERRALib

[email protected] GEO CBC6, Hanovre, 13-14 February 2008

Disaster mgt emergency response expertise
Disaster Mgt & Emergency Response Expertise

  • GEO 2007-2009 workplan ([email protected])

    • Di-06-07 : Multi hazard Zonation and Maps

      • Based on International Charter for Natural Disasters experience

    • DI-06-09 : Use of satellites for Risk Management

      • To contribute to the definition of a virtual constellation for Risk Management by developping a software to analyze the characteristics of a given constellation

  • International Charter for Natural Disasters

  • European integrated project PREVIEW (FP6) to provide new or enhanced information services for risk management in three thematic domains: atmospheric, geophysics and man-made

    • General services coordination: assets mapping, damage assessments, rapid mapping

    • Rapid mapping : the CNES RISK CHAIN

    • Data server for new image processings development

    • Space data web site with EO sensors characteristics for Risk Management stored in a data base (easy comparison and request) http://

[email protected] GEO CBC6, Hanovre, 13-14 February 2008

Thematic centres concept objectives
Thematic Centres: Concept & Objectives

  • CNES, together with other French research organizations, have developped the concept of «thematic centers» based on the need to give an easy access to the different components of an Observing system: space component, in-situ networks & set of numerical models to be used to derive the pertinent information or parameters from the measurements.

  • To Implement a link between primary archive centres and user communities

    • to design and improve algorithms for deriving geophysical parameters using mono- or multi-source data space (mono- or multi-sensors, in situ, airborne, ...)

    • to process & archive elaborated geophysical products or indicators

    • to distribute data, products and softwares

    • to allow unique access to long time series

    • to offer user support services

  • Open to international user communities

[email protected] GEO CBC6, Hanovre, 13-14 February 2008

French thematic centres
French thematic centres

  • physical oceanography : SSALTO, CORIOLIS, MERCATOR



  • atmospheric chemistry products & services: ETHER


  • land surfaces : POSTEL http://


  • aerosols, clouds, radiation and water : ICARE




[email protected] GEO CBC6, Hanovre, 13-14 February 2008

Aviso portal dedicated to altimetry, orbitography and precise location missions

complete overviews

of the processing techniques

the way they worktheir uses

access to data & products from various missions (multi-sensor merged products)

[email protected] GEO CBC6, Hanovre, 13-14 February 2008

Elabored geophysical products on aerosols, clouds, radiation & atmospheric water

From POLDER data

Drop size in mm (up)

Aerosol contain (bottom)

Duration of cloudy periods (mean values derived from 1983-1999Meteosat data

[email protected] GEO CBC6, Hanovre, 13-14 February 2008

Kalideos the concept & atmospheric water

KALIDEOS, the concept

  • to support and stimulate R&D in Remote Sensing

    by collecting over a small amount of geographic areas

    • As many images as possible (past, present and future…),

    • From different sensors (optial, radar, hyperspectral...),

    • with the best quality as possible,

    • Superimposable and Intercomparable (geometry & radiometry),

    • Documented, (different versions and processing information)

    • Including other data (maps, in-situ measurements,GPS,…, statistics,...)

    • Free access for scientist (Research and Education), excluding commercial developments

    • ADAM(Roumania), Assimilation of spatial Data into Agronomic Models

    • Reunion Island (IO), multi-thematic DB

    • Arcachon Basin, (AO), Integrated Coastal Zone Management

To Provide with temporal series of multi-sensors data superimposable and intercalibrated

[email protected] GEO CBC6, Hanovre, 13-14 February 2008

Multi-Thematic research programs & atmospheric water

in Reunion Island

  • - Volcano monitoring and eruptive phenomena comprehension (IPGP : Earth physics research institute)

  • - Sugar cane growth modelling and agricultural decision-making (CIRAD : agronomy research)

  • - Coastal line & Landslides monitoring; Erosion impact assessment (BRGM : geological research office)

  • - Coastal environment monitoring (IRD: environment/agriculture development)

  • - Urban development spatial dynamics analysis (CIRAD/IRD)

  • - Coral reefs cartography and monitoring

  • (CREGUR/University La Réunion)

Ortho-image used as Reference Image

[email protected] GEO CBC6, Hanovre, 13-14 February 2008

Kalideos a success story
Kalideos : A « success story » & atmospheric water

  • Since 2000, more and more worldwide access demands, sites still active and enriched with new sensors data: Formosat, TerraSarX, CSK,…,according to scientists requests

  • From thematic to methodology : intercalibration, atmospheric corrections, data mining & change detection including temporal evolution criterion , multi- resolution decomposition,…,

  • Operational services developed :

    • sucrette dedicated to the sugar cane industry

  • Decision from Reunion Island local gouvernment to fund a satellite reception station in 2006 (operational in 2009)

[email protected] GEO CBC6, Hanovre, 13-14 February 2008